Introducing ConnectWise PSA™ integration

Ruta Tamosaityte
Content Writer
Integration with ConnectWise

We are excited to announce that NordPass can now integrate with ConnectWise PSA™, making it easier for managed service providers (MSPs) to automatically create client organizations and retrieve their usage data. ConnectWise PSA™ has evaluated and confirmed this integration, demonstrating NordPass’s adherence to the highest security standards according to their internal quality process.

From now on, MSPs can automatically import their customer base from ConnectWise PSA™ to NordPass and directly get their customers’ usage data from our password manager to the ConnectWise PSA™ system. That means no more pesky manual work – associated with creating organizations and invoicing them – time saved and human errors avoided.

ConnectWise PSA

ConnectWise PSA™, a professional services automation software

Professional services automation (PSA) software is excellent for MSPs as it allows them to manage and have all data about their customer organizations in one place. For example, MSPs can use such software to manage their client information, administrate orders, answer support tickets, and generate client invoices in a more efficient and streamlined manner. 

ConnectWise PSA™ is a powerful tool that offers professional service automation software. It covers everything from reporting, billing automation, service desk, and time tracking services, making MSP life significantly easier.

What MSPs will benefit from this integration?

Once NordPass is integrated with ConnectWise PSA™, MSPs will be able to:

  1. Effortlessly import customer organizations. MSPs can automatically import their current organizations from ConnectWise PSA™ into NordPass. Importing organizations is a one-time process, eliminating the need for manual data transfers.

  2. Map customer organizations. Existing MSP customer organizations in NordPass can be mapped in ConnectWise PSA™, ensuring seamless integration and automatic transfer of their usage data to ConnectWise. 

  3. Forget a pesky manual invoice data transfer. NordPass will send each imported organization's daily and monthly usage data from the NordPass MSP Admin Panel directly to ConnectWise PSA™ via APIs. 

Bottom line

Activating the integration is easy and can be done through the NordPass MSP Admin Panel. You can find in-depth guidelines on how to do that here.

connectwise import

NordPass is always working on innovation, so keep an eye out for more benefits to come.

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