Dark Mode for Android Is Here!

“But why is there no dark mode, the app is extremely bright [...] hire an intern.”

You asked – we listened! We hired the intern, and it was well-worth the wait! Today is the day that the most requested and the most anticipated feature of them all is finally here. Yes, we're talking about dark mode. We've been working hard to make it happen. Now, it's finally available on the NordPass Android app. The desktop and iOS apps are next in line!

The Dark Mode feature brings an entirely fresh look to a familiar experience for NordPass users. Every color, icon, and font in the Android app has been carefully treated by our designers to match dark mode and bring you a smoother and less eyeball-melting experience.

Why use dark mode?

“The only thing it’s missing is dark mode.”

Not anymore! Now you can use dark mode just because you can. And you have to agree — it looks fantastic, kudos to our intern and the team behind it all – product designers, QA guys and gals, as well as Android developers!

“Can we have dark mode please, eyeballs are melting…”

OK, so there are a few practical benefits besides the app looking cool. It’s finally a lot easier on the eyes, especially if you’re a night owl. You’ll no longer have to burn your retinas every time you access your Twitter login details. And then there’s the added bonus of improved battery life and extended lifespan of your OLED display.

Whether you use dark mode to help you pull an all-nighter or just to switch things up, you'll definitely find something to love about it.

Enabling dark mode

By default, your NordPass Android app is set to light mode. To set dark mode as your default theme, follow these steps:

  • Open your NordPass app
  • Go to Settings
  • Under Appearance, tap Theme
  • Select Dark
  • That's it!

Now an eyeball-melt-proof password manager is at your service. Or, paraphrasing one of our users. Bam, It's perfect now!

Ruth Rawlings
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Ruth works with our product and public relations teams. She brings all the news about new features and other big news to our readers. Outside of work, she is an extreme sports enthusiast.
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