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NordPass Business Feature Update: Activity Log

Kamile Sukackaite
Product Owner

Last year, NordPass Business introduced the Activity Log feature. It provides a bird’s-eye view of user activity in your company from one easy-to-use Admin Panel. Now, our password manager’s Activity Log is getting an upgrade. The updated Activity Log provides even more in-depth information about specific actions, users, and items.

How does Activity Log work?

Activity Log is a feature on the Admin Panel that lets those with Admin and Owner rights see the activities of organization members.

User Activities shows which member performed which action and when. The information includes when they log in, changes to their account, who they invite to join NordPass, their roles, which items they can access, and global policies.

What’s new?

Now, Admins and Owners can enjoy an even wider scope of information about company members’ activities on the app. A new, upgraded version of Activity Log now includes details about Item Activities.

While Admins will be able to enjoy a more broad view on what’s happening with items, for Owners, the Item Activities will provide an in-depth view of all item-related activities for things like passwords, secure notes, and personal info. Owners will also be able to share, delete or revoke access to these items.

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For example, users with Admin and Owner rights will be able to see who created an item, who it was shared with, who owns the item, or what the item’s sharing policy is. And all of this information can be filtered by date.

All this information will provide a clear, easy-to-manage view of what is happening in your organization so you can stay on top of your data security. Get the most out of the Activity Log with this guide.

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