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Our online Data Breach Scanner is built to help you find out whether you have been hacked and if any of your personal info has been exposed by bad actors. The scanner checks leaked databases and then compares them to the provided email address.

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NordPass comes equipped with a built-in Data Breach Scanner, which allows you to check for breaches manually, actively monitors your emails and credit cards, and alerts you in real time in case of an emergency.

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NordPass is a secure and easy-to-use password manager built by the security experts behind NordVPN. Designed to facilitate a smooth and secure online experience, NordPass allows you to store passwords, passkeys, credit cards, and personal info and access it wherever you are, even offline.

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What is Breach Monitoring?

Breach Monitoring is an integral part of the Data Breach Scanner, available for NordPass Premium users. Breach Monitoring proactively scans your email addresses and credit cards 24/7 and issues real-time notification if your sensitive data appears in a leak, allowing you to act quickly and accordingly.

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Sticky notes and old-school notebooks are the perfect place to keep your password safe — said no one ever. The NordPass password vault is a single secure place where you can safely store and access all of your passwords whenever you need them.

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