NordPass Desktop App: Release Notes

Monica Webster
desktop app release notes

NordPass 5.15 (latest)

  • Item Sharing: We’ve revamped our sharing permissions so that you can now enjoy more control over the access a friend, family member or colleague has to an item. More permission options + more flexibility = more peace of mind. Check out the changes in your vault today!

  • Import: You can now easily transfer data from KeePass into NordPass via an XML file.

NordPass 5.14

Looking to import data into NordPass from another password manager? Good news we now support more file formats such as JSON, ZIP, and 1PUX.

NordPass 5.13

Introducing the latest NordPass updates:

  • New Feature: Instant Login: Logging into accounts just got even easier. Gone are the days of manually tapping the NordPass icon to fill in your passwords. With this update, NordPass automatically detects when you're on a login page and offers to fill in your credentials for you. We hope you'll enjoy the seamless login experience, but if you prefer the traditional method, fear not–you can disable this feature in Settings.

  • Email Masking Update: Forgot why you set up email masks? No worries! Now, you can easily identify which of your accounts are safeguarded by email masks with a quick glance.

NordPass 5.12

We’re kicking off 2024 with a few game-changing updates:

  • Email Masking: Say hello to our brand new Premium tool — Email Masking! With this tool, you can protect your real email address from spam and online threats by creating unique email masks every time a website asks for your details. With full control over email forwarding included as well, this tool really puts you in the driving seat.

  • Data Breach Scanner: We’ve enhanced this all-important tool so that you can now get real-time alerts if your credit card appears in a breach. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel too!

  • Import: We’ve tweaked our import settings so that you can now easily move all of your Proton Pass items over to NordPass.

NordPass 5.11

“Spreek je Nederlands?” Because we now do! That’s right, you can now use the NordPass extension and desktop app in Dutch — simply head over to Settings to adjust your preferred language. 

NordPass 5.10

We’ve waved bye-bye to some pesky bugs and have also spruced up the place a touch. Stay tuned for some big news that’s just around the corner!

NordPass 5.9

Hold on to your seat — we’ve got some very exciting news to announce:

  • Browser Extension: You now have the option to use a new standalone NordPass browser extension that doesn’t require our desktop app! That’s right, you can now enjoy a fast, fully browser-based NordPass experience on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more.

  • Autofill: You asked, we’ve listened. You can now tweak your app settings to enjoy a better autofill experience on websites with a subdomain.

  • Password Health: When logging in to a website, you’ll now be prompted if your password is weak or reused so that you can quickly act to reduce the risk of your data falling into the wrong hands. 

NordPass 5.8

Gather round, folks — we’ve got some exciting updates to share:

  • Data hosting: Organizations using NordPass Business or Enterprise can now choose to store company data in the European Union.

  • Autofill: You can now instantly search for a specific item to autofill on a webpage if it’s not automatically suggested for you.

  • Custom fields: You can now personalize your NordPass experience by adding custom fields to all item types. From passport numbers and bank details to dates of birth, you’re free to securely store exactly what you need.

NordPass 5.7

Here are just a couple of highlights from our latest release:

  • Autofill: As some websites (e.g. and require you to use the same login credentials, you can now add multiple web addresses to a single NordPass password item for a smoother autofill experience. Faster account access and a tidier vault sounds good to us.

  • Passkeys: Already using biometrics to unlock your NordPass vault? Good news you can now also use your face or fingerprint to verify your identity when using a passkey.

NordPass 5.6

We’ve given our passkey prompts a fresh coat of paint and have also now built them directly into the web browser experience, meaning no more jumping back and forth between our desktop app. Enjoy!

NordPass 5.5

With NordPass Enterprise, you can now instantly share a shared folder with a group! That’s right, instead of having to add teammates one by one to a shared folder, you can now share the folder with a large group of people in one go. Happy updating!

NordPass 5.4

Here's what's new in the latest NordPass release:

  • NordPass Business: Users can now move items with two-factor codes to shared folders. If a member has set up NordPass as an authenticator, they will be able to access the item's two-factor code immediately.

  • Bug fixes: We've also fixed a few bugs and improved our app's performance.

NordPass 5.3

As some web services now require an additional identity check to use a passkey, we’ve added a new authentication step to our passkey creation and login flows so that you can continue using passkeys to securely access your accounts.

