Eksae: How a Software Publisher Improved Security and Daily Operations

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For Eksae – a software publishing company – cybersecurity comes first. Being one step ahead of a phishing scam, a ransomware attack, or any other security risk is essential for success. However, ensuring that daily security endeavors do not clash with employee productivity can be tricky. Having the right tools can help. A lot.

Today, we’re speaking with Philippe Hannes, infrastructure and data protection officer at Eksae about the company’s journey in password management and security. Find out why Eksae decided to switch password managers and how it made things better for the entire organization.

Meet Eksae – finance and HR software publisher for the public sector

Eksae is a French-based finance and HR software publisher that provides solutions for organizations operating in the public sector. With 160 employees, the company serves 2,800 customers, one of which is the Palace of Versailles. With more than 30 years of experience, Eksae can foresee evolving challenges and act accordingly to help other organizations keep up with the latest trends in internal software usage. Eksae is here to boost productivity, simplify user management, and increase employee efficiency by introducing innovative software solutions tailored for the customer’s exact needs.

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Cybersecurity is an essential part of our daily operations

Today, any company that strives for success cannot underestimate the importance of cybersecurity. With cybercrime on the rise, more companies than ever face existential risks if they are ever hit by an attack. Eksae is acutely aware of that fact as a software publisher, and thus considers cybersecurity as a major point of its software design and the way of operating.

Today, we must not ask ourselves if we are going to be attacked but rather when we are going to suffer an attack. With phishing scams, ransomware attacks, and other types of cybercriminal activity on the rise, ensuring a secure perimeter is crucial. Within the company we have multi-factor authentication enabled. We also use antivirus software and a VPN service. Employees regularly attend cybersecurity awareness sessions, and soon we’ll roll out an internal newsletter that will cover a variety of security topics.

Philippe Hannes

Infrastructure and Data Protection Officer at Eksae

Secure your business with NordPass — save the hefty costs of a security breach.

Password security solutions should be user friendly to be effective

Eksae is well aware of the importance of password security and how it affects the organization’s overall security posture. However, for a password management solution to be effective, it must also employ best user experience practices. A tool that requires a degree in IT will not add any value to the organization, because most users will do anything to avoid using it on a daily basis.

Before we deployed NordPass Business within the company, we had another password manager. However, the previous solution lacked storage capacity and was generally cumbersome, which in turn affected our daily operations. So we felt that it was essential to find a solution that would fit our needs. Ensuring a secure and easy way to manage passwords is a key feature of the company’s entire security infrastructure.

Philippe Hannes

Infrastructure and Data Protection Officer at Eksae

Easy deployment and a smooth way to share passwords

These days, having a business password manager is a no-brainer. It is an essential cybersecurity tool that makes operations within the company not only more secure but also a lot easier. However, with so many options on the market, choosing a business password manager can be a challenge. It is crucial that you understand what such tools bring to the table as well as what your company is looking for. Eksae already had some experience with a corporate password manager before switching to NordPass. It understood why it wanted the switch and what the key features were that it was looking for in a new password manager.

We chose NordPass Business for several reasons. We were looking for a quick and secure way to share passwords, and NordPass offered an intuitive solution. Also, one of our developers already had great experience with NordPass. The Data Breach Scanner was another reason we felt that NordPass was for us. And finally, we found that NordPass is incredibly easy to deploy within the company, which was another major factor for choosing NordPass as our business password manager.

Philippe Hannes

Infrastructure and Data Protection Officer at Eksae

Improving security and productivity

As Eksae tells us, once it deployed NordPass Business and the team started using it, team members realized that the company made the right decision this time. The simple, secure, and quick way to share sensitive credentials made a huge change in employees’ daily operations.

The simplicity of the solution is what makes it great. Once we deployed NordPass for company-wide use, life did get easier. There no longer were any constraints and the way that the solution facilitated secure item sharing is amazing.

Philippe Hannes

Infrastructure and Data Protection Officer at Eksae

Another thing that employees at Eksae noticed is that alongside improving security, NordPass increased productivity. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the team is now able to devote its focus to daily operations rather than trying to figure out a secure way to store, access, and share the company’s sensitive data.

It saves time and allows us to focus on our daily operations. For any business looking for a way to securely manage passwords in a user-friendly way, NordPass is a necessary tool.

Philippe Hannes

Infrastructure and Data Protection Officer at Eksae

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