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How Do I Reset My EA Origin Password?

Monica Webster

You’ve finished all the housework, dinner has been cooked, the washing up is done. It’s finally time to unwind and escape from this world by visiting a virtual one. You sit down, adjust your chair, and lean forward to type in your login details. Incorrect password. You try it again and get the same message.

When you’re locked out of your main source of entertainment, going through password resets is frustrating. This guide will make the process as painless and quick as possible.

Where do I start?

Not being able to access your account is scary – hundreds of hours of gameplay could be lost if you don’t regain access. The unfortunate reality of having your games tied up in a digital distributor like Origin or Steam is that you won’t have access to your save files or progression unless you’re logged in. Don’t worry — resetting your EA Origin password isn’t nearly as big of a hassle as you think.

The first method will work if you’ve simply forgot the password and need to reset it. If you suspect your Origin account has been hijacked, the next section will be more helpful.

  1. Open your Origin app. On the login screen, click on the Can't access your account? link. A new window will open.

  2. Click on Forgot your password?

  3. You will be prompted to enter your Origin ID or whichever email address you used to create the account. Enter it.

  4. If entered correctly, you’ll receive an email from EA. Don’t forget to check your spam folder if it still hasn’t appeared after a few minutes.

  5. Click on the link you’ve received in the email and follow the instructions.

  6. Enter a new password and confirm it. Click Submit.

This method takes less than 5 minutes to complete. For those who believe their account has been stolen, things get a bit trickier.

I think my account has been hacked or stolen

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this issue. If you can still access your Origin account, follow the instructions above and reset your password immediately. If you haven’t already, activate the Login Verification option on your account. Whenever a new device tries to log in to your Origin account, you’ll have to enter a verification code to make sure it’s you.

However, if you can’t access your account, the process will take longer than a simple Origin password reset. To regain access to your account, you need to prove that it belongs to you. Gather all the information you can, including:

  • The email address it was initially signed up with;

  • Your Origin ID;

  • Gamertags like your Xbox Live tag or PSN username;

  • Receipts, invoice numbers, or product codes from the games purchased through Origin.

Once you have gathered the evidence, contact EA Help and present them with this information. Unfortunately, the only thing you’ll be playing until they get back to you is the waiting game. But if you’ve followed these steps, you’ll hopefully be able to recover what was lost.

If you want to make your EA Origin account as secure as it can be, it’s a good idea to invest in a password manager like NordPass. It’ll create strong and unique passwords, store them in an encrypted vault, and even auto-fill them when prompted – a no-brainer for gamers who value expediency.

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