9 Tech Christmas Gift Ideas For Those Who Seem to Have Everything

Egle Grasys
Content Writer
santa for tech gifts

How can you think of a gift for someone who already seems to have everything? Well, you’d be surprised to discover the world of useful tech gifts that will make your Christmas gift shopping fun and easy. Below is a list of the best tech Christmas gifts for 2022. You might even want to grab one of two of the items for yourself!

1. Pocket photo printer

Digital photos just aren’t the same as printed photos, which is why instant cameras have been so popular lately. A pocket photo printer is even better because you can print any picture you have on your phone in an instant! Surprise your amateur photographer friend or those who find photographs to be meaningful keepsakes of special moments.

2. Apple AirTags

Many people have a friend or two who continually loses things. Apple AirTags are one of the best Christmas tech gifts for this kind of friend, but they are also convenient for anyone who is often in a hurry or cautious about their personal belongings. You can attach an AirTag to almost any item: your keys, wallet, remote control, or handbag. Save someone the stress of searching their whole house for their misplaced items while in a rush, and allow them to find everything easily through their iPhone.

3. Temperature control mug

The cold time of the year makes most people want to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a good book or movie. Sadly, warm drinks tend to get cold way too quickly. If you know someone who likes to take their time with their drink and always ends up with a cold beverage, a temperature control mug is an excellent gift for them.

4. UV phone sanitizer box

Many of us have become more conscientious about germs. Can you imagine how much bacteria gets on your phone after a day of dragging it around everywhere? Given its sensitive parts, keeping your phone clean can be tricky. However, a UV phone sanitizer box takes care of this task for you. It’s the perfect Christmas gift idea for anyone who wants to keep their phone free of germs.

5. Amazon Prime

Nearly everyone uses Amazon, but many people are still reluctant to buy Amazon Prime. If you have a friend who uses Amazon a lot but is still not a Prime member, the service is a great gift that will unlock free shipping and loads of great discounts for them.

6. Disney+ subscription

You can never have too many streaming subscriptions. Many of us already have Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, but these lack the magic of Pixar, Disney, and Marvel. A Disney+ subscription is a great Christmas tech gift for anyone who enjoys family movie night.

7. Virtual gym membership

Do you know someone who loves to work out but doesn’t have the time to go to the gym? Or maybe someone who’s indicated their New Year’s resolution is to focus on their health? Then a virtual gym membership will be a fantastic gift for them! Whether it’s a yogi, Pilates lover, hardcore weightlifter, or jogger you’re shopping for, options for everyone abound.

8. Meditation app subscription

It’s been a stressful couple of years, and we can all benefit from the power of meditation. You don’t need to go to a big yoga retreat to get your zen on. A subscription for an app like Calm or Buddhify will allow anyone to take some dedicated time out to reduce stress, making this one of the best tech Christmas gifts for 2022.

9. NordPass Premium

We all struggle with password security. So many people just use the same old password for years on every single account. Unfortunately, that’s just a cyberattack waiting to happen. With the amount of time everyone spends online, the threat of getting hacked is as significant as ever. Give someone the ultimate tech Christmas gift of digital security with a NordPass Premium subscription.

NordPass Premium will help secure your loved one’s accounts and keep their information safe. The convenient auto-fill option means that they will have no need to remember or type in any password again – they’ll only need the Master Password to the NordPass account. It’s secure, convenient, and a fantastic gift to show a loved one that you care about their digital security.

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