Break Free From the Endless Loop of Password Resets

Sometimes, you can fall into a bad loop. It haunts and annoys you, and you can’t escape it. But there’s a simple solution, at least when it comes to the endless loop of password resets. So, let’s start from the top: what is a bad loop?

Bad loops are everywhere

You might have trouble falling asleep in these stressful times. As a result, you drink a lot of coffee during working hours. Night comes, but the coffee is still circling in your system, and you find yourself staring at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep. The next morning you wake up exhausted and gulp down a huge cup of coffee to be able to function.

Voilà — a bad loop.

If you think about it, you may be stuck in a bad loop right now. Whether it’s repeatedly running out of toilet paper, missing your stop on the commute, or eating a lot of junk food after work because you’re just too busy to have lunch, a bad loop is hard to escape.

But there’s one loop that can wreck your online life — the endless loop of password resets.

Why the loop of password resets is extremely dangerous

You can’t keep track of all your passwords. That’s not speculation — nobody can. So, sometimes you forget a password and have to reset it. (Unless you reuse your credentials, which means hackers need to crack a single password to take over all of your accounts. Please do not reuse your passwords).

Resetting your password is awfully stressful and annoying. You can’t remember your password, but you need your account — and you need it now. So, you reset the password, come up with another one on the spot, log in, and forget it immediately.

Next time, you need to reset it again. To save yourself the frustration, you might even use a very weak password and put your online account at a huge risk.

When you do a password reset, you’re not ruled by reason, but by emotion. You just want to end the endless resets.

Here’s how to escape the loop of password resets

Use NordPass. It’s a password manager that generates strong passwords and keeps them in a secure vault. You will never forget your passwords again, because NordPass will remember them for you.

Best of all, NordPass is free!

Password resets are such a common problem that we made them the focus of our newest campaign. Check out our TV commercial here:

Break Free from the Endless Loop of Password Resets | NordPass

How to escape the loop of password resets

Get NordPass and escape the endless loop. It really is that simple.

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