Ignas Butėnas: Navigating the NordPass Direction & Strategy

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
head of development Ignas Butenas

Ignas Butėnas is the head of development here at NordPass. When it comes to developing a strategy for the team, he's the one. He also ensures that the team meets its goals and provides the best possible service to our users. Today you get to meet him as we sit down for a quick conversation about what it's like to be the head of development at NordPass. Let's jump in.

Let us know a little bit about you. What’s your role at NordPass?

I am Ignas, and I would call myself a solution enabler. I like to get the team involved in problem-solving and have them own those problems themselves. Then my job is to help as much as I can and clear the blocks that could prevent us from reaching our goals.

As the head of development at NordPass, I am responsible for the product's technical direction and strategy. These responsibilities include architecture, security, privacy, solution design, processes, development practices, and efficiency. My primary responsibility is to translate the NordPass vision, mission, and product requirements into engineering actions and efforts.

When and how did you join?

I joined a year ago. At that time, I was looking for new challenges and wanted to pivot my career from software engineering to engineering leadership. I got in touch with NordPass and had great conversations with NordPass’ CEO, Jonas. NordPass seemed like a great product. I also believed in its mission and vision.

Moreover, ambitious plans sounded like a pile of exciting challenges. Luckily, NordPass believed in me too. And here we are, pushing the product forward together.

What is the NordPass mission and why is it important to you?

Our mission is to develop affordable digital security tools with a passion for detail: simpler, nicer, faster, and safe. It's not just a line of text in our documentation. It is what our users care about and the logic we follow each day. Understanding and internalizing the mission is what drives me, and that's why it's important to me.

- Ignas Butėnas

What separates NordPass from other products and organizations?

Huge ambitions, motivation, and the general growth mindset drive the team and make it stand out from other organizations that I’ve been a part of. We are also results oriented and like to make decisions fast.

What is your main focus for NordPass at the moment?

We are growing fast, and we do not have plans to stop. Naturally, growth is one of the main things that I focus on. However, growing without a strong foundation is not easy and can even be dangerous. I devote my attention to the product’s core functionality, quality, team structure and efficiency, processes, and priorities.

What are the main details you focus on when hiring a candidate?

Besides technical skills, the crucial thing is a similar mindset and fit with the team. It’s OK not to know something, but it is NOT OK to not be willing to learn. All candidates should be motivated to learn and grow together as a team.

- Ignas Butėnas

Do you have a list of most important questions that you ask candidates during an interview?

It depends on the role I am hiring for and the candidate I am talking to. I do not have a template or set of the most important questions. The best interview experience for me is when we can establish two-way communication. Once we're engaged, I feel that we're already working on a problem together as a single unit.

What specialists are you currently looking for to join your team at NordPass ?

A lot of them! We have exciting challenges to solve for mobile developers (Android and iOS). Quite a few things are planned for desktop applications, and of course, we are advancing our backend and internal tools.

To join the NordPass team contact us via our LinkedIn page

The latest role we are hiring for is engineering manager. We are looking for professionals who can manage different engineering teams and oversee delivery processes and as well as take on some hands-on engineering responsibilities.

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