Password Managers and Online Shopping

If there is anyone who benefits from a pandemic, it’s probably online retailers. The recent boom of next day delivery options for online shops seems to signal the beginning of the end for physical shop fronts. Convenience reigns king over face-to-face interactions. And yet there are still ways to streamline the online shopping experience, especially with a password manager like NordPass.

How can a password manager help with my online shopping?

Little conveniences come together to make for a smoother, quicker, and more convenient online session. Here are some of the ways a password manager can help you:

Secure your personal details. NordPass can store any information you want and keep it inside an impenetrable, encrypted vault that only you can access. A zero-knowledge architecture guarantees that your information is encrypted before it leaves your device, so we won’t be able to see it.

Log in to your accounts in seconds. You no longer need to remember your login details if you use a password manager. With NordPass, as a secondary benefit, you won’t even need to create a strong password. A password consisting of a string of letters, symbols, and numbers will be generated. This complex and high-strength password will be auto-filled into whatever account you want to log in to. You no longer need to click the ‘save payment details’ option on a site you might not trust – NordPass will remember all those details for you.

Get your card details filled automatically. It’s always a pain when your wallet isn’t within reach and you need to fill in the payment form, and most of us can’t remember card details off the top of our heads. NordPass doesn’t even require you to type in your card number to save it — all you have to do is take a picture of your card with the OCR scanner. It will transcribe and save the details of your card automatically. Those details can then be auto-filled when you reach the payment screen.

Never mix up your accounts again. If you’re a seasoned online shopper, you’ll have a plethora of different login details to memorize. NordPass can store an unlimited number of login details, payment information, and passwords. You can even store all your different accounts into personalized folders – shopping or streaming services, for example.

Share your shopping accounts safely. We’ve all had that friend who wanted to borrow your Amazon Prime or ASOS next-day delivery. You can directly share the password with an email address of your choice straight from the NordPass app. Doing so completely removes the threat of hackers grabbing hold of this password.

Why should I pick NordPass?

How can you spend more time looking for the best online deal when you’re too caught up with trying to remember your login details? NordPass eliminates the tedium behind online shopping and has an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface. Watch this demonstration where we show you how easy it is to set up a new Amazon shopping account on the NordPass app, and where the autofills save your time.

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