How to reset or change a Spotify password

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
how to reset a Spotify password

The music doesn’t have to stop just because you’ve forgotten your Spotify password. This streaming service offers everything from personalized playlists to pop culture podcasts. For many of us, it’s the first stop to hear the latest music from our favorite artists. Knowing how to perform a Spotify password reset is a must, just as remembering to change your Spotify password regularly to keep your account well-protected.

How to reset your Spotify password

If you’ve forgotten your Spotify password, resetting it is the quickest option to regain access to your account. To do so, you’ll need to use your browser because it won’t work on desktop or mobile apps. Head to the Password Reset page on your browser and follow these simple steps.

  1. Type your Spotify username or email address into the text box and click “Send.”

  2. Open a new tab, navigate to your inbox, and look for an email with the subject “Reset your password.” Check your spam folder if you don’t see it within a few minutes. For Gmail users, look in the “Social and Promotion” sections.

  3. In the email, click “Reset password.”

  4. You’ll be redirected to the “Reset” page. Enter and confirm your new password.

  5. Click “Send.”

  6. You can now return to the browser or the app and log in with your new password.

It’s imperative to keep passwords secure across all your devices and profiles, but too many people still use the same login details for multiple accounts.

That can be convenient and make credentials easy to remember, but it also increases the threat posed by cybercriminals and hackers. You could be in trouble if someone broke into one of your accounts and that password was reused across many different profiles.

For this reason, you must change your password regularly and differentiate it from others.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to equip all your favorite online accounts with strong and unique passwords is by using a password generator. The NordPass Password Generator can create custom, virtually uncrackable passwords instantly.

How to change a Spotify password

Still, remember your Spotify password but want to change it today? Here’s how:

  1. Open Spotify on your browser (again, this won’t work on desktop or phone apps).

  2. Log into your account.

  3. Click on the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  4. Click “Account.”

  5. Click “Change password.”

  6. Input your current password and your new password.

  7. Click “Set new password.”

Now you can open your app and input your new password if you’ve been automatically logged out.

Frequently asked questions

Keep your passwords safe with NordPass

Changing your password with ease is always helpful, and it’s an integral part of best practices in digital security.

To avoid this problem of having to change or reset your passwords, you can and should use a password manager.

NordPass is a secure and intuitive password manager built to make your life easier. With NordPass, you can securely store your login details for your favorite online accounts, credit card details, personal information, and secure notes.

One of the best things about NordPass is the Autofill enhanced by machine learning, which automatically fills out online forms, credit cards, and passwords for you.

Additionally, NordPass comes equipped with advanced security features. One of those goes by the name of Password Health and helps you detect weak, old, or reused passwords. Another one, known as a Data Breach Scanner, allows you to find out if any of your personal information has been compromised in a data breach.

These days, with cybercrime on the rise, having a password manager should be a no-brainer.

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