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Measure the strength of your password with our password strength checker. You'll also find out whether your password was exposed to any known data breaches.

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Make sure that your password is long enough and contains various types of characters.
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The stronger the password, the harder it is to remember. That's what NordPass is for

Protect your passwords. Access them in one place.

Your online security depends on the strength and uniqueness of your passwords. It’s good you don’t have to remember them all. Store them in an encrypted NordPass vault. Access them with one Master Password.

Not just for passwords

Use NordPass for more than just password storage. Generate random passwords, scan in your credit card details, keep sensitive notes.

Secure password sharing

Forget unsafe messaging apps, emails, and post-it notes. Share passwords safely with your trusted contacts over NordPass.

Brought by NordVPN

NordPass was created by the same team who designed NordVPN. Rest assured, your security is in good hands.

Keep your private data to yourself

Weak or stolen passwords are still a leading factor in data breaches. This fact is confirmed year by year with various reports. However, you can be an exception. To reduce the risk of your data being stolen, switch to reliable passwords and keep them safe. Sometimes it's all you need. Our strong password generator will help you take your first step towards safer online accounts shielded by more robust passwords.

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