NordPass 5.2

You asked, we’ve listened – our latest release is inspired by your valuable feedback:

  • Passkeys: You can now better control how often you see certain NordPass passkey prompts on websites. We’ve also introduced a new button in a couple of our passkey flows so that you can more easily switch to using another passkey solution instead of NordPass.

  • Autofill: You now have the power to change the autofill behavior of website form fields so that you’re suggested exactly the right information you’re looking for. For example, if you’re suggested credit card details on a login page, you can adjust the autofill logic so that you’re correctly suggested a password item in future.

  • File attachments: You can now save time by viewing attached .jpg and .png image files directly in the app, meaning there’s no longer a need to first download them.

Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts with us. If anything else crosses your mind, you can always find us at  [email protected].

NordPass 5.1

No major updates this time, just a new and improved app release with some under-the-hood performance upgrades – enjoy!

NordPass 5.0

Introducing… file attachments!

That’s right, with NordPass Premium you can now conveniently attach documents and images to any item so that you’ve got access to all-important info when you need it most. Contracts, copies of your IDs, cat photos – you name it, you can securely store it. We hope you enjoy this highly requested feature!

NordPass 4.38

Remember when we said we had some big news to announce soon? Well, here it is… say hello to a new item category: passkeys!

Passkeys are unique, end-to-end encrypted login credentials that are stronger and more convenient to use than passwords.

You can now use NordPass to create passkeys on supported websites. NordPass will also securely store your passkeys so you can use them to instantly log in to your accounts online.

Passwordless authentication: unlocked. Enjoy!

NordPass 4.37

We’ve waved bye-bye to some pesky bugs and have also spruced up the place a touch – enjoy!

NordPass 4.36

We’re starting off 2023 on the right foot with a release that’s faster and more reliable. Stay tuned for some bigger announcements!

NordPass 4.35

No major updates this time, just a new and improved app release with some under-the-hood performance upgrades – enjoy!

NordPass 4.34

We’re happy to present you with a new release. Here’s what we’ve got this time:

  • DESIGN CHANGES TO ITEMS. We updated how your item details are displayed. Hope you’ll like it.

NordPass 4.33

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we have mainly focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 4.32

This time we’ve waved bye-bye to some pesky bugs and have also spruced up the place a touch – enjoy.

NordPass 4.31

We’re happy to present you with a new release. Here’s what we’ve got this time:

  • AUTOFILL DISABLEMENT ON WEBSITES. You can now disable autofill on any page that you don’t want to fill your details. It won’t reset when you refresh the page but you can turn it back on at any time.


NordPass 4.30

Here’s what you’ll see in the new NordPass release:

  • ONBOARDING UPDATE. New users will be greeted by a refreshed onboarding experience that will help them familiarize themselves with NordPass.

NordPass 4.29

No major updates this time, just a new and improved app release with some under-the-hood performance upgrades – enjoy!

NordPass 4.28

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we have mainly focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 4.27

This time we’ve waved bye-bye to some pesky bugs and have also spruced up the place a touch – enjoy!

NordPass 4.26

No big announcements from us this time. However, we hope you’ll still enjoy an updated NordPass version with fewer bugs and better autofill.

recovery code

NordPass 4.25

Our bug busters have been working hard since the last time you heard from us. That’s why today we can proudly present another NordPass release with even fewer bugs. We hope you’ll like it.

NordPass 4.24

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we have mainly focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 4.23

We’re happy to present you with a new NordPass release. Here’s what we’ve got this time:

  • UPDATED PASSWORD INFO. Now you’ll get more guidance on making your passwords more secure. Open any of your passwords, and you’ll see whether it’s been reused on other accounts or it’s too old and needs changing.

  • BUG FIXES. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore, we continuously aim to catch pesky bugs and provide you with the best password management experience.

NordPass 4.22

Here’s what you’ll see in the new NordPass release:

  • SWITCH ACCOUNT. A long-awaited feature is here! If you have a few NordPass accounts, like personal and business, switching between them will now be a breeze. Just click on your profile account and look for a “Switch Account” button.

  • LITHUANIAN LANGUAGE. For our Lithuanian friends out there, you can now use NordPass in your mother tongue. Simply head to Settings to change the language.


