NordPass for Android: Release Notes

We’re making the NordPass app for Android better, smoother, slicker – one release at a time. How exactly? Read all the highlights in our release notes and make sure to never miss a new version – we want you to get all the best stuff.

NordPass 2.6 (latest)

  • PASSWORD HEALTH CHECKER. If you hear someone coughing and no one is at home - that might be a password in your vault. Take a chance to use this new fancy tool for making your precious passwords stronger and happier (and accounts safer) without leaving the house.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. You probably might start thinking that we are making up this one each time, just to add something to the release notes. The truth is that with each update, we are getting closer to perfection.

NordPass 2.5

  • NORDVPN. Nobody likes snoopers - especially online ones. Luckily, VPN helps. Look for getting NordVPN in Menu - surf the Internet privately, no matter where your path may lead you.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. Every time you tap NordPass icon to autofill, there's an actual person who copies and pastes your login details. Wait, do they see your passwords?! No, of course not - they are trained to work wearing blindfolds. We hired more people to this department, so “auto”fill is now way better.

NordPass 2.4

They say - small changes make a big difference. Behold - the update with a bunch of app upgrades is here. Let's see what we've got here:

  • VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is prettiest of them all? Well, our designer's brush made some magic tweaks, so the answer is clear now - it's those tiny cute little app icons. Lookin' good!

  • APP LOADING FASTER. Need for speed? You're welcome! Fasten your seatbelt and put the pedal to the metal - the project “Make the app faster” was completed successfully.

  • BUG FIXES. Dear sneaky bugs, thanks for visiting, farewell, let's never meet again.

NordPass 2.3

  • AUTOSAVE. We've invited web browsers and mobile apps to the summer password-training camp. Result: those who attended will now suggest saving your credentials to the vault. Whenever you type them manually.

  • OTHER IMPROVEMENTS. We also did some tinkering under the hood to make your password-managing experience even smoother.

NordPass 2.2

  • PERSONAL INFO. Ready to fill online forms even quicker? Keep your name, email, phone number and address in the vault to fill delivery info or other online forms. Faster than ever.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. Brought to life by popular demand, the project “Make autofill better” was completed successfully. The result: the app automatically fills your credentials on even more apps and websites.

NordPass 2.1

  • ADD ITEM TO FOLDERS. Instantly - when creating or editing an item. Just select a folder, and you're good to go.

  • VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? FYI, our designer's brush made some small visual improvements in the vault. Lookin' good!

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. You report - we improve. Win-win!

NordPass 2.0

APP DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS. Here you go. A piece of nicely, freshly baked update - straight from the oven. Enjoy these deliciously sweet visual improvements and improved password-managing experience. Bon Appétit!

NordPass 1.9

  • NORD ACCOUNT. Meet new and simplified way to sign up and log into NordPass.

  • STRONGER MASTER PASSWORDS. Added some guidance for leveling-up your Master Password. For even better vault protection.

  • UPDATED SHARED ITEM VIEW. An easier way to find out who has access to shared items.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. More websites will be pleased to autofill your credit card details. Faster online checkouts FTW.

NordPass 1.8

  • SWIPE DOWN TO SYNC ITEMS. The best thing since sliced bread - refresh the vault by swiping down to sync your items across devices.

  • INTERFACE CHANGES. No more going ‘home’ to find the item you need. Browse vault categories to browse items.

  • You say ‘AUTOFILL’, we say ‘IMPROVEMENTS’. Nothing else to add but even smoother app experience.

  • ADD LOGIN - AT FLOATING BUTTON. All you need is milk and cookie - for adding new logins. One more addition for native browser lovers!

NordPass 1.7

  • SETTINGS - SAVED. The app was sometimes forgetful about your settings. It went through some memory training, and things are now much better - no more forgotten preferences.

  • PASSWORD GENERATOR IMPROVEMENTS. Strong passwords everywhere - generate some while creating new logins.

  • TEXT FORMATTING. Jazz up your notes - make them bold, make them italic - make them FUN.

  • AUTOFILL IMPROVEMENTS. Autofill is now multilingual - fill in credentials to even more websites and apps.

  • Also, fewer app crashes.

NordPass 1.6

This update is oddly satisfying. Meet and greet:

  • FOLDERS. All that sorting, managing, organizing, arranging, categorizing, and many more synonyms to describe one thing - that pleasure putting your items in order. Or in folders - just as you like it.

  • COPY SELECTED TEXT. You can now select only a part of the text in your note. Finally! Smoother copying - faster pasting.

  • TEXT UPDATES. The magic of great copy in the app is invisible - you might not notice it, but it helps to do the job.

NordPass 1.5

Let’s run the password-managing world with this update:

  • AUTOFILL improvements. More supported browsers, more flawless autofilling and saved time.

  • PASSWORD GENERATOR. We’ve heard you, and now we proudly announce: password generator is ready at your command. Let’s begin the new ge-ne-ra-tion for stronger passwords.

  • Our designers and copywriters felt inspired by their muses, so they added some nice brush flicks at the app. Hopefully, we’re getting closer to becoming a piece of art someday.

NordPass 1.4

Are you ready? Here’s what’s new with NordPass:

  • NATIVE AUTOFILL feels like heaven. Those cosmic odysseys of saving new passwords to the vault are so intuitive, fast, and smooth like never before. Relax and enjoy the journey.

  • Look, mom, no hands! Meet FACE UNLOCK - an amazing addition to accessing your vault with biometrics. Put that p-p-p-poker face on and unlock NordPass on the go.

  • Some minor bugs were caught and added to our trophy collection.

NordPass 1.3

Hey you! What’s new with NordPass:

  • Vault SCREENSHOTS. You may now screenshot not only your crush’s stories on social media but also your vault. Of course, you can also disable them for even better protection of your vault. Handy, right?

  • DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS. Better looks = better quality = better navigation.

  • ITEM IMPORT from mobile browsers. No fancy words needed - it’s simply an awesome feature itself.

  • Some minor catches at the bug-hunting department. Bang!

NordPass 1.2

We woke up like this. What’s new with NordPass:

  • Tap tap tap. All flawless, shiny and new interface for tablet fanboys and cheer girls. Enjoy scrolling your vault miles away on a bigger screen.

  • Scan scan scan. Texts, books, magazines, credit cards, road signs, billboards - whatever your heart desires. It’s a kind of magic.

  • Fix fix fix. Minor fixes under the hood - nothing too fancy, just making sure to be the coolest guy on the block.

NordPass 1.1

NordPass has leveled up!


  • ITEM SHARING. Sharing is always about caring. From now on you will be able to share your items in the vault via phone. Safe and easy, of course.

  • IN-APP PURCHASES. Forget password stress without getting off the couch - you can now upgrade to NordPass Premium with a few taps on your screen.

OUT: various small bugs. Goodbye fellows, it was nice to meet you but we doubt we ever miss you.

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