How to reset your forgotten LinkedIn password

Maciej Bartłomiej Sikora
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Forgot your LinkedIn password? Don’t let forgetfulness put a stop to your networking and career opportunities. LinkedIn is the platform for connecting with colleagues, job opportunities, and industry trends. Luckily, a LinkedIn password reset is easier than landing your dream job. Whether you're a seasoned LinkedIn user or just getting started, knowing how to change your LinkedIn password is essential.

How to change your LinkedIn password

If you want to enhance the security of your LinkedIn account or feel the need for a password change, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your preferred web browser and go to the LinkedIn website.

  2. Click on the “Sign in” button to access the login page.

  3. Below the sign-in form, click on the “Forgot password?” link.

  4. On the password reset page, enter the email address or phone number associated with your LinkedIn account.

  5. Follow the instructions provided to verify your identity, such as entering a verification code sent to your email address or phone.

  6. Once your identity is verified, you'll be directed to create a new password for your LinkedIn account.

  7. Choose a strong and unique password that you can remember but is difficult for others to guess.

  8. After confirming the new password, click on the “Submit” button to save the changes.

How to reset your LinkedIn password

If you've completely forgotten your LinkedIn password, don't panic. LinkedIn lets you reset your password even if you don't have access to your email address or phone number associated with the account. Here's what you can do:

  1. Go to the LinkedIn login page and click on the “Forgot password?” link.

  2. Instead of entering your email or phone number, click on the “Need more help?” link.

  3. You'll be redirected to a form where you can provide additional details about your account. This includes the name on the account, other email addresses previously associated with your account, and your connections on LinkedIn.

  4. Fill in the required information as accurately as possible, as it will help LinkedIn verify your identity.

  5. Once you've submitted the form, LinkedIn's support team will review your request and assist you in recovering your account.

How to recover your LinkedIn account with no email address

Losing access to both your LinkedIn password and the associated email address can be challenging. The good news is you still have ways to recover your account. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the LinkedIn login page and click on the “Forgot password?” link.

  2. Instead of entering your email address or phone number, select the “Use phone or email” option.

  3. Choose the “Email/Username” option and click on the “Forgot password?” link again.

  4. On the next page, select the “Need more help?” link.

  5. Follow the instructions provided to verify your identity and recover your account. You may be asked to provide additional information, such as your previous usernames or your connections on LinkedIn.

  6. LinkedIn's support team will review your request and guide you through the process of regaining access to your account.

What to do when you lose your LinkedIn page administrator

Losing access to your LinkedIn company page administrator is a hassle. It often occurs when an intern or assistant initially creates the page but later leaves the company, taking admin access with them.

Luckily, the question of how to add an administrator to your LinkedIn company page when you've lost control is relatively simple to answer:

  1. Visit to access the support form.

  2. Fill out the form, providing the necessary details.

  3. Make sure to provide a company email address in your personal account. This way, LinkedIn recognizes your affiliation with the company whose page you want to claim or become an admin of.

How do I regain access to my LinkedIn company page?

Losing control of your LinkedIn company page can be a worrisome situation. Luckily, you can take steps to regain access and resolve the issue. Here’s what to do if you find you’ve lost access to your LinkedIn company page:

  1. Check for automatic generation or external creation:

    • A company page may have been automatically generated by LinkedIn based on the information provided by your team.

    • In some cases, a digital marketing agency may have created a page for you but not yet assigned you as an admin. Reach out to the agency and request admin access to the account.

    • If another business with a similar name has created a page, unfortunately, you may not be able to do much However, if you suspect the company is not legitimate, you can contact LinkedIn customer service to address the issue.

  2. Reclaiming access or removing auto-generated pages:

    • To recover your LinkedIn company page or remove an auto-generated page, you need to contact LinkedIn customer service.

    • Ensure you have the necessary details, such as the email address associated with your personal account. Include a direct link to the company page you want to claim or close down.

    • It's crucial to provide proof that you are the official company representative. This may include a company email address registered to a legitimate domain. This ensures authenticity and prevents unauthorized individuals from claiming ownership.

  3. Avoid creating new pages:

    • It may be tempting to create a new company page, but it's essential to avoid confusion and maintain a consistent online presence.

    • Multiple pages can cause confusion and undermine your company's credibility on LinkedIn.

    • Shut down false company pages to prevent misconceptions about your business and to maintain a professional image.

How to prevent forgetting your LinkedIn password again

Forgetting your LinkedIn password can be a hassle. Here are some tips to help you remember your password and maintain account security:

  1. Create a strong and unique password: Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid using easily guessable information or common passwords. Use Nord’s password generator to create an unguessable password.

  2. Use a password manager: Consider using a reliable password manager like the NordPass Business password manager to securely store and manage all your passwords, including your LinkedIn password.

  3. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA): Add an extra layer of security to your LinkedIn account by enabling 2FA. This will require you to provide a verification code in addition to your password when logging in.

  4. Keep your contact information up to date: Ensure that the email address and phone number associated with your LinkedIn account are current. This will make it easier to reset your password if you ever forget it.

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