Meet Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication allows you to effortlessly access websites, applications, or IT systems without passwords. This is what the passwordless future looks like and here’s what NordPass has in store for you.

Passkey holder

NordPass is a single solution for passwords and passkeys across multiple devices. Enjoy instant access to your favourite online accounts.

Passwordless MFA for businesses

Phishing-resistant passwordless MFA solution allows businesses to authenticate employees’ endpoint devices and single sign-on applications using only biometrics.

Passkey integration for online service providers

Online businesses looking to use passkey-based authentication on can use our tech and security expertise as a service to smoothly transition from passwords to passkeys.

Why are passkeys the future?

The weak passwords problem

Password-based authentication presents a variety of security concerns. Hackers can crack weak and simple passwords, databases that store them can be breached, and a lot of people reuse passwords across multiple accounts, which essentially means that a bad actor needs to hack only one of your accounts to get access to them all. With 80% of breaches attributed to weak or stolen passwords, it’s obvious that we have a serious password problem. But we also have a way to solve it.

The passkey solution

Passkeys are digital credentials that are created by your device and they are the solution to the password problem. Unlike traditional passwords, passkeys are invisible to the user and are never revealed or entered manually – they are usually used in combination with biometric data. With passkeys, you’ll be able to access your accounts instantly with a single click. You’ll never have to remember or enter your credentials again.

Passkey holder

Store passkeys along with other sensitive information in a single secure place — the NordPass password manager.

Alternative systems

  • No sync between cross-platform devices. Great if you use only one device or all your devices run on a single operating system.
  • Limited passkey sharing options. Suitable if you don’t need to share credentials.
  • Unknown passkeys portability option between ecosystems. Safe if you plan to stay within a single ecosystem for the foreseeable future.

NordPass passkeys

  • Instant sync across all your devices and operating systems. Perfect if you use multiple devices and a variety of operating systems.
  • Smooth passkey sharing. Suitable if you need to share credentials.
  • Instant portability of passkeys on any device regardless of the operating system. Great if you don’t want to be locked into a single ecosystem.

Passwordless access to NordPass

We are currently working on enabling a passwordless sign-in process for NordPass. It will be a faster and simpler process than the one now, because it will require a single biometric confirmation. This means that you will be able to access your Nord Account and NordPass with a single tap of a finger.

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Passwordless MFA for businesses

With the introduction of passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA), we’re looking to help businesses fortify their overall security stance by removing the need for passwords for endpoint devices such as laptops, desktops, workstations, and mobile devices as well as applications that leverage regular passwords or even single sign-on solutions.

  • Fortify security against phishing attacks.
  • Eliminate the need for password resets.
  • Enable smoother and safer login process for teammates.
  • Extend passwordless MFA to applications compatible with SSO.
  • Significantly reduce IT costs.

Passkey integration for online service providers

At NordPass we’re looking to offer our tech and security expertise as a service to help online businesses make a smooth transition from passwords to passkeys. The frictionless user experience offered by passkeys across multiple platforms and devices, combined with superior security, will help any company increase conversion rates, user engagement, and user satisfaction.

  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Intuitive implementation.
  • Personalized user authentication experience.
  • Supreme security.

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