Get rid of password stress. Forever.

Let the NordPass password manager remember all your complex logins, autofill online forms, and generate strong passwords. Stress-free.

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All the features you need

NordPass remembers your complex passwords, auto-fills online forms, and lets you access your passwords from anywhere. No more forgotten credentials or account resets - NordPass has got your back. Leave all the pressure of password maintenance to us and enjoy the things you like the most.

Store everything that matters

Store, organize, and access your passwords and private notes in one convenient place. All is kept secure for when you need it.

Effortless imports

Hassle-free imports of your passwords from a browser, computer, or another password manager.

Cutting-edge technology

NordPass uses top-of-the-field AES-256 encryption to protect your vault. The same encryption is used by the US Government to protect their classified information.

Built-in password generator

Whenever you need a new strong password, use our secure technology with built-in randomness to generate one. You can also adjust the new passwords to meet the requirements of different websites.

Your password security starts with trust

NordPass is brought to you by the cybersecurity experts who built NordVPN - the advanced online security and privacy app trusted by more than 12 million users worldwide.

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