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Optimize workflow with a business password manager

A platform where your company’s digital wealth is managed. Connect employees and skyrocket productivity with a business password manager.

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Securely store your critical information

No-limit, end-to-end encrypted storage of credentials, credit cards, notes, and personal information means access to everything you need from one safe place.

breach monitoring

Get real-time breach alerts related to your accounts

Stay alert with Breach Monitoring — a tool that proactively scans the web for data breaches that involve your email credentials and notifies you in real-time. Stay focused on what matters, and let us take care of the rest.

Automate manual processes to speed up work

Thanks to autofill powered by machine learning, your credentials and data appear automatically when needed.

secure sharing

Share access between teams to make collaboration easy

Remove bottlenecks that stall deadlines. Share an unlimited number of digital entry points that you can assign to different departments or teams. Members get access to shared credentials, payment information, and other sensitive data immediately.

Be confident with world-class security

Don’t let one compromised password cost you your entire company.

Identify breaches early before they harm your business

  • Learn if any of the credentials, payment information, emails, or company domains have been compromised with the most robust breach scanner offered by a business password manager. With Breach Monitoring your team will be notified automatically as soon as any security issue with their accounts is detected.

A renowned name in password management

Bring the entire team up to speed quickly

onboard your team

Get set up quickly

No prior experience with a business password manager is required when onboarding your team. Get instant access to 24/7 support if you ever need as well as a dedicated account manager.

add new members

Give and revoke access effortlessly

Improve access management. Get new team members up and running quickly with access to systems, software, and sensitive data granted with a couple of clicks. In the case of employee departures, offboarding is equally uncomplicated.

Compliant to the highest standard

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Security Dashboard
Company-wide settings
Google Workspace SSO
SSO with Azure, AD FS Setup
User Provisioning via Active-Directory
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24/7 premium support service

Unlimited Number of users

Security Dashboard
Company-wide settings
Google Workspace SSO
SSO with Azure, AD FS Setup
User Provisioning via Active-Directory
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