Introducing Business Account: Here’s What You Need to Know

Benjamin Scott
single sign on migration

It’s a big day for the NordPass Business community, as we are thrilled to announce a new way to authenticate users. We call it Business Account. It will replace Nord Account for logging in to NordPass Business and will make adding new members to the organization a lot quicker and easier. Here’s everything you need to know about Business Account.

The migration process explained

As we move to a new way to authenticate our business users, all existing NordPass Business users will be required to migrate to the new Business Account. The migration process is quick and simple and includes only two steps:

  • Create a new password for your Business Account. Note that the email address associated with your NordPass Business account will remain the same.

  • Enable 2FA if you previously had it enabled on your Nord Account.

And that’s it! As soon as you are done with the migration procedure, you will be able to log in to NordPass Business with your new credentials using the “Log in to Business” button.

What can I do with a Business Account?

Here’s how NordPass Business users will benefit from the newly introduced Business Account.

Changing your Business Account password is easier. Business Account will allow users of the business solution to change their password in the settings of the desktop and mobile applications.

Setting up 2FA for your account is quicker. The password change settings have moved from your Nord Account, and so have the 2FA settings. Now you can set up an extra layer of security right within the desktop and mobile apps.

Simpler login process. As we move forward, the newly introduced Business Account will provide our business users with the Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, which will allow for a simpler and faster login procedure. We are planning to release the SSO functionality in the near future.

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