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Ever been in that awful situation where you're going through old emails or disorganized folders trying to find that one crucial document? The insurance form, an e-copy of your ID, or even a video detailing how to get into your new office? Wouldn't it be a game-changer if you had all your important files right next to your passwords, credit card information, or secure notes?

Good news! Today, we are excited to introduce File Attachments — a new and improved way to manage important files with NordPass.

Best for large file attachments

Here's a quick rundown of how it works. As a NordPass Premium user, you now have the ability to attach files to your saved items in NordPass. It’s not just about enhancing organization. This feature also provides an unmatched level of security. Forget the hassle of disorganized unsafe file storage. Any attached files or documents will be as secure as your passwords thanks to our encrypted storage.

But we didn't stop at mere functionality. NordPass Premium now provides a whopping 3GB of encrypted storage per account, a giant leap forward. That's not just more — it's three times more than any other password manager out there! We're offering you unrivaled storage and advanced security — and that's certainly what we call more bang for your buck!

NordPass — The best password manager for large file attachments.

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No strings attached (except your files)

With NordPass Premium's File Attachments, you have the freedom to store documents of any type to one of your existing items. Whether it's a simple JPEG, PDF, MP4, or DOC file — NordPass supports them all.

supported file types

The new feature allows for files up to 50MB in size and up to 50 attachments per single item. The only limit is your 3GB storage per user — and that's a whole lot of space for your files.

While we aim at maximizing convenience, your security is always our top priority. To ensure maximum protection, we currently do not support attaching files to shared items or sharing items with files attached.

You can learn more about how to attach files to your NordPass items in our handy help center article.

Streamline your digital life with NordPass

In the digital age, we often juggle tons of files, documents, and data, and that can lead to a disorganized and chaotic personal digital space. With our new File Attachments feature, we look to help you take back control and streamline your digital life by allowing you to save documents in a quick and efficient way.

Instant access

When you're in a hurry, having quick access to your important documents can make all the difference. That's where File Attachments shine. Need to view a copy of your ID or an important receipt? No problem! With File Attachments, all your vital images or documents are just a few clicks away.

Effortless downloads

It's not just about attaching and storing your files along with your passwords. It's also about being able to retrieve them whenever necessary. Suppose you've stored financial documents that you need to share with your spouse. With File Attachments, you can quickly and effortlessly download these files directly from NordPass.

Unprecedented control

The File Attachments feature isn't just about adding another functionality to NordPass. It's about giving you greater control over your digital life. You get to decide what files to attach, what items those files are attached to, and when to download or delete them. You can also organize your vault in a way that best suits your personal or professional needs.

A single secure place for files and passwords

Take your password manager experience to the next level with NordPass Premium. Don't just manage your passwords, manage your life. No more scrambling for documents, no more disorganized files, and certainly no more compromised security.

Your life. Your files. One secure place. Start your NordPass Premium journey today and make the most of our File Attachments feature.

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