NordPass for Android: Release Notes

Monica Webster
android release notes

NordPass 4.5 (latest)

Here’s what you’ll see in the new NordPass release:

  • Our Shared Folders feature is now available to all users on the NordPass Business plan

  • We’ve improved the look and feel of our first-time user experience to better signpost the key parts of setting up a NordPass account

NordPass 4.4

We’ve waved bye-bye to some pesky bugs and have also spruced up the place a touch – enjoy

NordPass 4.3

Say hello to our brand new Premium tool — Email Masking!

You can now protect your real email address from spam and online threats by creating unique email masks every time a website asks for your details.

With full control over email forwarding included as well, this tool really puts you in the driving seat.

NordPass 4.2

  • Data Breach Scanner: We’ve enhanced this all-important tool so that you can now get real-time alerts if your credit card appears in a breach. We hope you enjoy the overall new look and feel too!

  • Autofill: You asked, we’ve listened. You can now tweak your app settings to enjoy a better autofill experience on websites with a subdomain.

NordPass 4.1

  • Passkeys are now available on our Android app! Passkeys allow you to securely log in to websites and apps without needing to enter a password. Go ahead and say hello to the future of authentication.

  • We’ve introduced a new way of highlighting key actions you can take to make the most out of NordPass. Keep an eye out for an extra splash of color in the app!

NordPass 4.0

We’ve waved bye-bye to some pesky bugs and have also spruced up the place a touch – enjoy!

NordPass is no longer supported on Android 8 or 8.1. To continue using the app, update your operating system to Android 9 or a later version.

NordPass 3.59

Here’s what you’ll see in the new NordPass release:

  • IMPROVED AUTOFILL EXPERIENCE. From now on, it will be easier for NordPass to recognize whether you are trying to sign up or log in and provide you with the right information.


  • NordPass will no longer be supported on Android 8 or 8.1 from the 4.0 release onwards. To continue using the app, update your operating system to Android 9 or a later version.

NordPass 3.58

Here’s what you’ll see in the new NordPass release:

With NordPass Enterprise, you can now use Shared Folders to share multiple items with others in a faster, more organized way. We hope you enjoy this time-saving feature!

NordPass 3.57

Here’s a taste of what you can find in our latest release:

  • FILE ATTACHMENT PREVIEW. You can now preview items attached to your items. Tap the image to view it in full screen — no need to download it.


NordPass 3.56

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we’ve mainly focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 3.55.3

  • Introducing… file attachments! That’s right, with NordPass Premium you can now attach images and documents to any item so that you can securely access all-important info when you need it most.

  • We’ve enhanced our Android autofill experience so that you can now input personal info like contact details into online forms at the tap of a button.

  • When autosaving a password item online, you can now also save details in custom fields to simplify future login attempts.

NordPass 3.54

Calling all NordPass Business users – we’ve got a couple of exciting new updates for you:

  • CUSTOM FIELDS. Our custom fields feature is now available for NordPass Business users, meaning you can securely store more login-related info than ever before and autofill it online!

  • ACCOUNT RECOVERY. Business users can now also start the account recovery process using the Android app, meaning no more going back and forth between multiple devices.

NordPass 3.53

We’re happy to present you with a new NordPass release. Here’s what we’ve got this week:

  • CUSTOM FIELDS. From this release, you can add custom fields when creating items and save any additional information to support your item.

  • FEEDBACK FORM. You should now see a megaphone icon when filling in your passwords online. Select it to tell us more about your experience or any issues you might encounter on any website or app.


NordPass 3.52

No major updates this time, just a new and improved app release with fewer bugs for you to bump into – enjoy!

NordPass 3.51

Happy New Year, NordPassers. We’re starting the year with a few important updates. Here’s what to expect in this release:

  • B2B TOTP. It might sound like random letters pieced together, but this means that NordPass Business users can now use TOTP functionality on Android devices. How exciting is that?

  • AUTOFILL ISSUE REPORTING BETA. Is autofill not working as expected on your favorite browser? You can now tell us what’s wrong. Look for the Feedback (Beta) when filling in passwords.

