How secure is my password?

Check the strength of your passwords before you commit to them.

Store more than passwords
Your encrypted vault can hold more than just passwords. Add your login details, credit card numbers, and secure notes. Access all with your Master Password.
Autofill your passwords
With the NordPass autofill function, you won’t need to scroll through hundreds of passwords. Just go to your favorite website, and NordPass will do the rest.
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Is my password vulnerable?

Check the strength of a password and if it was exposed in any breaches.

Password strength:
Password composition
Make sure that your password is long enough and contains various types of characters.
At least 12 characters
Symbols (?#@…)
Time it takes to crack your password:
Has this password been previously exposed in data breaches?
No leaks found!
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Don't lose passwords to hackers

Weak passwords are still the primary cause of data breaches. However, you can minimize the risk of getting your accounts compromised by making a few simple changes. Create unique passwords that would have numbers, symbols, and upper and lower cases; check their strength using the NordPass password strength checker; and keep them safe in your encrypted password manager.

How weak passwords are cracked

Hackers use the so-called brute-force technique, which can take seconds to guess your password. It’s often a computer program that keeps stuffing words until it hits the jackpot. All hackers need for it to work is to upload a database with popular passwords, words from a dictionary, or passwords leaked in the past. Therefore, the more complex the password is, the less of the chance they have to break it.

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