NordPass for iOS: release notes

Mon Mar 02 2020 - 1 min read

Cheerful announcements from the “What’s New” department and reports form the bug hunting squad – they’re all here in the release notes for the NordPass iOS app. We’re continuously adding glam to our app, so make sure you never skip that “Update” button!

NordPass 1.4 (latest)

NordPass has leveled up! Let’s see what’s new:

You wanted it - you’ve got it. All flawless, shiny, and new interface for iPad fanboys and cheer girls. Enjoy scrolling your vault miles away on a bigger screen.

We’ve also got rid of some bugs, made some design improvements, improved app performance. Sky’s the limit, right?

NordPass 1.3

Typing and writing is sooo old-school. Scan is the new black. Texts, books, magazines, credit cards, road signs, billboards - scan whatever your heart desires. We promise - you’ll simply get addicted.

NordPass 1.2

It's now much easier to check if your passwords started working out to become stronger than ever. Muscle up - password strength checker is here!

Sharing is caring, and also a very cool feature of NordPass. From now on, share your items with family members and trusted buddies in seconds.

Some minor tinkering, grooming and bug-hunting behind the scenes.

NordPass 1.1.3

So we've hired Troll. He's indeed a chatty, funny man, always joking around the office. Everyone simply loved him.

One day Troll started trolling. He thought deleting some elements from the app code was funny. No, it's wasn't. It affected some users - they started struggling to remove their items from the vault.

We had to fire Troll and fix the code. You can now delete your items.

End of the story.

NordPass 1.1.2

The app was sometimes feeling lazy about logging in some users. That attitude has been fixed. You should now be able to log in to NordPass without any annoying errors.

NordPass 1.1.1

Since Cyber Monday is a wonderful excuse to splurge some money, behold - in-app purchases are coming back improved! Upgrade NordPass to Premium without getting off the couch. Stress-free.

NordPass 1.1

Since the Black Friday is a wonderful excuse to splurge some money, behold - in-app purchases are here! From now on upgrade NordPass to Premium without getting off the couch.

NordPass 1.0.2

NordPass iOS season 1, episode 2:

  • Houston, we don't have any problems with deleted items anymore. We've scared away all the nasty errors after moving item to the trash. Gave them a one-way ticket to the moon, so no coming-backs.

  • They see you scrollin', they hatin', - because scrolling the Home screen has never felt so good. Just give it a go.

  • Ooh, and we've added some tiny copywrit-ish bits. Shakespeare would envy.

  • And handful more screen improvements. Ba-dum-tss!

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