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Weak or stolen passwords are still a leading factor in data breaches. This fact is confirmed year by year with various reports. However, you can be an exception. To reduce the risk of your data being stolen, switch to strong passwords and keep them safe. Sometimes it's all you need. Our random password generator will help you take your first step towards safer online accounts shielded by stronger passwords.

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Strong passwords are hard to memorize and lose their purpose if you store them unsafely. Storing passwords securely minimizes the risk of data breaches.

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Securely stores and helps you organize and easily access your sensitive information in one convenient place.

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NordPass uses top-of-the-field AES-256-CBC encryption to protect your vault. The same encryption is used by the US Government to protect their classified information.

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NordPass is brought to you by cybersecurity experts team that built NordVPN. The advanced online privacy and security app trusted by more than 12 million users worldwide.

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