Web Vault

Reach all your passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and other sensitive information on any desktop device via browser.

Manage your password in any browser

No application required

Don’t have access to the NordPass app at hand? No worries. You can securely access all your passwords online via the NordPass Web Vault on any desktop device via browser.

All items in one place

All your passwords, credit cards, and secure notes are easily accessible via the NordPass Web Vault. You can add, edit, or remove items via Web Vault the same way you do in the NordPass application.

Use Autofill with the app

The NordPass Autofill functionality is only available with the NordPass application installed on your device. Download the NordPass extension for your browser and enjoy a smooth and secure online experience.

Your data is secure

  • A single Master Password that you create protects your entire NordPass Vault.
  • All items in your NordPass Web Vault are encrypted on your device and only then uploaded to the cloud.
  • Zero-knowledge architecture means that only you know what is in your NordPass encrypted vault. We know nothing.

Reach your passwords on any desktop device via browser