NordPass 3.50

This time we worked on nitty gritty details to make your password management experience even smoother. Here’s what to expect with this release:

  • MORE BROWSERS WITH BETTER AUTOFILL. We added native autofill support to Tor, Via, Phoenix, Maxthon; meaning that if you use any of these browsers it will now be easier for NordPass to recognize input fields and fill your passwords.



NordPass 3.49

We’re happy to present you with a new release. Here’s what we’ve got this time:

  • UI IMPROVEMENTS. New users will see an updated onboarding design, while the veterans will notice slight changes to the new password history feature.


NordPass 3.48

No big announcements from us this time. However, we hope you’ll still enjoy an updated NordPass version with fewer bugs.

NordPass 3.47

We’re happy to present you with a new release. Here’s what we’ve got this time:

  • RATE NORDPASS IN-APP. Are you enjoying NordPass so far? Look for a pop-up to rate NordPass and help others choose their password manager.

  • AUTOFILL IN VIVALDI BROWSER. You will now fill your passwords and other information easier when using the Vivaldi browser.

  • IMPROVED AUTOFILL FOR OTHER LANGUAGES. If your browser is set to your local language, autofill will now pick it up quicker and help you save your passwords.

NordPass 3.46

No major updates this time, just a new and improved app release with fewer bugs for you to bump into – enjoy!

NordPass 3.45

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we have focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 3.44

It’s a big day today. Premium users, get ready. From now on, you’ll be able to monitor breaches.

Your Breach Scanner can now scan breaches while you sleep. Set up an email you’d like us to monitor and will check breaches for you. If we find your email, we’ll notify you so you can take immediate action and protect your data. Look for this new functionality by going to the Breach Scanner.

P.S. We also fixed some bugs to improve your overall experience.

NordPass 3.43

No big announcements from us this time. However, we hope you’ll still enjoy an updated NordPass version with fewer bugs.

NordPass 3.42

This time we’ve waved bye-bye to some pesky bugs and have also spruced up the place a touch – enjoy!

NordPass 3.41

We’re happy to present you with a new release. Here’s what we’ve got this time:

  • PROFILE PHOTO. You can now add your favorite photo instead as your profile icon. With a customized profile icon, it’s easier to recognize your profile when sharing items or switching accounts.

  • NATIVE AUTOFILL ON BRAVE. This means your autofill and autosave experience has just leveled up. It will now be easier for us to recognize password fields and fill in your information.


NordPass 3.40

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 3.39

No big announcements from us this time. However, we hope you’ll still enjoy an updated NordPass version with fewer bugs.

NordPass 3.38

This time we’ve waved bye-bye to some pesky bugs and have also spruced up the place a touch – enjoy!

NordPass 3.37

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we have mainly focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 3.36

A new week and a new NordPass release. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • NEW SETTING: CLEAR COPY ITEM DATA. When you copy your password or other item data, it’s typically saved in the clipboard. To avoid pasting it somewhere you didn’t intend; you can now choose the clipboard to clear after a set time.

  • LITHUANIAN LANGUAGE. For our Lithuanian friends out there, you can now use NordPass in your mother tongue. Simply head to Settings to change the language.


NordPass 3.35

We’re happy to present you with a new release. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • SWITCH ACCOUNT. A long-awaited feature is here! If you have a few NordPass accounts, like personal and business, switching between them will now be a breeze. Just click on your profile account and look for a “Switch Account” button.

  • CARD PIN. From now on, you can also add your PIN when saving your card details. Don’t worry; it won’t be autofilled. It’s for your reference only.


NordPass 3.34

Happy pancake day, people! Though if it were up to NordPass, every day would be a pancake day. In the meantime, while you are enjoying your pancakes, donuts, or pastries, we are presenting you with a new NordPass release with fewer bugs.

NordPass 3.33

Our bug busters have been working hard since the last time you heard from us. That’s why today we can proudly present another NordPass release with even fewer bugs. We hope you’ll like it.

NordPass 3.32

Did you know that January has one of the most depressing days? It's called Blue Monday, they say. Good that it’s over. But if you are still feeling a little bit blue, here’s what you can do to survive this winter:

  • Enjoy the outdoors, go for a walk or take up a new sport;

  • Connect with a long-lost friend or family member;

  • Run the Data Breach Scanner and update your vulnerable passwords. Once you do, select “Resolved” for the updated passwords and they won’t appear next time you run the scan.

