NordPass Password Generation Goes Mobile

You asked, and we delivered. Our mobile apps now come equipped with password generators — one of the most requested features since their launch. With this latest addition to Android and iOS, the NordPass app family can finally produce secure passwords on any device.

Why is this a big deal?

Strong passwords form the backbone of your account security, so being able to cook one up on the spot is very handy. Think about it: you can fully secure a brand new account on your mobile device the moment you create it.

No more dense guides about password strength. No more worries about password length. And no more need to use a computer for a password generator. Just click, copy, and paste.

Why use a password generator at all?

Creating a secure password is surprisingly difficult. You’d think that closing your eyes and randomly bashing the keyboard would create impenetrable gibberish, but even this often fails to meet all the required criteria.

And those criteria are important because hackers use dictionary attacks and powerful brute-forcing tools, trying thousands of combinations per second. It’s not a question of “if” — any password can be brute-forced with time. But weak ones fall in seconds while strong ones could take years to crack.

Password generators solve this issue by producing secure passwords using complex algorithms. They’re especially effective when paired with password managers like NordPass — one tool creates complex passwords on demand, and the other automatically remembers them for you.

How do I use the password generator on mobile?

Generating a password on your phone or tablet is very easy. You will find the Password Generator in the Menu at the bottom of the screen. Select your parameters, click GENERATE PASSWORD, and then COPY PASSWORD once it’s done.

In fact, we’ve even written a few support articles to help you come to grips with the new feature. Have a look at a tutorial for Android or learn how to use the password generator on desktop devices.

Keep your accounts secure. Manage your passwords without hassle

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