The NordPass Web Vault Is Here

Ruth Rawlings
web vault

Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work to make NordPass more convenient, intuitive, and accessible for our user base, focusing on functional improvements as well as major design fixes.

Today, we are thrilled to announce another new feature — the NordPass Web Vault. We believe that the introduction of Web Vault is a significant step forward for NordPass that lays some important groundwork for many new features that are yet to come. Let’s jump in and see what Web Vault is and how it will make your life easier.

web vault

Web Vault: an improved NordPass experience

Put simply, Web Vault will allow you to access your NordPass encrypted vault and everything you store in it, whether it be passwords or other sensitive data, from any popular browser.

It’s important to note that NordPass Web is not a replacement for the NordPass application — it’s an additional feature that makes password management even easier and more accessible.

The NordPass Web Vault offers the majority of the features and functionalities available on our desktop app without having to install the application on your device. It’s a quick and easy way to reach your password on any computer. You can access the Web Vault online from all popular browsers by following this link.

Using Web Vault is just as secure as using the NordPass desktop application. It features all the same security measures and has been thoroughly tested in-house to ensure complete protection and privacy of everything you store in your encrypted NordPass vault.

Reach your passwords in any browser at any time.

Web Vault: what is it good for?

There are a few obvious use cases for Web Vault. First and foremost, it will finally allow our Chromebook users to use NordPass on their devices effortlessly. This also marks the fact that NordPass is finally available on all platforms.

Web Vault is also perfect for those special occasions when you need to fix your grandma’s PC, as you’ll have instant access to all your passwords online.

Another set of users who will greatly benefit from the Web Vault functionality are professionals dealing with devices that cannot have third-party apps installed on them due to company-wide policies. With Web Vault, such users will be able to reach their passwords quickly and easily.

The NordPass Web vault is another step towards making NordPass the password manager users are looking for. And we’re already working hard on another new NordPass feature, so stay tuned — and stay safe.

Please note that in order to use the autofill and autosave features for a smooth and secure online experience, you still need to install the desktop application. Also, with the current release, Web Vault is not available on mobile devices.

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