Mandatory MFA Now Available on NordPass Business

Gerald Kasulis
Head of Business Operations
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Things at NordPass are never stagnant, and we’re always working on new ways to level up your business security. We’re happy to announce a brand new feature on NordPass Business: you can now set up mandatory multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all members of your organization.

How it works

NordPass currently requires users to identify themselves through their user password (or SSO), and then they need to enter their master password to access their NordPass account. When MFA is enabled, users will need to go through a total of three steps to log in to their NordPass account:

  • Enter the user ID and password (or use SSO).

  • Verify your identity through an authenticator app.

  • Enter the master password. And you’re in!

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Why MFA is important

When securing your business data, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is no longer an option but rather a necessity. Adding MFA to NordPass Business will bring exceptional security to all of your business accounts. Here are a couple of reasons why MFA is so important:

  • It adds a third layer of security. By default, NordPass has two layers of security: the user password (or SSO) and the master password. Enabling MFA will add a third layer of security.

  • NordPass credentials will be useless in the wrong hands. There’s always a risk that an employee will fall for a phishing scheme and accidentally give away their NordPass user or master password. With MFA, these two passwords will essentially be useless in the wrong hands. Only the person with access to the authenticator app will be able to log in.

How to make MFA mandatory in your company

Follow these simple steps to make MFA mandatory in your organization:

  1. Visit the Admin Panel.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click on the toggle next to “Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)” and confirm changes.

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Once this is done, all members of your organization will be prompted to set up MFA as soon as they log in to their NordPass accounts. Only those with access to the Admin Panel will have the power to disable mandatory MFA. You can find a more detailed guide on setting up MFA in our help center.

How to set up MFA from a user’s perspective

Once mandatory MFA is enabled, users can take the following steps to set it up:

  1. Download an authenticator app.

  2. Log in to your NordPass account. NordPass will then invite you to set up MFA and display a QR code and secret key.

  3. Scan the QR code or enter the secret key into the authenticator app and click Continue.

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  4. Enter the 6-digit code into the NordPass app. (The code is generated on the authenticator app). NordPass will then create and display backup codes.

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  5. Save your backup codes and click Continue. (Backup codes will allow you to log in to your NordPass account if you lose access to your authenticator app). You will then be taken back to the NordPass login screen.

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Once this is done, MFA has been successfully set up!

You can never be too careful when securing your business data. Multi-factor authentication is a simple but immensely valuable security feature for NordPass Business, so don’t miss out on it!

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