Introducing Nord Account - a New Way to Log In

NordPass is happy to introduce a new feature — Nord Account, a new and simplified way to sign up for and log into NordPass. NordPass was the first product from the Nord family to implement this sign-in process. However, you can now use Nord Account to sign into NordVPN too.

A similar solution is used by many tech companies and recognized as an industry standard. Read this post to find out what to do next if you want to subscribe to NordPass, or what will change if you are a current user.

What can I do with Nord Account?

Simpler login process. As soon as all Nord products implement this feature, Nord Account will work similarly to Google or Facebook Login. It means that your login credentials will be recognized across different Nord products. Nord Account follows OpenID Connect standard for user authentication. Therefore, Nord apps will be able to access and share your information across all platforms without the need to enter your password.

In practice, if you are logged into Nord Account on your default browser, the NordPass app will recognize you, and vice versa. Simply open NordPass, click Login with Nord Account, and it will sign you in. Same applies if you are logged into NordLocker or other Nord apps. However, you’ll still need the Master Password to access your login credentials.

Choose how to log in. With the release of Nord Account, the login process to NordPass will also change - it will move from in-app sign in to your default browser. You will also be able to choose how to log in: whether to use your account password or a 6-digit code. This is especially useful if, at the time of signing in, you don’t have access to your email address, where the 6-digit code is usually sent. It’s also helpful if the password to your email is stored in NordPass.

No need for multiple accounts. Soon you will also be able to use Nord Account to subscribe to other Nord products, such as NordVPN and NordLocker. You won’t need to create new accounts — simply use your Nord Account login details. (The date of Nord Account launch for other products is yet to be confirmed).

I’m a current NordPass user. What does it mean to me?

Your NordPass account will automatically become a Nord Account. So you don’t need to register again or manually change your account details. (If you were a NordVPN user, you could already use your NordVPN account details to sign into a NordPass Free account as well as NordLocker.)

Once the feature goes live, you may be logged out of your NordPass account. Don’t panic! All you need to do is log back in with your current password or a 6-digit code. Now you’ll also have the option to choose between the two.

If you forgot your account password, go to the login page and click on “Forgot your password?”. The reset link will be sent to your email address, then follow the instructions to create a new password.

I’m a new user. How do I subscribe to NordPass?

  1. To get NordPass Free, download the app and select Create Account. To do so, you’ll be redirected to the Nord Account page. Follow the steps on the screen to complete registration. To get NordPass Premium, go to NordPass checkout page. Fill in your details and complete your checkout. Follow the instructions to complete your registration and download.

  2. If you are still logged into your Nord Account on your browser, when you launch the app, NordPass will recognize you! No need to re-enter any passwords, simply click Login with Nord Account.

  3. Next time you log in, the same principle will work. If you are still logged into your Nord Account, you will be able to log in with a simple click of a button. If not, you’ll be asked to enter the password you created when signing up.

Don’t have a NordPass account?

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