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  • Password resets are annoying. Store logins in NordPass and have your passwords on hand wherever you are. You can even forget them. Get the 30-day NordPass Premium trial and enjoy a smooth and secure online experience.

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What is a password manager?

  • A password manager is an online tool that helps you free your memory (and post-it notes or notebooks too) from all your passwords while keeping them safe.
  • Think of a password manager as a digital vault where you can store all your login credentials. Just add them to the app and carry your passwords wherever you go. NordPass is available on mobile, desktop, and as a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Safari.
  • The best part? Your login credentials automatically sync across all your platforms, allowing you to access them at any time. Goodbye, forgotten passwords!

Easy to use, like counting to 3

  • NordPass was designed to be simple and easy to use even for users who aren’t tech-savvy.
  • The free NordPass version offers you all the basic features you need, including unlimited login credentials, automatic saving and filling of your passwords, and sync across all platforms. It also provides the same level of security as the paid version.
  • Start using NordPass by signing up with your email — no credit card needed. Just download the app and log in to your most visited accounts. When you log in to one, NordPass will ask you to save your details for later use. One click, and the first item is in your password vault. Next time you visit the same website, NordPass will recognize it and prompt to automatically fill it for you. Repeat the process or simply upload your passwords in bulk.

No more password resets

Remember passwords you rarely use

Never forget passwords, even if you use them once a year. NordPass will fill them automatically.

Find credentials on any device

Sync credentials across all your devices. Find them any time, even when you are offline.

Never lose access to your accounts

Some accounts can’t be restored without a password. Don’t change it. Keep them in NordPass.

Improve the security of your accounts

Reusing passwords puts you at risk. Create unique ones and store them in an encrypted vault.


Create unique passwords one last time

  • Before you forget password resets, make sure your accounts are truly secure. Create strong and unique passwords for most visited platforms, and keep these passwords in NordPass. Click on the icons below for step-by-step instructions on how to reset your passwords.

Start managing your passwords easier, faster and safer