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New Feature: Effortless Account Switching

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer

You speak, we listen. For quite some time, we’ve been hearing that switching between different accounts in NordPass could be smoother. So today, we’re excited to introduce new functionality that addresses that very issue. Meet Switch Account, a feature that guarantees an effortless experience navigating across different accounts in NordPass.

What does Switch Account bring to the table for our users?

As mentioned, the new Switch Account feature is here to make the process of navigating across different NordPass accounts convenient and quick. With its help, NordPass users will no longer need to log out from one of their accounts to log in to another one. The feature makes the entire process quick and smooth without compromising anything from the security point of view.

Switch Account comes especially in handy in situations when users have multiple NordPass accounts. For instance, if you have both a personal and a business NordPass account, switching between the two will be a breeze.

With the introduction of Switch Account, users will also be able to choose in which account’s encrypted vault they wish to autosave new credentials, credit cards, or personal information.

How does Switch Account work?

Switch Account is available in all the NordPass desktop apps, mobile apps, extensions, and Web Vault. It allows users to switch between accounts via the Menu tab and on the Master Password screen. Here’s a quick overview of how you can switch between different NordPass accounts on platforms smoothly and quickly:

Desktop & Web Vault

  • Open the NordPass app or Web Vault.

  • In the menu screen, click the profile icon.

  • Select Switch Account.

  • Choose your preferred account

If you’re not logged in to any of your accounts on the desktop app or Web Vault, you can click your email address in the login screen and select the preferred account.


  • Open the NordPass extension on your browser.

  • Click the Profile icon at the top of the screen next to the Tools and Settings icons.

  • Select the preferred account in the Switch Account section.

Please note that you can add up to 5 accounts that you can switch between. It is also important that you can remove any of the added accounts at any time in the Switch Account section by clicking the three dots next to the email address. Finally, you can choose to have your accounts locked or unlocked. Locked accounts will require your Master Password to log in when switching between them while unlocked ones will not.

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