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  • Check if you've been hacked with our online Data Breach Scanner and secure your accounts with NordPass.

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Keep your data secure
Stay one step ahead of a security threat. Identify weak spots in your passwords and find out whether any of your personal info has been exposed in a data breach.
Protect more than just passwords
Securely store your credit cards, secure notes, and personal details along your passwords. Access it all even when you’re offline.
Access on any device, any time
Log in once and instantly access your passwords on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Stay logged in to NordPass password manager on up to 6 different devices simultaneously.

Data Breach Scanner

Check if you’ve been hacked.

How does it work?

What is Data Breach Scanner?

  • Our online Data Breach Scanner is a security tool purpose-built to help you detect whether you have been hacked and if any of your personal info has been exposed in a data breach. The scanner works by checking the web for leaked databases and then comparing them to the provided email address. For a detailed report, use the in-built Data Breach Scanner with NordPass Premium.

What happens if I’ve been hacked?

  • If you have been hacked and any of your email addresses, passwords, or credit card details have been exposed in a data breach, it is essential to take immediate action to protect your online accounts. Begin with changing your passwords. Getting your data leaked could lead to financial losses, identity theft, fraud, and other undesirable outcomes. Don’t take chances — take charge of your data.

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