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Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
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Let’s face it. Online life is an inseparable part of real life. In fact, in today’s world the line between the two is too blurry to separate one from the other as more of our lives migrate online quicker than ever before. Just think about it, we do our finances online, we work, shop and have fun online. We have what’s called digital identities. And all of that is great, but there’s a flipside to all the good stuff the digital world has to offer. We know it, but too rarely do we talk about it.

As much as online life is great and makes our lives easier, it comes at a price. It is often stressful and anxiety inducing. We have to be constantly aware of the danger that lurks around the corner. But there are remedies that can make online life more enjoyable. One of them, we believe, is NordPass. Today we’re taking a look at NordPass as a cybersecurity tool that brings our users peace of mind and allows them to enjoy the internet worry-free – the way it was meant to be.

What is peace of mind

Peace of mind can be a vague and subjective concept. However, most of us would agree that when we speak about peace of mind we think of the sense of tranquility and confidence.

In the context of digital life peace of mind would be a worry-free experience on the internet. An experience when we feel confident that our digital identities are safe, that our digital valuables are well protected and sorted, that our devices are not at risk.

Why do we need peace of mind

In this day and age, a trouble-free person is hard to find. That’s especially true when we talk about digital life. But having peace of mind is essential for a better quality of life: it helps us concentrate, improves our efficiency in handling daily tasks as well as it helps us develop a sense of inner strength. However it is essential to realize that attaining peace of mind doesn't mean ignoring issues at hand. It is all about understanding the problems we face and finding solutions to mitigate them.

Digital stress is real

When it comes to digital life, there are a variety of issues that we face daily. One of the most prominent ones is password management. Our recent research revealed that today, the average user faces the challenge of maintaining about 100 passwords. The study also found that 30% of respondents found making such an amount of passwords is so stressful that it compares to the stress and anxiety of retiring. Digital stress is real and has real-world consequences.

Password managers are here to help

Sure, password managers are primarily cybersecurity tools that aim to mitigate digital risks and boost overall security of their users. However the fortunate byproduct of using a password manager such as NordPass is – we would argue – is peace of mind.

A reliable password manager not only allows you to securely store and organize all your passwords in an encrypted vault, but also provides you access to all of them at all times. Even if you’re offline. In the case of NordPass, it also offers additional tools such as Password Generator, which enables you to create strong and unique passwords to protect your favorite online accounts with just a few clicks. Another feature known as Password Health is there to help you identify weak spots in your passwords and update them to prevent any cyberattacks.

But you don’t need to take our word for NordPass being a way to peace of mind in the digital world. Just see what our users have to say:

I value NordPass Password Manager most of all because it has given back to me two invaluable things: time and ease. It's now so quick for me to log into a website. And it's simple because I no longer have to do things like copy-paste passwords for websites that I log into. NordPass really heralds a new, efficient and pleasant phase in my internet life.

Steven Plustwik (Trustpilot)

Ever since I have been using @NordVPN @NordLocker @NordPass, it’s really making my life easy. Always a Great app. Thank you so much for keeping our private information secure.

Pramish Luitel @i_am_pramis (Twitter)

Everything became a lot easier when we started using NordPass Business. We feel much more secure with regard to data breaches, especially with all the headlines in the news.


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