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Bored Panda: How Managing Hundreds of Accounts Got a Lot Easier

Gerald Kasulis
Head of Business Operations

Nowadays, even a single leaked or otherwise compromised password could be enough to destroy a company’s reputation. That is especially the case when it comes to modern-day media publishers that manage hundreds of publishing accounts on a variety of platforms daily. Password security in today's media industry is exceptionally important. Data breaches aren’t going away any time soon, and companies that wish to thrive in the digital age have to take all the necessary steps to build a secure infrastructure. The first line of defense of such an infrastructure are passwords.

Today, we’re joined by Tauras Steponavičius, IT Project Manager @ Bored Panda, and Justina Palinavičiūtė, Head of Monetization @ Bored Panda, to discuss password security as well as the overall importance of cybersecurity in the media and publishing industry.

Bored Panda: making the internet exciting

If you've ever been bored while exploring the internet, you’ve surely come across content from Bored Panda — a media publisher that posts a variety of inspiring stories, videos, and other engaging content to “kill boredom.” The team at Bored Panda creates content for the entire world. While their main audience is based in English-speaking countries, the company translates their content into 13 different languages.

The team at Bored Panda is international, with quite a few people working remotely from all parts of the globe. Due to the way the company operates, cybersecurity plays a crucial role in the organization.

Cybersecurity: why media publishers should care about it

In any business operating in the digital world, cybersecurity plays a critical role. For Bored Panda and other media outlets and publishers this means ensuring the security of their publishing accounts and other channels of content distribution.

  • Since we are a media outlet, there were numerous times when we were targeted. So, one of our biggest priorities cybersecurity-wise is to protect all of our publishing accounts and channels through which we distribute content. Media outlets being targeted overall is definitely something that is happening. We get at least 5 fake requests per week where someone asks to be given admin rights to our Facebook profiles. We always strive to find and improve security measures to protect our data.

    – Tauras Steponavičius, IT Project Manager @ Bored Panda.

  • Secure your business with NordPass - save the hefty costs of a security breach.

Questionable password sharing habits prior to NordPass

Password security is not an easy endeavor, especially in a business environment where there is no clear strategy of how it should be approached. Therefore, it is not surprising that many businesses, even those on the Fortune 500 list, tend to struggle with password security.

  • Prior to adopting NordPass, everything used to be quite basic. We had excel spreadsheets for various password-related purposes. The only security measure in this scenario was that we’d share the spreadsheet with specific individuals only. Speaking of even worse, though, we also used to send credentials over Slack messages, which we now avoid as best we can.

    – Tauras Steponavičius, IT Project Manager @ Bored Panda.

Why NordPass?

Choosing a password manager for business use is a challenge. No two password managers are created equal, although all of them essentially do the same thing. So, it is up to the company to determine its needs for a business password manager. When Bored Panda had to choose one, ease of use played a crucial role.

  • The reason NordPass stood out is because it is not overcomplicated with numerous features which no one would use and which would make the user experience more difficult. It is more reactive and works faster than the competition. NordPass also matches the cost-effectiveness ratio, but the bottom line is that it was selected because it is easy and convenient to use.

    – Tauras Steponavičius, IT Project Manager @ Bored Panda.

Enter NordPass: making password security simple and effective

NordPass Business is purpose-built to ensure that password management in a business environment is secure and simple. Once Bored Panda adopted NordPass for corporate use, managing hundreds of accounts got a lot easier for everyone in the company.

  • Work life has definitely improved in terms of password management. The team doesn’t need to look through messages or excel spreadsheets to find their passwords anymore. Therefore, this single centralized location for passwords is very helpful. Now everyone has access to login credentials on NordPass. Considering we have nearly 100 YouTube accounts, and there are some people who need access to them all, a password manager saves us hours during the work day. NordPass is an insanely useful tool for such applications.

    – Justina Palinavičiūtė, Head of Monetization @ Bored Panda

What Bored Panda loves about NordPass

It doesn't take long to fall in love with something that makes your life a whole lot easier. We were glad to hear that that was the case with NordPass among the Bored Panda team. Besides the popular autofill and autosave functionalities, the Groups feature and secure item sharing were among the most useful for Bored Panda.

  • The Groups feature, which allows us to create and manage user groups, is one of the most used. It is very convenient when it comes to knowing who has access to certain items within the company. Additionally, NordPass is very user-friendly, which makes it easy to securely share login credentials within the team. Finally, due to its user-friendliness, NordPass is easy for people to adapt as a tool for daily use.

    – Tauras Steponavičius, IT Project Manager @ Bored Panda

For more inspiring success stories about password security and cybersecurity in general, please visit our blog page. And if you are interested in acquiring a password manager for your company, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative and schedule a demo call to learn how NordPass can make password security at your organization simple and effective.

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