NordPass Desktop App: Release Notes

Some write songs, some dedicate sonnets, some built monuments. We create release notes to honor each update of NordPass app for Windows, macOS and Linux. A single click of that magical “Update” button unlocks the newer, faster, better-performing world of stress-free password management.

NordPass 2.9 (latest)

Faster than light.





We've spent hours trying to find the right word to describe the improved speed of opening your passwords (and other items) in the vault, but none of them was good enough. They say that action speaks a thousand words, so enjoy viewing your items at full speed.

NordPass 2.8

Passwords are more human-natured than you could possibly think. They need a safe and cozy place to stay. Most of them eat well (cheat days included ;) ) and constantly work out to become faster and stronger. However, sometimes they also may feel weak and unwell, so regular health check-ups are crucial. Luckily, we've found an easy way to maintain their well-being - set up a password health checker in the app. Take a chance to make your precious passwords happier (and accounts safer) without leaving the house.

Stay safe, everyone!

NordPass 2.7

The idea of throwing this party came out of thin air. Why not, we thought - work hard, party harder, right?

So we've ordered lots of food and drinks (everyone was curious seeing what new employees look like when they're drunk), brought in a magical photo booth (making selfies was too mainstream), and prized trivia (to avoid awkward silences), and live music by our beloved DJ “Vibe Manager”.

Time flew, the party's got in full swing (no one seemed to be running out of things to talk about - phew). Even NordVPN and NordLocker stopped by. After a not-work-related heated discussion about data privacy and online security, they promised to join our “Tools” department. Like, forever.

Autofill department surprised everyone with funky moves - those icons felt like dancin' till the break of dawn. It was fun until the 'fun' went out of control - and out of login fields. Luckily, after taking a chill pill, everything's got back in order.

By the way, some unwanted URL spaces were trying to crash both the party and the app. That's kind of rude, so we've asked them to leave.

We've finished with a small team-building session with cleaning the office - it's now nice and clean - and so is the app (we hope so).

That's it - peace out!

NordPass 2.6

Our engineers are all about perfection. They literally were calculating coordinates for pixel-perfect autofill icons placement. However, some “wind of change” has happened, and those icons ended up finding their home OUTSIDE the login fields. Sorry for that - this unforgivable mistake was fixed.

Also, some sneaky, crawly, totally gross bugs were caught and removed. The app is much better without them - enjoy!

NordPass 2.5

This release contains some behind-the-scenes magic, usual tinkering-under-the-hood and minor design tweaks. By hitting the “Update” button, you will get one step closer to top-notch password-managing experience. Stay well!

NordPass 2.4

They say - small changes make a big difference. Behold - the update with a bunch of app upgrades is here. Let's see what we've got here:

  • VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is prettiest of them all? Well, our designer's brush made some magic tweaks, so the answer is clear now - it's those tiny cute little app icons. Lookin' good!

  • APP LOADING FASTER. Need for speed? You're welcome! Fasten your seatbelt and put the pedal to the metal - the project “Make the app faster” was completed successfully.

  • BUG FIXES. Dear sneaky bugs, thanks for visiting, farewell, let's never meet again.

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