Keep passwords in a single place: secure and organized.

Never reset passwords again. Access them whenever you need them, on any device.

Autosave and autofill

Save time by using NordPass autosave and autofill features. When you log into a new website, NordPass prompts to save your credentials automatically. Next time you’ll visit the same page, NordPass will recognize it and allow you to fill in your details with a click.

Generate unique passwords

Use the NordPass built-in password generator to create strong passwords whenever you need them. The stronger your password, the more difficult it is to hack. Design yours with different symbols, digits, upper- and lower-case letters.

Share login credentials

Sometimes sharing passwords is inevitable. If you do so, share them with people you trust and do it safely — via your encrypted vault in NordPass. This way you’ll protect your passwords from man-in-the-middle and other attacks.

Import passwords with ease

NordPass recognizes the passwords you store in your browser and helps you import them in a few clicks. You can also import them in bulk using a CSV file from other password managers or add them manually. Visit our help center for step-by-step guides.

Top-level security for your sensitive data

It's tough to trust others when it’s your sensitive data in question. We get it. That’s why NordPass was developed with full focus on security. NordPass follows the latest security practices and industry standards to ensure your data is safe — as audited and confirmed by Cure53.

XChaCha20 encryption

NordPass was built with one of the latest encryption algorithms, XChaCha20. Silicon Valley giants are increasingly adopting it too.

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Zero-knowledge architecture

Your passwords are encrypted before they leave your device and stored in the cloud. We have zero knowledge of what they are.

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Master Password

Your Master Password is your key to the encrypted vault. It protects all other passwords, but it’s up to you to make it strong.

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Backup & sync

Your encrypted data is automatically backed up and saved in the cloud. It’s also synced across all your devices for easy access.

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Two-factor authentication

With NordPass, you can add an extra layer of security. Double the authentication, lessen the chances of anyone ever breaching it.

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Enjoy effortless password management

Store your passwords, credit cards, and secure notes in a single place — NordPass. Access your sensitive data on any device, share with people you trust, and save time by autosaving and autofilling. All protected by top-notch security.


Biometric authentication

Use your biometric data — fingerprint, face ID, or even your voice — to unlock NordPass on mobile. It’s convenient and secure, no need to remember complex passwords.



Organize your passwords into folders and make them even easier to find. Separate your work, personal, special projects, and social media credentials.


OCR scanning

The OCR technology is used to recognize text in documents, images, and photos. Use it to scan and save your credit card details and secure notes.

password lock

Password vault

You can see your password vault as a digital safe for all your online valuables. Store login credentials, secure notes, and credit card details.

Access your passwords anytime, anywhere

All of us are familiar with the frustration when you can't access your online accounts because your passwords are saved on other devices. Save your passwords once, and they will sync across all devices and platforms you use. Log in to your NordPass account and enjoy the secure access to your online accounts when you need them, stress-free.

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