The Power of Women at NordPass (Part 2)

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
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For the longest time now, women have been playing a vital role in the field of technology, developing some of the core components of modern-day IT. Just think of Ada Lovelace (often regarded as the first computer programmer), Margaret Hamilton (developed on-board flight software for NASA's Apollo program), or Grace Hopper (a computer pioneer and naval officer).

At NordPass, we have a whole lot of awesome women who play an important part in developing your favorite password manager. Today, we’d like to introduce Aurelija (SEO Manager), Jomile (UX Writer), Greta (Product Designer), Ieva (Frontend Developer), and Rita (PPC Manager) and ask them what they have to say about NordPass and all things tech and cybersecurity.

What makes you the most passionate about your job at NordPass and the cybersecurity field in general?


There are two main things I love about NordPass — the idea that our product is helping people to be safer on the internet and the people I get to work with. I work with amazing people — everybody is so inspiring and helpful. And the cybersecurity field in which we work is very important nowadays as technologies are used more and more, so we can make an impact towards better people's habits on the internet.


Chaos and the ability to make quick decisions in the midst of it. Things move very quickly in the tech world, which can be a blessing and a curse. You need to adapt and learn in order to stay organized and thrive.


First and foremost, I love working at NordPass because I feel I can make a difference and help more people discover our product and become more secure online through the work I do. I also value our driven and knowledgeable team — there is nothing we can’t do when we put our minds together. It’s inspiring to work alongside them.

The cybersecurity field in itself is very interesting to be in. I love being able to learn about cybersecurity from the subject experts. I feel like I have become much more conscious of privacy and online security and have learned a lot about staying safe online since starting at the company.


What would you tell the other ladies out there who might be considering working in tech but still have some doubts?


You don’t have to be excellent at science or math to succeed in tech. If your strong sides are humanities, social sciences, arts, and others, there is room for you in the tech industry.


If you’ve ever considered working in tech, you are halfway there. Between the first little thought and working in tech there is only you. So, get your hands dirty, be passionate, be curious, and no one will be able to stop you. Doubts come and go, but you should know: no risk — no magic.


Identify where these doubts are coming from. If it's the lack of skills to do the job, get some training or take online courses. If you are not sure whether this industry is for you, try doing an internship, sign up for a mentoring program, or find someone who already works in the industry and ask them any burning questions you might have.


Why do you think there aren't more females in tech?


I think it might be due to the misconception that you must be a genius developer or engineer to work in tech. While development and engineering are a crucial part of tech companies, there is a much wider range of positions than most people imagine. We do have girls and guys who are genius developers or engineers, but we also have marketing masterminds, data geeks, sales magicians, and plenty of other departments to make your mark in. Just take a look at our job openings and you’ll see for yourself.


I think the tech world has outgrown this stereotype, and it's more of a myth than a reality. I know plenty of wonderful females working in tech, and they are not an exception. The tech business is a very dynamic and fast-paced environment — there is no room for such stereotypes. And there shouldn't be room for these stereotypes in our minds either.


There's a misconception that the tech industry is a “boy zone only”. It's not. More and more women work in tech as developers, testers, or UX designers, and they perform equally well.

Also, we, women, might fear that we won't understand complex technical concepts, like what encryption is. Again, it's nonsense. It's like learning about cars or whatever men “naturally” take an interest in. Everything can be learned — you just need to be curious and not afraid to ask questions.


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Tell us a bit about your own security habits. What would be your top tip to stay safe and productive online?


  • Use a password manager, obviously.

  • Do not open any suspicious links in your emails. If you do, please do not enter your personal information.

  • Use trusted websites when buying something on the internet, especially on those where you are required to enter your credit card details.

  • Update your software regularly, as those releases contain important security updates.


Perhaps, the most important one is using a password manager. Recently, one of my accounts was hacked in a data breach, but, because it had a unique password, I feel absolutely calm about my other accounts being safe.


Educate yourself on the most common types of hacking. Learn to recognize phishing, don't click on suspicious links and ads, use an adblocker, an antivirus, and a VPN. And, of course, don't use the same password for all your accounts.


How different has your daily life become since you started using NordPass?


I am much more conscious of password security. I knew that using one password for multiple accounts is a bad practice, but I had no idea how much of a risk it posed before I started working at NordPass. I’ll admit I had to reset quite a few passwords once I learned all about it, but now I feel much more secure. Like I mentioned, I prefer my private data to stay private, and NordPass has really helped me feel more sure that it is.


Once I started using NordPass, my online experience went from constantly clicking “Forgot my password” to effortless browsing. Who could have thought that being safe and secure online is so easy?


I don’t need to use the same passwords over and over again (yup, guilty), and I can feel safer when all my accounts have unique passwords. So, if anything gets leaked, I don’t have to worry about it and run to update all my passwords.


Working with a product so closely makes it feel like such an important topic. But, for those who are totally unfamiliar with password safety, what would be the one thing to emphasize?


Everyone thinks that they are too small of a fish to be hacked and it's not going to happen to them. Well, that's what hackers are looking for — opportunities. You wouldn't leave your expensive belongings in plain sight and unattended and expect no one to take them. So, why do that with your passwords?


Sooner or later, we will all need to take care of our online security. It's a fact. Don't wait till the last minute — take control of your passwords now, and you won't need to worry about yet another data leak happening in the world.


Have you ever thought about passwords as keys to your online accounts, just like the keys you use to unlock your house?

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