NordPass 4.21

Our bug busters have been working hard since the last time you heard from us. That’s why today we can proudly present another NordPass release with even fewer bugs. We hope you’ll like it.

NordPass 4.20

We’re happy to present you with a new NordPass release. Here’s what we’ve got this week:

  • CARD PIN. From now on, you can also add your PIN when saving card details. Don’t worry; it won’t be autofilled. It’s for your reference only.

  • DELETE CLIPBOARD SETTING. When you copy your password or other item data, it’s normally saved in the clipboard. To avoid pasting it somewhere you didn’t intend; you can now choose the clipboard to clear after a set time.


NordPass 4.19

It’s international women’s day! So we want to take this opportunity and say thank you to all the beautiful women who tirelessly work at NordPass. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

P.S. We mainly focused on fixing bugs this time, so we hope you like a better running app.

NordPass 4.18

Here’s what you’ll see in the new NordPass release:

  • SUBDOMAIN SORTING IMPROVEMENTS. From now on, if you have multiple items saved for one domain, the account with the matching subdomain will be shown first.


NordPass 4.17

Did you know that January has a Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year? The good news is it's over. But if you're still feeling a little bit blue, here's a few things we've updated to hopefully cheer you up.

  • Safari import. You can now import passwords saved in Safari straight to NordPass.

  • Data Breach Report update. If your password appears in a Data Breach report and you update it on the website, select “Resolve” and the same details won’t appear next time you run the report.

  • Bug fixes. Caught many annoying bugs that hinder your experience.

Some write songs, some dedicate sonnets, some built monuments. We create release notes to honor each update of NordPass app for Windows, macOS and Linux. A single click of that magical “Update” button unlocks the newer, faster, better-performing world of stress-free password management.

NordPass 4.16

As Christmas is over, it’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions. But why wait? We want to become a better, smoother-running, and more user-friendly app now. We have strived for perfection since NordPass was launched, and this week is no exception. So we present you a new NordPass version with fewer bugs and more Autofill fixes.

NordPass 4.15

A good beginning makes a good ending, so why not start a week with a new NordPass release? Here’s what we’ve got this week:

  • BREACH SCANNER UPDATE. If your password was leaked in a data breach and you’ve reused it on other accounts, a new ‘Accounts at risk` tab will appear. There you’ll see a list of accounts that may be vulnerable. Don’t wait for a second and change their passwords to prevent cyber attacks.

  • AUTOFILL UPDATE. We’ve fixed a ton of autofill bugs so you’d have a smoother autofill experience on even more websites.

NordPass 4.14

We know that sometimes life throws challenges right at you. At those times, the last thing you want to think about is how and where to access your passwords.

That’s why from now on, you can give emergency access to your passwords and other items. Choose a person you really trust and invite them to be your emergency contact. Once they accept it, you can give them access immediately or wait for 7 days to be given automatically. Note: You can only give emergency access to another NordPass user with a Personal or Family plan.

NordPass 4.13

Trick or treat? Who are we kidding? It’s always just treated here at NordPass. So here’s our Halloween treat to you - a brand new NordPass release. Don’t worry, nothing to be scared of—just a smoother running version of your password manager.

NordPass 4.12

Tired of too many emails and banners? We get you, and we want to improve our communication with you. That’s why from now on, a lot of important information will appear as in-app notifications. So if you open the app and see a red dot next to a bell icon, just know that it’s something important from us to you.

P.S. We also solved a number of bugs.

NordPass 4.11

Getting your data stolen isn’t nice. But if that happens to you, it’s important to identify the stolen information and act quickly. That’s why with this release, Data Breach Scanner has gone even better. How?

If your data has ever appeared in any breach, you can now use the Breach Scanner to identify not just what type of data was leaked, but also see it in plain text. This includes passwords, your address, social security number, birth date, and other data types.

In addition to all this, we are continually working to improve one of our core features - Autofill. So expect to see more websites working flawlessly with NordPass.

NordPass 4.10

Can’t find tools to improve your password security? We got you. You’ll find security tools such as Password Generator, Data Breach Scanner, and Password Health in the sidebar from this release. More accessible to access and easier to use.

We also solved some pesky bugs to make your NordPass experience more enjoyable.

NordPass 4.9

What do you have in the box this time NordPass? Well, let me see…

  • Title and website address suggestion. That’s right, now when creating a new item, you only need to enter a few letters in the Title or Website address fields, and NordPass will suggest filling it with one of the thousand popular websites.

