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Introducing Data Breach Scanner to NordPass Business

Benjamin Scott

Data breaches have become chronic. It seems that, every other day, we’re hit with a headline about a massive data leak, while businesses face a variety of cyberattacks on a daily basis. Data is now more valuable than ever, and its protection is essential. So, today, we are thrilled to introduce Data Breach Scanner to NordPass Business.

What is Data Breach Scanner?

The newly introduced Data Breach Scanner for NordPass Business is a security feature designed to help you detect whether any of your company's emails or domains have appeared in a data breach. The feature is there to enable NordPass Business organization owners and admins to act accordingly if their company has been involved in a data breach.

Data Breach Scanner for NordPass Business can be found within the Security Dashboard. The basic view also provides the total number of breaches alongside the number of high- and low-level breaches and a detailed graph of all-time breaches.

The scan results provide all the information you need: the affected email, the risk level, as well as active and other breaches.

  • Secure your business with NordPass - save the hefty costs of a security breach.

How to use Data Breach Scanner

To start using Data Breach Scanner in NordPass Business, you will first need to set it up. It’s pretty simple: all you need to do is add domains related to your company and verify their ownership. Because Data Breach Scanner processes a great deal of information during the scans, we need to ensure that only the owners can initiate such a procedure on certain domains. Please note that domain verification can take up to 72 hours.

Once the domains are added and their ownership is verified, you are all set with Data Breach Scanner. It will take up to 24 hours for scanned data to become available within Security Dashboard.

Data Breach Scanner works by scanning the almighty web for databases containing leaked information and comparing the data within the database with the data stored in your NordPass vault. Members whose email addresses have been compromised due to a data breach can be notified by the organization owner or a solution admin.

If any of your company’s emails or domains have been compromised, it’s recommended to take immediate action and at least change the passwords associated with the breached items. With Data Breach Scanner enabled, you can stay one step ahead of a data breach.

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