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Over the past few months, we’ve been working behind the scenes to create a new and exciting browser extension experience that will allow you to enjoy everything that NordPass has to offer without needing to launch the desktop app.

Yes, you read that right. Sounds awesome? Well, take a look at what the new NordPass browser extension experience brings to the table.

Why this release?

For quite some time, you — our users — have been letting us know that you’d really love a standalone NordPass browser extension. It would be a way to manage your passwords, passkeys, payment card information, and personal information straight from the browser, allowing for an even smoother online experience.

A lot of Chromebook users were at the forefront of voicing their needs. And we’ve heard you loud and clear — today is the day that you can finally start using NordPass on your Chromebook and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

However, it’s important to note that the NordPass desktop application is not going anywhere. The app remains part of the NordPass product suite.

A smoother, simpler experience

The new browser extension seamlessly integrates with your web browsing experience, providing instant access to NordPass and all the great tools and features that it comes with. Here’s what that means for daily use:

  • Seamless vault access, smooth online experience

    The new browser experience provides full access to your passwords, passkeys, credit cards, personal information, and secure notes on any desktop device, whether it’s your workstation or… a Chromebook (wink, wink, Chromebook users, we knew you would love it).

    Let the standalone extension do the heavy lifting. Book trips, shop online, manage your vault, and log in to your online accounts instantly straight from a browser.

  • Frictionless NordPass deployment for organizations

    Gone are the days when each person in the organization had to download the NordPass app and set everything up individually. The new standalone extension facilitates a centralized deployment of NordPass across the company via the Active Directory Group Policy. Put simply, this means that now organization Owners and Admins will have a way easier time deploying NordPass across the organization.

    With the extension installed on their systems, employees can bypass the necessity of downloading the app, and instead are only required to go through the registration processes. For a detailed walkthrough on deploying NordPass organization-wide, feel free to explore our Help Center guide.

I already use NordPass, is there anything that I need to do?

So, you might be wondering if there’s anything you’ll need to do once the update rolls out.

Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, Firefox, Safari

If you already have NordPass installed on your device and use the extension on Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Chrome or other chromium-based browsers, all you need to do is remove the legacy extension and add the new one. It’s that simple and quick and it applies to all the mentioned browsers. For further information on how to migrate to the new standalone extension, feel free to check out our guide that covers all the ins and outs.

New browser extension experience

New browser extension experience

New to NordPass?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to start using NordPass on a desktop device. Just add the standalone extension and you’re all set — no need to download or install the app!

Check out our detailed support guide for getting started with NordPass quickly and easily.

Once you have the new extension running on your browser, you can start using NordPass to its fullest extent.

If you have any further questions regarding the changes or NordPass in general, do not hesitate to contact our tech-minded support team at [email protected] — they’re ready to take care of any issues you might have. Also, if you have any suggestions or feedback, simply submit a request for our team — we’re all ears, all the time.

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