  • Spanish and Italian languages are now available on the NordPass extension.

  • Bug fixes, bug fixes, and more bug fixes.

NordPass 4.8

It’s August my friend. And you know what August is good for? Learning new languages.

Hablas español? Parli italiano? If you do, lucky you. Because you can now use NordPass in Spanish and Italian. Enjoy!

NordPass 4.7

Did you know that no one else has the same fingerprint as you? That’s why it’s the most unique password you can have. Dedicated Mac users, this release is for you. Yes, you can now sign in to your NordPass app with a fingerprint. Feeling like James Bond yet? We are!

P.S. We also solved a ton of pesky bugs to make your experience smoother than ever.

NordPass 4.6

Dear bugs, it's time. Time to say goodbye. It won't be the same without you. It will be better. The password managing experience will be much greater now.

NordPass 4.5

It’s officially summer, NordPass people! (Or winter, if you live in the southern hemisphere.) Wherever you are, we hope it’s sunny so that you can enjoy the brand new release. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • MULTIPLE ITEM SHARING. Sharing is caring, right? Well, now you can select multiple items and share them all at once. Easy peasy. Just always make sure you trust the people you share your credentials with.

  • PASSWORD GENERATOR HISTORY. You know that moment when you create a super-strong password with the NordPass Generator and forget to save it? Yeah, we’ve been there too. That’s why you’ll now see a little clock icon in your Generator where you can check your previously generated passwords.

  • BUG FIXES. And, of course, we won’t release a new NordPass version without getting rid of as many bugs as possible.

NordPass 4.4

“Speed” was the main keyword at NordPass this week. So what to expect in this release?

  • Updated designs so you could find your passwords or any other items at the speed of light.

  • Tons of bug fixes and maintenance work so that your app would work faster than ever and would be as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.

NordPass 4.3

Don’t worry if you missed the chance to get NordPass Premium for less. The Summer Kick-Off Sale is here! Use this offer to get access to all the amazing Premium features.

Also, we have a little something for our Business users. From now on, all members who are added or removed from groups will be notified by email.

NordPass 4.2.18

Hello, world! We've prepared a nice little juicy pack of updates - just for you. Please give a warm welcome to:

  • Double EXTENSION-upgrade: from now on, not only it speaks German fluently but also is available in Dark Mode. Ready to give some rest for those sore eyes?

  • A new ge-ne-ra-tion for stronger passwords! Check out the PASSWORD GENERATOR to enjoy shiny new looks and (finally!) PASS-PHRASES for nice-and-strong-memorable-passwords.

NordPass 4.1

We are working hard on bringing Dark Mode to the NordPass extension. In the meantime, we are also doing some good old maintenance work. So expect to see some design changes in the browser extension and forget the existence of annoying bugs.

NordPass 4.0

Today is the day! You know what we are talking about. You asked for it; we delivered it. And oh boy, how good it looks! You’ll believe it once you see it.

OK, we recommend sitting down for this one. Then open your NordPass app, update it to the newest version and enjoy the shiny new DARK MODE.

And if that doesn’t impress you, well, then we have more news. You can now use NordPass in German. Whether it’s your mother tongue or just want to polish your German skills, you can now change your language preference in Settings.

NordPass 3.31

This time we’ve got many design changes to make your life easier. So let’s get to it. Here’s what you’ll see in this release.

  • TOAST MESSAGES UPDATE. Some of the success messages, such as when you import items or update your app, were outdated, so we made them easier to understand.

  • MULTISELECT REWORK. We noticed that the sorting option was missing when multiple items were selected. We introduced this option and changed long-winded buttons to visually pleasing icons.

  • BROWSER EXTENSION UPDATE. You can now access Tools from the NordPass extension, including the Password Health and the Data Breach Scanner.

NordPass 3.30

Are you ready to switch off the lights? Because Dark Mode is coming very very soon. We are working hard to make sure everything looks perfect for the release. A few more things, and we are done. Keep your eyes peeled.

In other news, we fixed some annoying bugs we found in Groups and took care of other bugs.

iconless styling

NordPass 3.29

Sometimes what we do is either too difficult to explain or too difficult to see. Yes, you guessed it. This week we put all our effort into finding and getting rid of bugs. We hope we’ll have something more exciting for you next week.

