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Manage passwords hassle-free

Save passwords with a click
NordPass prompts you to save your passwords every time you log in to a new website or create a new online account and remembers them for later use.
Log in automatically
Want to log in to your favorite accounts? No need to enter your login credentials — NordPass does it for you.
Easily import your passwords
NordPass automatically detects passwords stored in your browsers. Import them instantly or upload a CSV file.
Access passwords from a browser
Add the NordPass browser extension to enable the autosave and autofill features. The extension is available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Safari.
Sync passwords across all your devices
NordPass automatically syncs your passwords across computers, tablets, or phones. The NordPass app is currently available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
Web Vault Access
The NordPass Web Vault offers most of the features and functionalities available on our desktop app — you don’t have to install the application on your device.

Store your digital valuables

Store unlimited passwords
NordPass has no storage limits. Securely store as many passwords as you want in a single place. Access them all whenever you need them.
Note down things that matter
Secure Notes are ideal for securing things like Wi-Fi passwords, alarm system codes, and other important information that you want to keep absolutely safe.
Have secure access to your credit cards
Securely store your credit cards and fill in their details on the go when shopping online. Scan them with a built-in OCR scanner — no manual typing needed.
Save and autofill Personal info
Add your name, email address, phone number, and work or home address in the Personal Info tab and autofill tedious online forms with just a few clicks.
Organize everything into folders
Organize your passwords, credit cards, and secure notes into folders for quick and easy access.

Take charge of your security

Check for leaked data
premiumOnly with premium
Discover whether any of your sensitive data has been leaked and fortify the security of any potentially compromised accounts immediately.
Identify vulnerable passwords
premiumOnly with premium
The Password Health tool is purpose-built to identify weak, old, and reused passwords.
Share passwords securely
premiumOnly with premium
Securely share passwords with other NordPass users over an encrypted channel and grant full or limited access depending on your needs.
Emergency Access
premiumOnly with premium
In case of emergency provide family members or close friends with access to your passwords and secure notes stored in your NordPass vault.
Generate complex passwords
Protect your accounts from intruders by generating complex and unique passwords with the Password Generator.
Add an extra layer of security to your NordPass vault
Set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), add an OTP generator, or use a bluetooth device or a USB stick as an extra layer of security for your NordPass vault.
Protected by XChaCha20 encryption
Passwords and other sensitive data you store in NordPass are automatically encrypted with the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm to ensure complete security.
Secure your account with Biometrics
The strongest password you’ve got is you. Unlock your password vault using your face or fingerprint. Easier for you to log in — harder for bad actors to crack.
Your passwords are only yours
NordPass uses zero-knowledge architecture, which means that no one else but you can see what’s in your encrypted vault.

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