Stick to Digital: Why You Should Encrypt Your Notes

Monica Webster
phone in hand

Whenever you need to remember something, you write it down on whatever is available at that moment. Your notebook, the notes app on your phone, a TXT file on your computer, an email draft, or a colorful sticky note. And then when you’re looking for it, you suddenly can’t find it.

This is where NordPass’s secure notes feature comes into play. It’s an easier, quicker, and safer way to store your notes. Paper can get damaged or lost, but going digital means that your information is always synced and backed up. So, ditch those neon-colored post-its, try NordPass’s secure notes, and save some trees along the way.

Why do you need secure notes?

You might think that regular notes are fine, or that the notes app on your phone does the trick. But did you ever stop to consider what would happen if those notes were lost or stolen? We tend to write down the most sensitive information without thinking too much about it. But there are some things you should keep away from prying eyes:

  • 2FA recovery codes. If you forget a password and your second factor is unavailable (for example, you lost your phone), 2FA recovery codes could be your last chance at getting your account back. You must store them safely.

  • Financial data. Your loan details, bank account numbers, credit card information, business finances, and tax returns – this is highly sensitive information that can’t be left lying around on your desk.

  • Passwords and codes. Things like your Wi-Fi password, router login credentials, house alarm codes, etc. You might not use them very often, but when you do need them, it’s urgent. In these situations, it’s good to know the exact place you wrote them down.

  • Software keys. These are easy to misplace since you need them only once every few years. Whenever you buy a new computer, you will need to reinstall a lot of software. And if you have the keys, you won’t have to pay for it all again.

  • Business ideas. People rarely come up with brilliant new ideas in crowded brainstorming sessions. Usually, the “eureka!” moment happens when you least expect it. It’s always best to write it somewhere safe, so you know you’ll be able to find the note later.

  • Travel details. You should always keep your travel plans secret so that no one tries to break in while you’re away. Therefore, store your flight number, insurance details, addresses, and emergency contacts in your vault.

How you can use secure notes on NordPass?

First, open NordPass and tap on Secure Notes. Then, tap Add secure note, enter the title and the text you want. Press Save, and that’s it!

What else can you do with your secure notes?

  • Edit, rename, and copy them.

  • Format the text in your notes on Android by using special symbols.

  • Scan handwritten notes so that you don’t need to type them in.

  • Group your notes into folders.

  • Sort them alphabetically.

  • Add emojis to your notes’ titles to make them more fun.

  • Easily share your notes with other people without compromising security.

  • Edit them wherever you are. Instant synchronization means you can start writing a memo on your laptop and finish typing it on your phone while riding the train home.

The best thing about secure notes is that you can access and edit them everywhere: on your work laptop, smartphone, or home desktop computer. No more rummaging through notebooks looking for that pink sticky note you are sure is supposed to be there. All your notes will be safe in one place, and if you need to share them with someone, you can do it with a click of a button.

Your notes are stored in the same vault as your passwords, so they are protected by the same top-level security. NordPass uses cutting-edge technology to encrypt your data and keep it safe: the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm that is designed to be virtually uncrackable. It means that your data is safely locked away in the cloud, and you are the only one who has the key.

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