Premium for friends and family

Freshen up your online security this spring by sharing 6 Premium accounts among family and friends for just .

What do I get with NordPass Family?

Secure the whole family for less

  • Get 6 accounts and enjoy Premium features such as Secure Item Sharing, Passwords Health, and Data Breach Scanner.
  • Enjoy a secure and smooth online experience for the whole family for 44% less than the cost of 6 Personal Premium plan accounts.

Your passwords are always at hand

  • NordPass recognizes your favorite websites and offers to fill your details automatically. Goodbye, password resets!
  • Find passwords whenever you need them, even offline. NordPass automatically syncs your passwords across all platforms.

Store more than passwords

  • Save secure notes, like your Wi-Fi password, and always have them with you (and not on the back of your router).
  • Add credit card details and your shipping address to shop faster online.

Give your family the gift of quick and secure browsing

per month

6 user accounts

Save unlimited passwords
Autosave and autofill
Import and Export passwords
Keep notes & credit cards
Fill forms with Personal Info
Generate unique passwords
Automatic sync across devices
Protect passwords with Multi-factor Authentication
Stay logged in when switching devices
Give access to passwords in case of emergency
Identify weak, old, and reused passwords
Scan the web for data leaks
Share items with others
Get NordPass Family
30-day money back guarantee