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With NordPass Business

Manage passwords easily
Store your login credentials, notes, and card details in an encrypted vault. Access them all with one Master Password on your computer, mobile, or favorite browser.
Share passwords securely
Sharing login credentials is inevitable in any business, but doing so over email isn’t safe. With NordPass, share passwords with your coworkers safely and easily.
Get support when you need it
The NordPass team is here for you, no matter the question or the time of the day. With a Business account, you will have a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer support.

Audited security

“Numerous positive observations have been made in relation to the level of detail and adherence to the specification, clarity and readability of the Go code and implementation, overall security of the desktop application, browser extension, as well as iOS and Android branches of the NordPass applications.” Cure53 Report, 2020 February


We care about your data. NordPass doesn’t just offer you state-of-the-art encryption and zero-knowledge architecture. It also helps you to become GDPR-compliant. By keeping your passwords safe, you protect your work accounts and your customers’ data.


Working with healthcare information in the US? Get one step closer to your HIPAA compliance by using NordPass, a password manager for business. Store all your login credentials in an encrypted vault and share them securely among your personnel.

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