NordPass 3.31

Like last year, in 2022, we’ll strive to become a better, smoother-running, and more user-friendly app. So why not start with this week? We present you with a new NordPass version with fewer bugs and Autofill issues.

NordPass 3.30

We hope you are not sick and tired of Christmas songs, even if you’ve heard them a million times before. And we hope that you are not stressed buying last-minute presents or thinking about a Christmas menu. But if you’re, it will all be ok.

After all, ‘It’s the most beautiful time of the year.’ Merry Christmas!

P.S. And here’s a new NordPass release to bring you a little cheer.

NordPass 3.29

Did you know that if your password is ‘ginger,’ it would take a hacker less than 1s to guess it? If you use NordPass, we know you can do better than that. Create strong and unique passwords with your NordPass mobile app, and don’t let any Grinch steal your Christmas (or your accounts) this year.

NordPass 3.28

It’s 5 weeks until Christmas! Yes, it’s time to buy presents for your loved ones. But do you sometimes slip and buy gifts for yourself instead? Because we do. Don’t tell this to anyone.

So if you slip this year, don’t worry too much about it. You can save up to 75% of NordPass Premium plans and give the so-needed peace of mind for you and your family guilt-free.

We’re making the NordPass app for Android better, smoother, slicker – one release at a time. How exactly? Read all the highlights in our release notes and make sure to never miss a new version – we want you to get all the best stuff.

NordPass 3.27

--Beep beep-- app update incoming:

  • Native autofill on Chrome. Simply put, Nordpass is now better at recognizing login fields. It means smoother and faster autofill!

  • Data Breach Scanner update. If you use a leaked password for several accounts, the app will notify you about accounts put at risk. Remember to update them!

  • Title suggestions. Running out of ideas for naming items in your vault? No worries - NordPass will suggest using the website name for the title.

  • Usual bug-fixing business.

NordPass 3.26

Trick or treat? Who are we kidding? It’s always just treated here at NordPass. So here’s our Halloween treat to you - a brand new NordPass release. Don’t worry, nothing to be scared of—just a smoother running version of your password manager.

NordPass 3.25

Getting your data stolen isn’t nice. But if that happens to you, it’s important to identify the stolen information and act quickly. That’s why from this release, you can use the Breach Scanner to find out the type of data that was leaked and see it in plain text.

We also wanted to improve our communication with you. So from now, if you open the app and see a red dot next to a bell icon, just know that it’s some important information from us to you.

NordPass 3.24

Seasons change. Leaves turn yellow and brown.
It might be sad, but don’t feel too down.
Just remember, your passwords are safe and sound.

And if you don’t like amateur rhymes, that’s fine.
With this release, you’ll have less bugs in your life.

NordPass 3.22

Good things are meant to be shared, right? That’s why now, when you invite a friend to try NordPass, we’ll award both of you with a free month of Premium (max 3 months). You can invite as many friends as you wish. Just head to the app, select “Invite a friend,” and send the invite.

NordPass 3.21

What do you have in the box this time NordPass? Well, let me see…

  • Email or username suggestion. That’s right, now when creating a new item, you only need to enter a few letters in the username field, and NordPass will suggest filling it with one of your already used ones.

  • Autofill fixes.

  • Bug fixes, bug fixes, and more bug fixes.

NordPass 3.20

It's the end of the summer, eh? You must be sad. Or happy? Maybe because you've just got NordPass at the end of summer sale. Or perhaps you live down under, and it's actually not the end of the summer but the end of winter. Either way, we hope you'll enjoy a new NordPass version with fewer bugs and more love.

NordPass 3.19

Random fact of the day: Did you know that there’s a bunch of ladies working at NordPass? Yes, we don’t follow any stereotypes here. So in this release, we want to thank all the women who tirelessly and continuously work to make NordPass a better password manager.

NordPass 3.18

Hola! Last week we presented you NordPass in Italian. Can you guess what we have in store this week? Yes, that’s right. NordPass is now available in Spanish! Head to Settings to update your language preferences.

And, of course, we continue to work on any pesky bugs you or we identify. Bye, bugs!

