How to manage passkeys on Android devices

Lukas Grigas
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Android passkeys

Android users, here’s some great news! With the release of Android 14, Google’s support for third-party passkey storage and management solutions means NordPass can now offer a simplified and secure way to manage passkeys on Android devices.

Looking to make your online experiences smoother and safer? Let’s explore how NordPass can bring ease and added security to your digital life with the straightforward integration of passkeys in our everyday online interactions. If you’re an iOS user, learn more about passkeys on Apple devices here.

Passkeys explained

Think of passkeys as the VIP passes of the digital world — exclusive, secure, and efficient. Much like a VIP pass provides you with smooth and swift access to an event without going through the regular queues, passkeys facilitate seamless and secure entry to apps and websites, bypassing the traditional password process.

Here’s how it works: Passkeys employ a pair of cryptographic keys — a public key stored on the app or website’s server, and a private key on your device. When you attempt to log in, the server sends a request to your device, which responds with the private key. Once the keys are matched, you’re granted access, similar to having your VIP pass checked before entering an event. For a deep-dive on passkeys and all the ins and outs of the technology, check out our post on the topic here.

Passkey enhances user experience by eliminating the need to remember and type out passwords and improves security because the private key is securely stored on the user’s device and is never transmitted, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

How to enable passkeys on Android devices

Enabling passkeys on your Android device is a simple process, designed to be user-friendly and quick. It’s like setting up a new app — a few taps here and there, and you’re all done. Let’s walk through the steps to unlock this feature and enhance the security and convenience of your online interactions on Android devices.

Android 14 (for authentication in apps):

  1. Download and install NordPass on your Android device.

  2. Go to “Settings.”

  3. Find and open “General management.”

  4. Find and open “Passwords and accounts.”

  5. Find and select “NordPass.”

  6. Under the “Passwords, passkeys, and data services” section, set “NordPass” as the only option.

Android 14 (for authentication in websites) ONLY Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome browser.

  2. Enter “chrome://flags” in the address bar.

  3. Enter “Android Credential Management for passkeys” in the search bar.

  4. Find the “Android Credential Management for passkeys” flag and select “Enabled” next to it.

How to manage passkeys on Android devices using NordPass

Managing passkeys on Android devices with the help of NordPass is easy and intuitive. Just like on iOS, NordPass allows Android users to save, use, and manage their passkeys efficiently, ensuring quick and secure access to various apps and websites. Let’s delve into how you can optimize your online experiences.

Saving a passkey in NordPass:

  • Navigate through websites or apps as usual.

  • Pay attention to sites or apps offering passwordless login options.

  • When presented with an option to use a passkey or integrate one into an account, choose it.

  • A NordPass prompt will appear, guiding you to save the passkey.

  • Follow the provided steps to ensure it's securely stored.

Logging in with a stored passkey:

  • Access the website or app where you've saved the passkey.

  • Select the passwordless login feature.

  • NordPass will prompt you to use the stored passkey.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to authenticate and access your account seamlessly.

Managing passkeys in NordPass. The basics:

View the passkey creation date: NordPass allows you to see when a particular passkey was created, adding an extra layer of transparency.

Share passkeys safely: Quickly and securely share your passkeys with trusted individuals without compromising security, whether for business or personal use.

Add secure notes: NordPass provides the option to add secure notes alongside your passkeys, useful for adding extra information or reminders related to a particular service or account.

NordPass and passkey management

The rise of passkeys marks a significant development, promising enhanced security and user convenience in online interactions. At NordPass, we’re committed to facilitating this transition, offering users a user-friendly way to integrate passkeys on their Android devices for a more secure and streamlined digital experience.

The adoption of passkeys represents a step forward in technology, offering a preview of a future where online interactions are more intuitive and secure. With NordPass, accessing this future is uncomplicated, allowing users to explore the possibilities of a more secure and efficient online world. The transformation is in progress, with passkeys leading the way to a harmonious blend of security and convenience in our online lives.

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