Cloudvisor — Mitigating Password Security Risks to Stave Off Cyber Attacks

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
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Cybersecurity is the crucial thing to consider when starting a company. A flop here or there can cause serious damage, so companies look for top-notch tools to avoid such scenarios.

Cloudvisor is one of those organizations that take cybersecurity seriously. We had a quick chat with Ieva Puodziukaite, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Cloudvisor, about corporate security. She told us how the company was able to boost its security infrastructure by deploying NordPass Business for company-wide use.

A trend for the future: a secure business is a successful business

You don't want to be affected by another data leak or a breach when things are going well. These misfortunes shake up the company's activities and reputation. One compromised password could take the entire company out of business.

Security experts note that over the next five years, annual global cybercrime costs are predicted to grow by 15% per year and reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. While businesses suffered a ransomware attack every 11 seconds in 2021, the frequency of such attacks is expected to increase to one every two seconds by 2031. It’s quite clear that any business that looks to succeed and thrive in the future must invest in cybersecurity.

Cloudvisor — paving the path of success for startups

Cloudvisor is a young Lithuanian startup expanding to European and global markets. The company partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help other companies — mostly startups — build infrastructure, and optimize costs on AWS. Such responsibilities require cutting-edge security measures.

Cloudvisor is also a fully remote company, so it's another reason for ensuring the safety of its employees wherever they are. And an essential security measure is using strong passwords — gatekeepers of the system.

Cloudvisor team zoom call

NordPass Business: the natural extension of the company’s growth

Business growth is often ambiguous. On the one hand, it’s great to see your company expand and come closer to achieving what it set out to do. At the same time, that presents a variety of challenges. Security is definitely one of those.

For Cloudvisor, growth meant expansion of the team, which brought the issue of ensuring an efficient way to protect and share passwords among employees. And this is where NordPass entered the picture.

The need to try NordPass came naturally: more people were joining our company, which required a safer way of managing company passwords.

- Ieva Puodziukaite

Cloudvisor's COO

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Efficient password security equals peace of mind at Cloudvisor

Ieva also emphasizes the simplicity of NordPass — the whole setup procedure takes a few minutes.

No tutorials are needed on how to use this tool because the product is rather intuitive. It takes five minutes to install, and you’re ready to go.

- Ieva Puodziukaite

Cloudvisor's COO

Cloudvisor team

Because the company uses dozens of shared passwords, NordPass ensures the safety and smoothness of the sharing process. It generates complex and secure passwords, and you no longer need to use chats or emails to send them to your colleagues.

I’m also glad to see how simple it is to share passwords with others. This is the main feature we use. So when a colleague needs access to a tool, it now takes just a moment to share it and do it safely — not via Slack or other messaging channels.

- Ieva Puodziukaite

Cloudvisor's COO

Cloudvisor also uses NordPass for sharing credit card information quickly and securely.

We also share credit card details via NordPass when there’s a need. Also, the safety element involved brings us peace of mind knowing our data isn’t going to be leaked.

- Ieva Puodziukaite

Cloudvisor's COO

Ieva also notes that the tool increases safety when parting with an employee.

When someone leaves the company, you rest assured your passwords will not get leaked. The administrator can change the password and easily share the new one with others. Also, it saves time – we no longer need to dig through our files to find passwords.

- Ieva Puodziukaite

Cloudvisor's COO

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