NordPass 3.17

Buongiorno! What a year this was for Italy. First the Eurovision, then Euro Cup, and now, coincidence or not, NordPass. Yes, you are right, you can now use NordPass in Italian, and it doesn’t matter if you are enjoying the sun in Rome or simply practicing your Italian skills. You can change your language preference in Settings.

And of course, what release is without bug fixes? We crushed them too.

NordPass 3.16

Hey NordPass user, do you like scrolling? Not when I’m looking for a password, you will say. Yeah, we thought so. That’s why we introduced a quick scroller. Now when scrolling through your items, you’ll see that they are grouped. Go on, find your passwords with ease.

P.S We have also resolved those pesky bugs. Bye-bye, bugs.

NordPass 3.15

Searching for bugs...
Bugs found...

*Works only if you install the update first to put those BUG FIXES in place. Stay safe and happy!

NordPass 3.14

Sharing is caring, right? Well, now you can select multiple items and share them all at once. Easy peasy. Just always make sure you trust the people you share your credentials with.

NordPass 3.13

You know that moment when you create a super-strong password with NordPass Generator and forget to save it? Yeah, we’ve been there too. That’s why you’ll now see a little clock icon in your Generator. Tap on it to see previously generated passwords.

And, of course, we won’t release a new NordPass version without getting rid of as many bugs as possible.

NordPass 3.12

You want strong and unique passwords, simple - you generate them with the Password Generator. But what if you want a strong password you need to remember? Yes, we thought about this too.

So in this release, you’ll see some changes to your Password Generator. Now you can generate passwords made out of words, spaces, hyphens, and much more. How cool is that?

NordPass 3.11

We’re coming back with a bunch of updates to help you make your accounts even more secure.

  • PASSWORD HEALTH INTEGRATION. You can now see how healthy your password is by opening the item — no need to go to Password Health. If your password could be stronger, you’ll see “weak, old, or reused” next to it.

P.S. There’s more. We’ve fixed a ton of autofill bugs for a smoother login experience.

NordPass 3.10

Are your passwords healthy or vulnerable? If you haven't checked it yet, now is a good time. We've just revamped the Password Health tool, and it's looking better than ever. It's so much easier to use too. Check it out.

Anything else? Of course! Our team is continuously working on improving the Autofill feature so that you'd have a smooth one-click-to-login experience.

NordPass 3.9

If you haven’t tried the Breach Scanner yet, now you have a reason. We completely revamped the design. Oh boy, it looks even more pleasing to the eye.

What are you waiting for? Go and make sure your accounts are secure.

NordPass 3.8

Bonjour. Comment ça va? Yes, our French-speaking friends, this release is for you! NordPass is now available in French. Head to Settings and change the language.

In other news:

  • LIMITED RIGHTS CHANGES. From now on, once you receive an item with Limited Rights, it’s for you only. No further shares allowed.

  • B2B GROUPS. NordPass Business users say hello to Groups. Now it will be easier to share passwords with a group of people all at once. Think, your Marketing or Finance department.

NordPass 3.7

Sometimes what we do is either too difficult to explain or too difficult to see. Yes, you guessed it. This week we put all our effort into finding and getting rid of bugs. We hope we’ll have something more exciting for you next week.

NordPass 3.6

Sprichst du Deutsch? Then we have good news for you. You can now enjoy NordPass in German. Just go to your settings and change the language.

But that’s not it. We have some exciting news for anyone who speaks french too. Stay tuned. ;)

NordPass 3.5

This release theme? Fixes, fixes, and more fixes. Quality over quantity. So what did we actually do?

  • Found and got rid of your beloved dark theme bugs.

  • Improved Autofill by killing nasty bugs.

  • Other teeny-tiny bug fixes.

NordPass 3.4

No breaking news this time. We know. We’ll do better! Just business as usual and a ton of bug fixes for a smoother app experience.

NordPass 3.3

Guten Tag, - says NordPass. Yes, that’s correct. If your phone’s default language is German, you can now enjoy NordPass in your preferred language. Anything else? Of course! More bug fixes.

android de

NordPass 3.2

Well, hello there. It’s NordPass calling with a shiny brand new release. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • CHANGES IN 2FA SETUP. Now two-factor authentication will be set up for your Nord Account and applied to all Nord products you might use.

