New NordPass Business Feature: Transfer Passwords With Items Transfer

Zoe Macdonald
Content Writer
items transfer

If you have ever maintained access to a corporate account or sensitive data long after your departure, you are not alone. According to a recent survey, most (57%) organizations require days, weeks, or months to fully off-board technical employees.

Failure to complete off-boarding means critical tasks, such as transferring passwords, are sometimes neglected — leaving former employees with access to essential data and current ones without it.

In addition to being a cybersecurity vulnerability, this gap in access can waste time and cause needless frustration for team members taking on new responsibilities in the wake of staff turnover.

Now, we are offering a simple solution. Our latest feature ensures that while team members may depart your organization, their passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data stored in NordPass Business never do.

What is Items Transfer?

NordPass Business’ Items Transfer feature catalogs deleted members' vault items and puts them into a dedicated “Deleted” column. NordPass Business Organization Owners get a complete overview of these items with the opportunity to quickly and safely reassign them to an active member.

This feature performs two essential access off-boarding functions at once. Once the departing team member is deleted from NordPass:

  1. Organization Owners are alerted to the credentials and other vault items managed by this person that require attention.

    deleted membersitem transfer
  2. The team member taking over gets access to the credentials and sensitive data they need without delay.


All in all, Items Transfer alleviates a common pain point for businesses surrounding the off-boarding process.

How Items Transfer improves off-boarding and workflow

Items Transfer means one less thing to worry about during employee departures. It offers more transparency and control of account credentials, secure notes, and other NordPass Business vault items.

Now, when an employee is deleted from NordPass Business, organizations:

  • Get an inventory of the “leftover” accounts managed by that person, drawing attention to what needs to be delegated.

  • Always retain access to critical accounts, passwords, or secure notes during employee departures.

  • Reduce wasted time wondering who has access to critical information or where it is stored — allowing team members to resume work without interruption.

More transparency and control over credentials means managing handovers and team member departures just got easier, thanks to Items Transfer.

For more information about how to make the most of Items Transfer, consult the Support Guide.

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