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Users are an integral part of NordPass. Your feedback is an essential part of our development process. We reach out and listen, and that’s what makes NordPass great. Today, we are excited to announce a new feature for NordPass Business – the Activity Log. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Activity Log: what is it?

The newly introduced Activity Log sets out to make user and password management simpler and smoother. It’s a single place within the NordPass Business Admin Panel where solution Owners as well as Admins can see a summary of actions performed by the organization’s members. It’s a handy way to have a clear view of what actions have been performed and by whom all at the same time.

The Activity Log is divided into two categories: User Activities and Item Activities. The User Activities section includes, as the name suggests, a detailed list of user-related activities, whether it be a member's role change or enabling guest sharing for the entire organization. This part of the Activity Log also includes timestamps of when the action was performed.

Item Activities will be introduced with the second iteration of the Activity Log and will offer the same information but for any actions performed with items stored in the NordPass Business vault.

Why are activity logs important for your business?

Activity logs are a powerhouse for businesses, especially with log management software at their core. They track user activities systematically, offering transparency, enhancing security, and identifying potential discrepancies.

Log management solutions provide a structured way to store, manage, and analyze these logs, alongside enabling real-time monitoring – crucial for detecting threats and conducting compliance audits. They also deliver valuable insights into system operations and integrity, including:

  • Merged data storage via unified log aggregation.

  • Improved security through real-time surveillance, minimized attack surfaces, enhanced detection, and faster response times.

  • Enhanced visibility of every part of the enterprise through the same event log.

  • Improved troubleshooting abilities using advanced network analytics.

  • Enhanced customer experience via log data, predictive modeling, and data analysis.

These benefits highlight the critical role of log management systems in streamlining operations, bolstering response times, and enhancing cybersecurity.

Yet common challenges, such as latency, data uniformity, volume management, and reducing high IT workloads appear. Overcoming these challenges is achievable through automated, scalable, and flexible log management software, making it an indispensable tool for modern businesses.

How does the Activity Log work?

The Activity Log is a comprehensive feature within the NordPass Business Admin Panel. It allows solution owners and admins to see a summary of actions performed by users within the organization, offering an all-encompassing view of user-related activities. From role changes to enabling guest sharing for the entire organization, these actions, along with their timestamps, are captured. The use of log management tools such as the Activity Log ensures seamless password and user management, delivering an improved user experience.

Updated to provide more extensive insights into user actions, the Activity Log now includes a detailed view of “Item activities.” This new layer of information covers activities related to passwords, secure notes, and personal info.

With this feature, owners can view and manage all item-related activities, such as sharing, deleting, or revoking access to items. Similarly, administrators can get a broader perspective on item handling within the organization. For instance, admins and owners can see who created an item, who it was shared with, who owns the item, or what the item's sharing policy is, all filterable by date.

Introducing the activity log filtering functionality

We're excited to introduce filtering, new functionality for the Activity Log feature. Business owners and admins can now streamline the massive feed of activity logs, filtering them by date and user.

This improved functionality allows for a precise narrowing down of investigative searches, enhancing operational efficiency. The Activity Log's filtering functionality fosters quick identification and resolution of specific incidents, ultimately bolstering your organization's overall cybersecurity posture.

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