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Easily add, suspend, delete, or change member roles from the Admin Panel - an all-in-one platform made for your team management.
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Prevent security threats in their tracks. Employees can regularly check their password strength and run data breach scans to find out if any sensitive information has been exposed in a data leak.
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NordPass operates on the principles of zero-knowledge architecture. It encrypts your password vault with a powerful XChaCha20 algorithm to keep it secure at all times.

Creative business name generator

Try our business name generator to come up with a unique, memorable, and marketable name for your business instantly.

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Great for brainstorming

One of the most exciting parts of creating a business is choosing its name. Naming often becomes the moment when the venture finally feels alive. While exciting, it can also be tricky since many names are already taken. It is also a time-consuming endeavor, to put it lightly. With the help of our random company name generator, you can come up with a variety of catchy and memorable ideas for your company’s name.

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