  • AUTOFILL AND AUTOSAVE ISSUES FIXED, so you could continue saving and filling passwords quicker than you can blink.

  • DARK MODE BUGS FIXED. Minor bugs were found since we released the dark mode. Nothing to worry about; they are now gone.

2fa moved to nord account

NordPass 3.1

Still recovering from the last release? If you haven’t heard (or seen it yet), you can now enjoy NordPass dark mode!

Unfortunately, we are not superheroes, so we can’t drop any big news today. Plus, it wouldn’t be fun this way. So this time, we worked on some maintenance tasks to keep your app running smoothly:

  • COPY CHANGES to help you navigate through the app.

  • AUTOSAVE ISSUES FIXED to help you save those passwords in a click.

  • BUG FIXES. Because no release is complete without them, right?

NordPass 3.0

Where’s the drumroll, please? You ready? You’d better sit down for this one. I’m serious; sit down. OK, you’re finally sitting.

I’m just scared you’ll fall and hurt yourself once you hear this, that’s all. Oh, I know. It’s so annoying when someone is creating tension but not telling you what this is all about, right?

Well, OK, not long to go. Let’s count together.




You can now enjoy NordPass Dark MODE!

Fireworks shooting in the distance

NordPass 2.17

Ready, set, new release! What can you expect to see in the new and shiny NordPass 2.17?

  • AUTOFILL FIXES. Slowly but surely, we are conquering the net and one website at a time, making signing in easier than ever. Magic x2!

  • ADD CREDIT CARD WITH NFC. Yes, you heard it. You can now scan your credit cards and keep them in NordPass by simply touching your card against your phone. Magic!

release credit

NordPass 2.16

8 letters, 2 words, one meaning.

9 letters, 3 words, one feeling.

We felt kind of nervous to say it out loud... But again, they say - don't talk, just act. So we're bringing you yet another collection of chocolate-flavoured, hand-picked BUG FIXES to express how much WE LOVE YOU. Please update to enjoy even smoother app experience.

NordPass 2.15

Once upon a time, a password manager named NordPass lived. They wanted to become the best password manager there ever was, and did it one release at a time.

  • AUTOFILL ISSUES FIXED. Salvador Dali said not to fear perfection as we’ll never reach it, but we’ll still give it a good go.

  • QUICK ACTIONS ADDED. Just click on the app and quickly access Password Generator, search your items, or add a new password.

  • TOOLS AND MENU REWORK. Now you can enjoy a much cleaner and Menu, Settings, and Tools tab.

NordPass 2.14

AbraCadabra boom! No, it’s not magic. It’s just your passwords and credit cards information filling in quicker and smoother than ever before. Bye-bye, annoying bugs who tried to stop you.

What else can you expect in this release? Some copy changes to make the app easier to navigate, and we are super excited to share with you some news - Dark theme is coming soon.

NordPass 2.13

New Year, new NordPass release. Here’s what you’ll see in the latest version:

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. The sky's the limit for this one.

  • BETTER LOOKING ITEMS. Items with no accounts have just become more stylish, or in other words, more colorful.

  • AUTOSAVE IMPROVEMENTS, so you could save your passwords in a blink of an eye.

  • EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND PASSWORD FORMATTING. We hear you; telling apart 0 from O when creating passwords isn’t easy, but it will be from now on.

business review

NordPass 2.12

Yeah, Christmas will be different this year. But we’ve still got something to spread a little cheer.

In this release, you will see:

  • ITEM ACTION FIXES, which we noticed when scrolling through an item's action list.

  • COPY CHANGES to make your app easier to navigate.

  • AUTOFILL FIXES, so you could smoothly log in to even more websites and apps.

  • MULTISELECT AND SORTING. You can now select multiple items and move them to a specified folder or Trash and sort them by Title or Date Last Used.

NordPass 2.11

NordPass has turned 1 year old, can you believe it? We can honestly say that this year, we are the most grateful for YOU, our dear NordPass user. You, who believed in us and drove us to release one update after another.

