What It is Like Being a Front-End Developer at NordPass

Ruth Rawlings
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“Be ready to have fun, meet wonderful people, and learn a lot. We’re growing and think we can get NordPass to be a world-known product which will help everyone have a better and safer internet experience.” – Samantha Ponce, Front-End Developer @ NordPass

Today, one of our front-end developers, Samantha Ponce, joins us for a quick interview and shares her experiences of what it's like being a part of the NordPass team and more.

Could you tell us about your role at NordPass and how long you’ve been working here?

I am a Front-End Engineer for NordPass desktop and extension, and I have been working here for almost four months.

Why did you choose NordPass as your workplace? What made you decide to join?

I was using and loving NordVPN when I received the offer, so I didn’t hesitate to accept it — I wanted to be part of something that was already making my internet experience better.

Could you tell us about your experience working with Angular?

I started working with Angular as soon as I graduated, around 4 years ago. It was easy for me to learn because it’s based on JavaScript, which I already knew. It has a rigid structure, so you know exactly where everything is.

What is your experience working with React?

A year ago, I knew that a lot of companies were using React. I was curious to learn it but didn’t really focus on it. That was until I needed to find a new job — of course, everyone was working in React, so I decided to finally study it as I should. But I didn’t find it that easy because, even though it’s also based on JavaScript, it’s really flexible. You don’t have a structure or order — you can basically do whatever you want. Of course, you have to rely on standards and best practices, and I soon adapted to this way of working.

Which one do you prefer more: Angular or React? Why?

These days, I think I prefer React, because once you get familiar with it, you can take advantage of its flexibility. It’s also more lightweight than Angular. And, of course, it helped me get a role at NordPass.

Have you faced any challenges while working at NordPass?

Yes. I was used to working with a small team on a small project, and I was the only front-end developer. Switching to a big project with a lot of developers was a big change for me. I had to find my way to learning about the product, project, and, of course, the team. Now I’m more comfortable, but I still need to learn more and improve my skills so I could help everyone here take the product to the next level.

In your opinion, what qualities of a developer can be improved while developing a NordPass product?

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What advice would you give to someone considering joining the NordPass team?

Be ready to have fun, meet wonderful people, and learn a lot. We’re growing and think we can get NordPass to be a world-known product which will help everyone have a better and safer internet experience.

To join the NordPass team contact us via our LinkedIn page.

Let’s talk about your hobbies! We heard that you really like cooking and baking. How long have you been doing that?

I started cooking when I moved to Germany, around 3 years ago. I always watched and helped my mom, who cooked and baked a lot, but I rarely did anything myself. So, when I moved here and had to cook for myself, I realized that I really enjoyed it and started recreating my mom’s recipes that I’d learned during all those years I spent helping her.

Could we expect you to cook something for the NordPass team? What would be the easiest thing to cook for the whole team?

Sure! I would need to go to Lithuania first, but it would be nice to share some of my creations with everyone. The easiest food to cook for a lot of people is, of course, tacos. So, be prepared.

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