Multi-Factor Authentication Settings Have Moved to Nord Account

Ruth Rawlings
mfa settings

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become an essential security precaution for many of us. Setting it up is one of the best and easiest ways to add an extra layer of security to your online accounts. At NordPass, we encourage users to enable and use MFA for maximum protection.

Today, we would like to inform you that the MFA settings have been moved from applications to Nord Account settings. Let’s see what has changed and how you can set up MFA for your NordPass accounts.

What has changed?

Simply put, the main change is where you can enable MFA. The settings have moved from the NordPass application to your Nord Account. The flow of setting up MFA hasn’t changed in any significant way.

However, when enabling multi-factor authentication via your Nord Account, you will receive a list of backup codes in case you lose the device you used to set it up. You will be able to find the generated backup codes in your Nord Account settings when you need them.Users who had MFA enabled before this change can find their recovery codes in Nord Account; there is no need to re-enable MFA to receive the codes.

Why you should enable MFA

At first sight, many people see MFA as a hassle, since it takes time to set it up and makes logging in a longer process than one would like. However, with the constant rise in cybercrime, securing our digital lives as best we can is essential. Having MFA enabled when signing in to an application increases the security of that account, since it requests multiple verification forms to prove identity. That could be SMS texts, email codes, or phone calls, to name a few. Basically, the more security checks are in place, the smaller your chance of falling victim to cybercrime.

How to enable MFA in your Nord Account

  • Log in to Nord Account and go to your Account settings.

  • Select Multi-factor authentication.

  • Click Setup.

  • Scan the provided QR code and click Continue. If you are setting up MFA on a mobile device, simply copy and paste the code into the authenticator app to continue.

  • Follow the setup wizard to complete the MFA setup.

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