So here’s one more. Full of even more design edits, bug fixes, and love:

MINOR DESIGN AND COPY CHANGES because who doesn’t like a good-looking app. AUTOFILL BUG FIXES, so you could log in to your favorite websites and apps quicker than you can count to three.

NordPass 2.10

  • ADD/EDIT ITEM FIXES. Next time you add a new item, or edit an existing one, pay attention to the new design. Sleek, isn’t it?

  • IN-APP SHARED ITEM NOTIFICATION. Someone shared an item with you? You’ll get a notification in your app instantaneously. Forget emails.

  • BUG FIXES. No bugs allowed in our app.

NordPass 2.9

NORDPASS BUSINESS AVAILABLE ON ANDROID. Business people beware, it’s your time to shine. Fill in passwords on mobile browsers and apps (like a boss!), sign in to your accounts with a fingerprint (like a boss!), and never ever have those dreadful phone calls with Brian from IT because you forgot your computer password after a long long holiday (Ouch!).

NordPass 2.8

  • SECURE NOTES FORMATING - FIXED. It looks like we've accidentally deleted text formating options on a previous app update. Sorry about that! Formating is back and now ready for your bold, italic or quoted notes more than ever before.

  • DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS. A little treat for eagle-eye users - please welcome those charming menu icons and precise text formatting.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. No app update was or will be released without this one.

  • BUG FIXES = smoother password-managing experience.

NordPass 2.7

  • BREACH REPORT. Now this one may feel like a fun lottery, except the fact that it's probably better not to 'win' anything. By clicking a 'Scan' button, you can find out if any of your accounts were ever caught in data breaches. Fingers crossed, they're not.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. Even more websites are ready to autofill your passwords.

  • DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS only eagle eyes will spot. We all know who lies in the details, right?

NordPass 2.6

  • PASSWORD HEALTH CHECKER. If you hear someone coughing and no one is at home - that might be a password in your vault. Take a chance to use this new fancy tool for making your precious passwords stronger and happier (and accounts safer) without leaving the house.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. You probably might start thinking that we are making up this one each time, just to add something to the release notes. The truth is that with each update, we are getting closer to perfection.

NordPass 2.5

  • NORDVPN. Nobody likes snoopers - especially online ones. Luckily, VPN helps. Look for getting NordVPN in Menu - surf the Internet privately, no matter where your path may lead you.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. Every time you tap NordPass icon to autofill, there's an actual person who copies and pastes your login details. Wait, do they see your passwords?! No, of course not - they are trained to work wearing blindfolds. We hired more people to this department, so “auto”fill is now way better.

NordPass 2.4

They say - small changes make a big difference. Behold - the update with a bunch of app upgrades is here. Let's see what we've got here:

  • VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is prettiest of them all? Well, our designer's brush made some magic tweaks, so the answer is clear now - it's those tiny cute little app icons. Lookin' good!

  • APP LOADING FASTER. Need for speed? You're welcome! Fasten your seatbelt and put the pedal to the metal - the project “Make the app faster” was completed successfully."

  • BUG FIXES. Dear sneaky bugs, thanks for visiting, farewell, let's never meet again."

NordPass 2.3

  • AUTOSAVE. We've invited web browsers and mobile apps to the summer password-training camp. Result: those who attended will now suggest saving your credentials to the vault. Whenever you type them manually."

  • OTHER IMPROVEMENTS. We also did some tinkering under the hood to make your password-managing experience even smoother."

NordPass 2.2

  • PERSONAL INFO. Ready to fill online forms even quicker? Keep your name, email, phone number and address in the vault to fill delivery info or other online forms. Faster than ever.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. Brought to life by popular demand, the project “Make autofill better” was completed successfully. The result: the app automatically fills your credentials on even more apps and websites.

NordPass 2.1

  • ADD ITEM TO FOLDERS. Instantly - when creating or editing an item. Just select a folder, and you're good to go.

  • VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? FYI, our designer's brush made some small visual improvements in the vault. Lookin' good!

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. You report - we improve. Win-win!

NordPass 2.0

APP DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS. Here you go. A piece of nicely, freshly baked update - straight from the oven. Enjoy these deliciously sweet visual improvements and improved password-managing experience. Bon Appéti

NordPass 1.9

  • NORD ACCOUNT. Meet new and simplified way to sign up and log into NordPass.