NordPass 2.34

NordPass has gone through some serious spring cleaning with this release. Why do we say so? Here’s what we did:

  • B2B GROUPS BUG FIXES. It’s new, fresh, and now with fewer bugs.

  • APP BUG FIXES. We’ll never give up on perfecting NordPass.

  • EXTENSION DESIGN REWORK. So much better looking now! You have to see it to believe it.

And something exciting is coming up very soon. So stay tuned. ;)

NordPass 2.33

This time, we’ve got good news for Business users. Let us introduce GROUPS. Admins and Owners can now assign members to groups and share passwords with a number of people instantly. Think, your finance department sharing login details every accountant needs to access.

Anything else? Of course, we got rid of more nasty bugs.

NordPass 2.32

Happy April Fool’s! Stay vigilant, and don’t get tricked by any hackers. Keep your passwords safe with an updated NordPass app. Here’s what we’ve got this time:

  • CHANGES TO MASTER PASSWORD CREATION. Now it’s easier to understand what that mysterious Master Password is and how it is different from your Nord Account password. BUG FIXES as usual.

NordPass 2.31

It’s spring! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and NordPass is releasing another update. In this release, you’ll find: KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS. You can now use CTRL + F to search your items and CTRL + L to lock your app instantly. BUG FIXES. No bugs allowed here.

keyboard shortcuts

NordPass 2.30

NordPass bug hunters strike again. Yes, you guessed it. We got rid of more pesky bugs so you could enjoy an even smoother experience with NordPass. That’s it for now!

NordPass 2.29

“Could NordPass be any better?” asks our team every single week. And the answer never changes. YES, it can!

But it's not always about new features and crazy advancements. Sometimes it's all about perfecting those nitty-gritty details. So this week, we say another goodbye to a bunch of bugs. Bye, we won't miss you.

NordPass 2.28

Another week, another release of a better, faster, and more secure NordPass app. And for this we say a BIG thank you to our bug hunters (aka developers). You guys rock.

NordPass 2.27

If NordPass was a dog, what would he say to a flea?

  • Stop bugging me.

The good news NordPass doesn’t need to endure nasty bugs. Bye-bye, bugs. We don’t wanna see you no more.

NordPass 2.26

Ready, set, new release! What can you expect to see in the new and shiny NordPass 2.26?

EXTENSION REWORK. Updated, upgraded, and overall better-looking browser extension. But what did we actually do? Well, we just made it even more similar to your desktop app, meaning more functional and easier to use. Voila!

BUG FIXES. Can you tell we don’t like insects? No bugs are allowed in our app. Yuck.

NordPass 2.25

It's a very special day today. We thought about it over and over again. We were constantly considering, overthinking, and having sleepless nights about it. We even visited a fortune teller to ask if you'll like it, or not. Yet still, our developers were nervously (but carefully!) coding that code.

And here it comes. A sincere love letter. In PDF format. Containing your Recovery Code. Save it, delete it, save it again, print it - do whatever you want, but please, keep it safe. And don’t show to anyone else! It was created from the bottom of our hearts to express how much we LOVE YOU.

Take care!

And don't forget to update the app to get those extra bug fixes.

NordPass 2.24

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a password manager named NordPass lived. His goal was to become the best password manager that there ever was. And he did it one release at a time.

He proudly presents his latest achievements:

  • AUTOSAVE AND PASSWORD EDIT UPDATES. Now it will be easier to understand when NordPass is prompting to update an old password or when it is offering to save a new one automatically.

  • HELP SECTION ADDED TO SETTINGS. If you need help using NordPass, head to Settings to be directed to the Help Center.

  • COPY CHANGES. Salvador Dali might have said not to fear perfection as we’ll never reach it, but we’ll still give it a good go.

  • BUG FIXES. No need to call the pest control officer; we got it fixed.

NordPass 2.23

AbraCadabra boom! No, it’s not magic. It’s just your passwords and personal information filling in quicker and smoother than ever before. Bye-bye, annoying bugs who tried to stop you. What else can you expect in this release?

  • ONLINE/OFFLINE INDICATOR appears in the NordPass extension.

  • COPY CHANGES to make the app easier to navigate.


