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We’re here to simplify your password management without any compromises on your online security.

More than just another story

We’ve always thought that the internet could be better than we have it today. One day we started looking for a better way to manage passwords within our company. This initiative has grown into a top security password manager created with simplicity. Inspired by the latest technology, we proudly take the pressure of your password maintenance, letting you enjoy the things you love.

More than just a team

NordPass is brought to you by NordVPN’s cybersecurity experts. That’s the same team who built the online security and privacy app trusted by more than 12 million users worldwide. Needless to say, security, convenience, and trust are the core values that we apply in everything we do.

More than just a password manager

We've built a top security password manager that shields your private details with zero-knowledge architecture. You and only you can see what happens in your digital vault. And when we talk about top security, we mean the highest level encryption, because we wouldn’t want to offer you anything less.

Leave all the pressure of your password safety and maintenance to us and focus on things you like the most. We’ve got your back.

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