  • STRONGER MASTER PASSWORDS. Added some guidance for leveling-up your Master Password. For even better vault protection.

  • UPDATED SHARED ITEM VIEW. An easier way to find out who has access to shared items.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. More websites will be pleased to autofill your credit card details. Faster online checkouts FTW.

NordPass 1.8

  • SWIPE DOWN TO SYNC ITEMS. The best thing since sliced bread - refresh the vault by swiping down to sync your items across devices.

  • INTERFACE CHANGES. No more going ‘home’ to find the item you need. Browse vault categories to browse items.

  • You say ‘AUTOFILL’, we say ‘IMPROVEMENTS’. Nothing else to add but even smoother app experience.

  • ADD LOGIN - AT FLOATING BUTTON. All you need is milk and cookie - for adding new logins. One more addition for native browser lovers!

NordPass 1.7

  • SETTINGS - SAVED. The app was sometimes forgetful about your settings. It went through some memory training, and things are now much better - no more forgotten preferences.

  • PASSWORD GENERATOR IMPROVEMENTS. Strong passwords everywhere - generate some while creating new logins.

  • TEXT FORMATTING. Jazz up your notes - make them bold, make them italic - make them FUN.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. Autofill is now multilingual - fill in credentials to even more websites and apps.

  • Also, fewer app crashes.

NordPass 1.6

This update is oddly satisfying. Meet and greet:

  • FOLDERS. All that sorting, managing, organizing, arranging, categorizing, and many more synonyms to describe one thing - that pleasure putting your items in order. Or in folders - just as you like it.

  • COPY SELECTED TEXT. You can now select only a part of the text in your note. Finally! Smoother copying - faster pasting.

  • TEXT UPDATES. The magic of great copy in the app is invisible - you might not notice it, but it helps to do the job.

NordPass 1.5

Let’s run the password-managing world with this update:

  • AUTOFILL improvements. More supported browsers, more flawless autofilling and saved time.

  • PASSWORD GENERATOR. We’ve heard you, and now we proudly announce: password generator is ready at your command. Let’s begin the new ge-ne-ra-tion for stronger passwords.

  • Our designers and copywriters felt inspired by their muses, so they added some nice brush flicks at the app. Hopefully, we’re getting closer to becoming a piece of art someday.

NordPass 1.4

Are you ready? Here’s what’s new with NordPass:

  • NATIVE AUTOFILL feels like heaven. Those cosmic odysseys of saving new passwords to the vault are so intuitive, fast, and smooth like never before. Relax and enjoy the journey.

  • Look, mom, no hands! Meet FACE UNLOCK - an amazing addition to accessing your vault with biometrics. Put that p-p-p-poker face on and unlock NordPass on the go.

  • Some minor bugs were caught and added to our trophy collection.

NordPass 1.3

Hey you! What’s new with NordPass:

  • Vault SCREENSHOTS. You may now screenshot not only your crush’s stories on social media but also your vault. Of course, you can also disable them for even better protection of your vault. Handy, right?

  • DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS. Better looks = better quality = better navigation.

  • ITEM IMPORT from mobile browsers. No fancy words needed - it’s simply an awesome feature itself.

  • Some minor catches at the bug-hunting department. Bang!

NordPass 1.2

We woke up like this. What’s new with NordPass:

  • Tap tap tap. All flawless, shiny and new interface for tablet fanboys and cheer girls. Enjoy scrolling your vault miles away on a bigger screen.

  • Scan scan scan. Texts, books, magazines, credit cards, road signs, billboards - whatever your heart desires. It’s a kind of magic.

  • Fix fix fix. Minor fixes under the hood - nothing too fancy, just making sure to be the coolest guy on the block.

NordPass 1.1

NordPass has leveled up!


  • ITEM SHARING. Sharing is always about caring. From now on you will be able to share your items in the vault via phone. Safe and easy, of course.

  • IN-APP PURCHASES. Forget password stress without getting off the couch - you can now upgrade to NordPass Premium with a few taps on your screen.

OUT: various small bugs. Goodbye fellows, it was nice to meet you but we doubt we ever miss you.

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