New NordPass Business Feature: Activity Log

Users are an integral part of NordPass. Your feedback is an essential part of our development process. We reach out and listen, and that’s what makes NordPass great. Today, we are excited to announce a new feature for NordPass Business – Activity Log. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Activity Log: What Is It?

The newly introduced Activity Log sets out to make user and password management simpler and smoother. It’s a single place within the NordPass Business Admin Panel where solution Owners as well as Admins can see a summary of actions performed by the organization members. It’s a handy way to have a clear view of what actions have been performed and by whom all at the same time.

The Activity Log is divided into two categories: User Activities and Item Activities. The User Activities section includes, as the name suggests, a detailed list of user-related activities, whether it be a member's role change or enabling guest sharing for the entire organization. This part of the Activity Log also includes timestamps of when the action was performed.

Item Activities will be introduced with the second iteration of Activity Log and will offer the same information but for any actions performed with items stored in the NordPass Business vault.

  • Secure your business with NordPass - save the hefty costs of a security breach.

Up Next: Data Breach Scanner

At NordPass, we’re always working on the next big feature that will make your favorite password manager better. Next in line is the Data Breach Scanner, which our personal plan users are already familiar with.

Using the Data Breach Scanner for business will allow solution Admins to scan the entire organization’s domains and check whether any of domain-related emails were compromised or leaked. At NordPass, we feel that this feature will be a way to fortify the overall cybersecurity posture of any organization.

If you are interested in using NordPass at your organization, schedule a demo call with our representative and learn how NordPass can make corporate password management simpler and smoother.

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