Businesses Trust NordPass With Their Data Security

NordPass Business is a quick, easy, and efficient way to make corporate password security simple and effective. But you don’t have to take our word for it — take a look at our users’ reviews of NordPass Business.

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Worry about passwords no more

As the company grew, we simply didn’t have the imagination to come up with strong passwords, and we didn't have a place to store them. With NordPass, password security became one less thing to worry about.

- Virginijus Girnius,

Chief Operating Officer, 1StopVAT

Easy to use and extremely handy

So, we needed something that was user-friendly and NordPass was it. The autosave, ease of use, and ability to reach everything on multiple devices is what made Nacero choose and adopt NordPass Business for successful company-wide use.

- Lorna Barnhart,

System Integration Manager, Nacero

Improved team efficiency

We're incredibly pleased with NordPass Business. It has improved the company's cybersecurity posture and helped the team remain efficient, allowing them to focus on their daily responsibilities without worrying about password security.

- Egidijus Navardauskas,

Head of Cyber Security, Hostinger

NordPass stands out from the competition

Ever since we adopted NordPass, our password complexity and strength have gone up. We’ve also loved the Single Sign-On feature and its compatibility with our Microsoft stack. This made NordPass stand out from the competition.

- Vytautas Kašėta,

Co-founder & CIO, Super How?

What our clients love about NordPass Business

Besides the convenience and a sense of complete security, here is what NordPass Business users enjoy the most.

Why NordPass Business? Here are the case studies

Esken: Effectively Solving the Double Security Challenge

Esken needed to ensure the security of customer and employee data and adhere to strict industry regulations. Discover how NordPass helped a company operating in energy and aviation industries to stay cyber strong.

Hostinger: Preventing Common Cybersecurity Threats

Due to the steady rise in cybercriminal activity and increasing sophistication of phishing and social engineering scams, Hostinger made moves to improve its security posture. Discover what role NordPass played in their efforts.

Eksae: How a Software Publisher Improved Security and Daily Operations

For security tools to be effective, they must be user-friendly and efficient in their operations. Explore how Eksae switched password managers and increased security and efficiency within the organization.

Super How?: Protecting The Organization from External Attacks

With phishing, sim swaps, and cross-site attacks prevalent within the industry, Super How? looked for an effective way to improve password security within the company. Find out how NordPass proved to be a crucial tool in this situation.

Bored Panda: How Managing Hundreds of Accounts Got a Lot Easier

Protecting more than 100 YouTube accounts and ensuring smooth and secure access to them has been a serious challenge for a media publishing giant – Bored Panda. Learn how Bored Panda dealt with this challenge and made password security simple and effective within the organization.

1StopVAT: How to Secure Sensitive Client Data

Growth and increasing numbers of cyber attacks on financial institutions made 1StopVAT up their security game. Learn how the tax consultancy organization leveraged NordPass to secure their customer data.

The Hygiene Bank: Ensuring Password Security in a Growing Non-profit Organization

The Hygiene Bank Ireland faced common security challenges that came with organizational growth and turned to NordPass for help to ensure the security of their supporters' sensitive data. Here’s their success story.

Bizimply: How To Make Password Security Easy and Effective

A SaaS company that streamlines software solutions to hospitality and retail business for workforce management, for more than a year now, came to love NordPass thanks to its user-friendliness, and convenient features such as Password Sharing.

Nacero: How To Stay One Step Ahead of a Data Breach

The Colonial Pipeline breach and general password fatigue within the company were the two major factors that contributed to adopting a password manager. NordPass Business seemed like the obvious choice due to its smooth and intuitive user interface and straightforward functionality.

DeskTime: How To Make Password Security a Habit

For a company dealing with large amounts of third-party data that has to be protected at all times, NordPass Business has been the solution they’d been looking for.

Evergrowth: How To Counter Cybersecurity Risks the Right Way

Once Evergrowth adopted NordPass Business, the outlook on password security and how easy it can be has changed within the company.