Up your online security with NordPass’ Data Breach Scanner for businesses

Ruta Tamosaityte
Content Writer
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When it seems that businesses are hit with a data breach every other day, it’s important to stay vigilant. The good news is that using tools like NordPass Data Breach Scanner lets your business stay in the know and tackle possible cyber threats on time.

What is the Data Breach Scanner?

The Data Breach Scanner is a security feature designed to help you detect whether any of your company's email domains or passwords have appeared in a data breach. By setting up a company-wide Data Breach Scanner, Admins and Owners can monitor on their organization’s Admin Panel how many members' accounts have been affected by how many breaches and act accordingly.

In addition, the Data Breach Scanner collects information about cybersecurity incidents related to the company's domain, not just the licensed members. This means that, for example, if your company has 100 email accounts, with this tool, you can check if any of these 100 accounts have been compromised – even if those emails are not part of your NordPass organization.

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How to use the Data Breach Scanner

To start using the NordPass. Data Breach Scanner, set it up by adding email domains related to your company and verify their ownership.

Verifying the domains is necessary because the Data Breach Scanner processes a great deal of information during the scans, so we must ensure that only the Owners can initiate such a procedure. Please note that domain verification can take up to 72 hours. After verification, it will take up to 24 hours for scanned data to appear on the Dashboard.

data breach scanner panel

Now let’s see how to actually use the Data Breach Scanner. Firstly, in the Admin Panel's main Dashboard, you'll see a Data Breach Scanner graph, which will provide you with all the information you need: the affected emails, the risk levels, as well as active and other breaches. 

Once you open the Data Breach Scanner, you'll find the "Active members" section. As the name suggests, this section shows the organization's active members whose data has been compromised. You can see exactly what information was breached, on which website, and when the breach occurred. 

The next section is "Resolved breaches" – every breach you resolve will appear here. 

After this one, you'll find the section "Ignored members." If you decide to exclude certain members from the breach scanning, you'll find them here. 

The last section is dedicated to "Domain breaches," which will inform you about incidents related to your domain. 

Check our support page for more information on how to use the Data Breach Scanner.

How does the Data Breach Scanner work?

The Data Breach Scanner works by scanning the almighty web for databases containing leaked information and comparing the data within the database with the data stored in your NordPass vault. Members whose email addresses have been compromised due to a data breach can be notified by the organization Owner or an Admin.

If any of your company’s email domains have been compromised, it’s recommended to take immediate action and at least change the passwords associated with the breached items. With Data Breach Scanner enabled, you can stay one step ahead of a data breach.

data breach scanner panel

Bottom line

The Data Breach Scanner is a powerful tool to protect your organization's data and reputation. By leveraging this feature, you can fortify your security defenses and respond effectively to any potential breaches. Don't wait until it's too late — take action today to secure your business.

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