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Get time-based one-time passwords for two-factor authentication directly from NordPass business password manager.

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NordPass Authenticator is a unique, patented NordPass feature that leverages biometric, possession, and knowledge authentication methods. This multi-factor approach delivers a more secure 2FA solution than other password managers’.Patented Stateless System To Protect Data solution (US Patent No. 11,528,130)

How does NordPass Authenticator work?

Easily add 2FA to business accounts stored in NordPass. Once enabled, here’s how it works.

  • 1Navigate to the account protected by 2FA and log in with your password — which will be filled in automatically by NordPass.
  • 2Next, you will be prompted for a one-time time-based password (TOTP).
  • 3Open the item in NordPass and, using your biometrics, unlock the code.

Securely share 2FA-protected accounts between employees

  • With NordPass Authenticator, team members with shared access can generate their own two-factor codes, making it easy to add an additional layer of security on shared corporate accounts.
  • Time-based one-time passcodes (TOTP) are unlocked from within the NordPass app using the member’s own biometrics — eliminating the need to sync with the account owner to retrieve the code.

One solution for multiple security layers in your company

With NordPass Business, you get a premium corporate password manager that also eliminates the need for additional authenticator apps — allowing you and your teams to manage user authentication with a single solution.

Built-in authenticator

Eliminate the need to download and manage additional apps for two-factor authentication, saving time and reducing the risk of MFA-targeted attacks.

Encrypted vault

Lock passwords, passkeys, credit cards, and other sensitive information in end-to-end encrypted storage that only your company holds the key to unlock.

Activity Log

Get transparency over 2FA adoption and usage by team member and account in addition to activity logs detailing who accessed what, when.

Security Dashboard

Detect data breaches involving your business credentials, domains, and emails, and assess company wide password hygiene at a glance.

Why NordPass Authenticator is better than other password managers’?

Other password managers

Provides password management capabilities

Allows you to add extra layer of security to shared business accounts

Meets the security standard of 2FA by combining multiple authentication factors

Uses patented technology to deliver a more secure two-factor authentication solution

Why choose NordPass for your business

More secure

NordPass Business is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 1 certified and independently audited by Cure53.


NordPass is the only password manager using the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm and benefits from machine learning for the autofill function.

Easy to use

NordPass is user friendly, without endless menus and confusing technical jargon. Get team members up-and-running with zero training required.


Get more for less with tech-minded 24/7 support, a simple-to-use interface, and a suite of advanced security features, including a built in authenticator, with no hidden costs.

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Security Dashboard
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Google Workspace SSO
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Security Dashboard
Company-wide settings
Google Workspace SSO
SSO with Azure AD, MS ADFS, Okta
User Provisioning via Active-Directory
Shared Folders
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