Introducing Mobile Access to NordPass Business

Benjamin Scott

We are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited mobile access is finally available to NordPass Business users on iOS and Android devices. Before the update, our business solution was available for desktop use only. Developing a mobile functionality for NordPass Business has been a challenging yet rewarding task, as this improvement further simplifies corporate password management for our business customers.

With this and further updates, we are looking to make NordPass Business more user-friendly on mobile devices. Now, without further ado, let’s see what mobile access brings to the table for NordPass Business.

Join the organization on mobile

With the newly added mobile access to NordPass Business, invitations to join the organization can now be accepted on an iOS or Android device. Invitees can accept pending invitations and join the organization on their mobile devices instead of having to use their desktop or laptop. No more inconveniences.

Access business vault on mobile

Mobile access to NordPass Business has always been about giving our business clients the flexibility of accessing their company’s passwords via mobile devices. But that is not all — with the new mobile access update, users who already have NordPass for individual use will be able to move their items to the business account instantly.

Users who already have NordPass will need to decide what they wish to do with the passwords they currently store in their personal NordPass account. They can either join the organization with all their current passwords or opt to export their vault and keep it private on a separate account.

Groups are on the way

Groups is the next big feature for NordPass Business, and it’s already in the works. With this feature, organization owners and admins will be able to assign team members to specific groups according to their company’s needs. For instance, groups can be created for different departments or teams within the company, further simplifying corporate password management. Moreover, the upcoming feature is set to make password sharing a lot easier and quicker since the owners and admins will be able to share passwords in bulk with an entire group rather than sharing each password with members individually. We are planning to introduce Groups in the first quarter of 2021.

Other NordPass Business features

Besides the introduction of mobile functionality and the upcoming Groups feature, NordPass Business offers a variety of other features that make business password management simple. The Admin Panel, an all-in-one platform for user management, allows organization owners and admins to invite and manage members’ roles all from a single place. Furthermore, NordPass ensures secure password sharing within the corporate environment, allowing companies to share important login credentials worry-free. Automatic lock is an added layer of security that ensures that all your company’s passwords remain secure at all times. Enable it, and never worry about exposing your passwords to prying eyes again.

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