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Cyber Insurance 101:

How to Save Millions of Dollars and Years of Recovering Your Business
  • Because of the increasing frequency and cost of cyber attacks, demand for cyber insurance has never been higher. And neither have rates. But is cyber insurance necessary? Is it worth it? And which questions should be top of mind to take to a prospective provider?

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Cyber insurance "basically guarantees that, I suppose, all those decades of work potentially that have gone into building up your small enterprise can’t just be wiped out overnight."

- Alexander Cherry

Don’t wait to find out that cyber cover is unavailable or unaffordable.

Welcome to Cyber Insurance 101. Watch the webinar to learn from cyber insurance experts:

  • What’s changed about the current threat landscape?
  • What is (and isn’t) covered in the event of a cyber attack?
  • How should you prepare to qualify for cyber insurance and renewal?
  • Could cyber insurance coverage put a target on your business’ back?
  • Does having suffered an attack in the past disqualify you from coverage?
  • Why aren’t savings and backups sufficient to bounce back from a ransomware attack?

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