NordPass 2.22

New Year, new NordPass release. Here’s what you’ll see in the latest version:

  • EASIER LOG IN WITH NORD ACCOUNT. We tweaked the steps you take logging in to NordPass for a smoother experience.

  • BUG FIXES, because no one likes bugs.

  • RECOVERY CODE PDF. You will now be able to download your Recovery Code in PDF. Keep it somewhere safe. ;)

recovery code

NordPass 2.21

Yeah, Christmas will be different this year. But we’ve still got something to spread a little cheer.

In this release, you will see:

  • ICONLESS ITEMS STYLING. Your passwords that don’t have dedicated icons will light up in a variety of colors.

  • BUG FIXES. Well, it cannot be called a release without bug fixes, right?

iconless styling

NordPass 2.20

“You guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more?” – Kevin, Home Alone, 1990

That’s the NordPass spirit, Kevin! We’ve got more:

  • Design changes. Yes, the sky's the limit for our designers, sorry.

  • Password Generator update. Did we mention that it’s important to have long and unique passwords?

  • Browser extension update. Easier to understand, prettier to look at.

desktop instagram

NordPass 2.19

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree

Don’t want NordPass for my own
More than you could ever know
Making this wish come true
Giving a bug-free NordPass for you

P.S. Thanks Mariah Carey for inspiration.

NordPass 2.18

NordPass has turned 1 year old this week. Just on time for Thanksgiving, can you believe it? And we can honestly say this year we are the most grateful for YOU, our dear NordPass user. You, who believed in us and drove us to release one update after another.

So here’s one more. Full of even more design edits, bug fixes, and love:

  • LOGINS TURN TO PASSWORDS. Now all across the app, you’ll see the term “Password” instead of “Login” because it’s just easier to understand.

  • CHOOSE FOLDER WHEN AUTOSAVING to organize your passwords there and then.

  • RENEWED IMPORT. Importing passwords in bulk is now easier than ever.

  • MINOR DESIGN CHANGES because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good-looking app.

  • NORD ACCOUNT DEEPLINK FIXES. No more accidental logouts when you use NordVPN and change your IP.

NordPass 2.17

Xmas is in less than 35 days. You’re welcome.

In other news, our designers, developers, and copywriters are presenting you with another brand new update. This time we fixed the annoying-forever-loading spinner, made minor changes to the way you see your items’ details, and updated the copy to make your app even more easier to navigate. Until next time ;)

NordPass 2.16

We know you have better things to do (like keep up with the news on the current presidential election. Yikes, so intense!). So we thought, ‘who are we to bombard you with more messages?’. Poof! Your login and logout messages are gone.

To make your day a little bit brighter, we also made some improvements to your items layout. And we can describe it with just one word - SLEEK. You’ll believe it when you see it ;)

And NordPass update wouldn’t be an update without bug fixes. We did the dirty work and crushed them once again.

NordPass 2.15

Trick or treat? Treat, always. We might be a few days late to any online Halloween party, but, to make up for it, we are bringing new treats to your desktop app:

  • ADD ITEM IN FOLDER. You can now add items straight from your folders. Easy, breazy, and all your items are organized.

  • ITEM DETAILS FIXES. “There is no limit to perfection!” screams the NordPass design team. Your items will now look more beautiful than ever.

  • OTHER LITTLE BUG FIXES. Little bugs and spiders might fit the Halloween theme, but they don’t look good in your NordPass app. We got rid of them to make your experience smoother and safer.

NordPass 2.14

Providing high-quality password-managing experience, routine maintenance and working under-the-hood is just as essential as releasing a new shiny feature. So nothing grand this time — just the usual bug-fixing and design-improving business. We're packing and sending best wishes along with app improvements your way!

NordPass 2.13

  • BUG FIXES. Sometimes you couldn't scroll down to the end of your passwords list. You simply couldn't. The good news is that we did some magic tricks, so now you can.

  • BUG FIXES. We've also changed the font style, the button style, and the spacing style in the context menu of your passwords list (not exactly a bug, but we wanted to keep the release notes in style).

  • BUG FIXES for everyone.

  • BUG FIXES. Sometimes you couldn't scroll down to the end of your passwords list. You simply couldn't. The good news is that we did some magic tricks, so now you can.

