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Besides using our online password strength checker to further improve your online security, be sure to also try NordPass — a single secure solution for all your digital valuables. Enjoy instant, effortless access to your favorite online accounts and passwords across multiple devices.


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A strong password — the cornerstone of your digital security

Don't lose passwords to hackers

Weak, stolen, and reused passwords remain the primary cause of data breaches. However, you can significantly reduce the chances of falling victim to bad actors with the help of NordPass — a single, secure place for passwords, passkeys, credit cards, and personal info. Today, an individual password manager as well as a password manager for business should be an essential part of our lives if we wish to lead a secure and smooth life online.

How weak passwords are cracked

Hackers use a technique known as brute force, which is based on the idea of trying to blindly guess a user's passwords. It’s often a computer program that tries words until it hits the jackpot. All hackers need for it to work is to upload a database with popular passwords, words from a dictionary, or passwords leaked in the past. Therefore, the more complex the password is, the less likely they are to guess it — one of the best ways to ensure your passwords are strong is by performing a password check.

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