NordPass 2.12

When life gives you Monday, we release the app update. Let's see what we've got:

  • IN-APP NOTIFICATIONS sometimes were over-competitive and tried to overlap each other. Someone smart once said that the best way to kill competition is to partner it. So after some inspiring conversations about team spirit, the attitude was fixed - all notifications now act super friendly.

  • DESIGN BUG FIXES. Yes, sometimes bugs may look stylish. Even pretty. They are still bugs - and they are out now.

  • PASSWORD HEALTH IMPROVEMENTS. The development department was very excited about changing something with the algorithm. All I know is that the health of your passwords will be calculated even more accurately. I only write release notes - please don't judge me. And have a nice day!

NordPass 2.11

Hey there! How are you? Ready for the update? Let's go:

  • BREACH REPORT. This one feels like a lottery. By clicking a 'Scan' button, you can find out if any of your accounts were ever caught in data breaches. However, it probably is the first lottery where it's better not to 'win' anything.

  • DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS. They see you scrollin', they hatin', - because scrolling with that new scroll bar has never felt so good. Just give it a go.

NordPass 2.1

Another week - another update. Let's roll!

  • DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS. Yes, we did it again. We've played with UI, got lost in perfecting the details. Oh, baby baby. Yes, the item lists now look neat, the font is sent from above. It all looks perfect now!

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS. Let's be honest - after entering your Master Password to unlock the vault, the app window was getting overexcited and moved all over the place. Not that it was a bad thing - but those moves really weren't good. So, we've sent the app to some dancing classes. The result - the app learned some solid, stylish but still moves - more like JLo style.

NordPass 2.9

Faster than light.

We've spent hours trying to find the right word to describe the improved speed of opening your passwords (and other items) in the vault, but none of them was good enough. They say that action speaks a thousand words, so enjoy viewing your items at full speed.

NordPass 2.8

Passwords are more human-natured than you could possibly think. They need a safe and cozy place to stay. Most of them eat well (cheat days included ;) ) and constantly work out to become faster and stronger. However, sometimes they also may feel weak and unwell, so regular health check-ups are crucial. Luckily, we've found an easy way to maintain their well-being - set up a password health checker in the app. Take a chance to make your precious passwords happier (and accounts safer) without leaving the house.

Stay safe, everyone!

NordPass 2.7

The idea of throwing this party came out of thin air. Why not, we thought - work hard, party harder, right?

So we've ordered lots of food and drinks (everyone was curious seeing what new employees look like when they're drunk), brought in a magical photo booth (making selfies was too mainstream), and prized trivia (to avoid awkward silences), and live music by our beloved DJ “Vibe Manager”.

Time flew, the party's got in full swing (no one seemed to be running out of things to talk about - phew). Even NordVPN and NordLocker stopped by. After a not-work-related heated discussion about data privacy and online security, they promised to join our “Tools” department. Like, forever.

Autofill department surprised everyone with funky moves - those icons felt like dancin' till the break of dawn. It was fun until the 'fun' went out of control - and out of login fields. Luckily, after taking a chill pill, everything's got back in order.

By the way, some unwanted URL spaces were trying to crash both the party and the app. That's kind of rude, so we've asked them to leave.

We've finished with a small team-building session with cleaning the office - it's now nice and clean - and so is the app (we hope so).

That's it - peace out!

NordPass 2.6

Our engineers are all about perfection. They literally were calculating coordinates for pixel-perfect autofill icons placement. However, some “wind of change” has happened, and those icons ended up finding their home OUTSIDE the login fields. Sorry for that - this unforgivable mistake was fixed.

Also, some sneaky, crawly, totally gross bugs were caught and removed. The app is much better without them - enjoy!

NordPass 2.5

This release contains some behind-the-scenes magic, usual tinkering-under-the-hood and minor design tweaks. By hitting the “Update” button, you will get one step closer to top-notch password-managing experience. Stay well!

NordPass 2.4

They say - small changes make a big difference. Behold - the update with a bunch of app upgrades is here. Let's see what we've got here:

  • VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is prettiest of them all? Well, our designer's brush made some magic tweaks, so the answer is clear now - it's those tiny cute little app icons. Lookin' good!

  • APP LOADING FASTER. Need for speed? You're welcome! Fasten your seatbelt and put the pedal to the metal - the project “Make the app faster” was completed successfully.

  • BUG FIXES. Dear sneaky bugs, thanks for visiting, farewell, let's never meet again.

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