NordPass for iOS: Release Notes

Cheerful announcements from the “What’s New” department and reports form the bug hunting squad – they’re all here in the release notes for the NordPass iOS app. We’re continuously adding glam to our app, so make sure you never skip that “Update” button!

NordPass 3.25 (latest)

Introducing… file attachments!

That’s right, with NordPass Premium you can now attach photos, documents and more to any item so that you’ve got access to all-important info when you need it most. We hope you enjoy this highly requested feature!

P.S. NordPass will no longer be supported on iOS 14 from the 3.26 release onwards. To continue enjoying everything the app has to offer, update your operating system to iOS 15 or a later version.

NordPass 3.24

  • No major updates this time – just a new and improved app release with some under-the-hood upgrades. Stay tuned for some bigger announcements that are right around the corner!

P.S. NordPass will no longer be supported on iOS 14 from the 3.26 release onwards. To continue enjoying everything the app has to offer, update your operating system to iOS 15 or a later version.

NordPass 3.23

No big announcements from us this time. However, we hope you’ll still enjoy an updated NordPass version with fewer bugs

NordPass 3.22

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we have mainly focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 3.21

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we have mainly focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 3.20

  • IN-APP NOTIFICATIONS. From now on, we’ll communicate the most important messages via notifications. Look for a little bell icon to stay up to date


NordPass 3.19

No big announcements from us this time. However, we hope you’ll still enjoy an updated NordPass version with fewer bugs.

NordPass 3.18

Building good things takes time. So since the last release, we mainly focused on catching and eliminating pesky bugs.

NordPass 3.17

  • PROFILE PHOTO. You can now add your favorite photo as your profile icon. A customized profile icon makes it easier to recognize your profile when sharing items or switching accounts.

  • RATE NORDPASS IN-APP. Are you enjoying NordPass so far? Look for a pop-up to rate NordPass and help others choose their password manager.

  • FIXES.

NordPass 3.16

No big announcements from us this time. However, we hope you’ll still enjoy an updated NordPass version with fewer bugs.

NordPass 3.15

  • BIOMETRICS UPDATE. We reworked our biometrics. Nothing to worry about; just remember that next time you log in, you’ll need to set up your biometrics once again, so double-check that you still remember your Master Password.

  • BUG FIXES. No good update is released without this item on the list.

NordPass 3.14

Since the last time you heard from us, our team has mainly focused on catching and eliminating bugs. We believe that the devil is in the detail, so we proudly present you with a better and smoother running app.

NordPass 3.13

Have you heard it? The Switch Account is here.

Yes, that’s right. If you are tired of switching between your Business and Personal NordPass accounts, you’ll love this one. Now you can jump from one account to another with ease. You’ll find the Switch Account option under your profile icon.

NordPass 3.12

  • SWITCH ACCOUNT. A long-awaited feature is here! If you have a few NordPass accounts, like personal and business, switching between them will now be a breeze. Just click on your profile account and look for a "Switch Account" button.

  • BUG FiXES.

NordPass 3.11

  • DELETE CLIPBOARD SETTING. When you copy your password or other item data, it’s normally saved in the clipboard. To avoid pasting it somewhere you didn’t intend; you can now choose the clipboard to clear after a set time.

  • LITHUANIAN LANGUAGE. For our Lithuanian friends out there, you can now use NordPass in your mother tongue. Simply head to Settings to change the language.

  • BUG FiXES.

NordPass 3.10

  • CARD PIN. From now on, you can also add your PIN when saving card details. Don’t worry; it won’t be autofilled. It’s for your reference only.

  • BREACH SCANNER UPDATE. You'll see some design changes to the Breach Scanner.

  • BUG FiXES.

NordPass 3.9

  • Onboarding update. We strive to provide you with a better onboarding experience, so we hope from now on, everyone who joins NordPass will find it even easier to use it.

  • Big fixes for a better, smoother running app.

NordPass 3.8

Since the last time you heard from us, our team has mainly focused on catching and eliminating bugs. We believe that the devil is in the detail, so we proudly present you with a better and smoother running app.

NordPass 3.7

Our bug busters have been working hard since the last time you heard from us. That’s why today, we can proudly present another NordPass release.

NordPass 3.6

  • Enjoy the outdoors, go for a walk or take up a new sport;

  • Connect with a long-lost friend or family member;

  • Run Password Health or Data Breach Scanner and update your vulnerable passwords.

P.S. We fixed a number of bugs. We hope you’ll enjoy a smoother running app.

NordPass 3.5

  • Bye-bye iOS 13. From the 3.7 release, we will stop supporting iOS 13 or older versions. Please update your operating system to continue enjoying all NordPass features.

  • No more accountless. For some time, you were able to explore the NordPass app without creating an account; however, we decided to discontinue this feature. Please create an account before January 2022 if you haven’t done it yet.

  • Quick actions from your home screen. Tap and hold the NordPass app to quickly add a new password, search for items, and use Password Generator.

  • Password Generator History. It does what it says on the tin—you’ll now be able to view your password history.

  • Share items with Groups. Business users, beware—sharing has just got easier. Share passwords instantly with your organization’s groups like Marketing, Finance, or Design.

  • MFA for Business. Yes, another update for Business users. You can now set up and disable MFA, as well as access your backup codes all from the iOS app.

  • New languages added. Hola or Ciao? You choose. NordPass is now available in Spanish and Italian.

NordPass 3.4

  • Password Generator design changes. You can now create passwords generated from random words.

  • Password Health design changes to help you identify vulnerable passwords quicker and easier.

  • Bug fixes.

NordPass 3.3

Yes, that’s right. You can get up to 3 months of Premium added to your account. Just head to the app, select “Invite a friend,” and send the invite. You can invite as many friends as you wish, and did we mention that your friends get a month of Premium too? It’s a win-win.

NordPass 3.2

You can now share multiple items with your significant other, best friend, or anyone you trust. And, also enjoy NordPass with much fewer bugs.

NordPass 3.1

We made some changes to Full Rights item sharing. Previously you could revoke the share only if it was you who shared the item with someone. Now, if you’ve been given Full Rights to an item, you can revoke anyone’s access, except the item owner’s, of course.

In other news, bug fixes. Loads of bug fixes.

NordPass 3.0

Yes, Dark Mode for iOS is finally here! Open your NordPass app, update it to the newest version and enjoy the shiny new look. More about Dark Mode can be found in our blog post.

NordPass 2.24

We are working hard to deliver what you’ve been waiting for for so long. So hold on for a little bit longer, our iOS friends. Only one more release until you see the new, shiny, and so much more pleasant to the eye - Dark Mode.

NordPass 2.23

BUG FIXES. No bugs allowed here.

NordPass 2.22

Admins and Owners can now assign members to groups and share passwords with a number of people instantly. Think, your finance department sharing login details every accountant needs to access.

NordPass 2.21

Did you doubt us for one second? Of course, we did. Bye-bye, bugs, we won’t miss you, nor will our users.

NordPass 2.20

Yes, you guessed it. Dark Mode is coming very soon. We are currently working hard to make sure everything looks perfect for the release. A few more things, and we are done. Keep your eyes peeled.

In other news, we took care of some annoying bugs to make your experience even smoother.

NordPass 2.19

We worked hard this week. So say hello to a new update. Here’s what to expect:

  • SECURE NOTES FIXES. Now no one will be able to accidentally see your secret notes or love letters when standing behind you. They are for your eyes only.

  • GERMAN LANGUAGE. Guten tag! That’s correct. You can now use NordPass in German, no matter whether you are a native speaker or just want to brush up on your language skills.

  • DARK MODE UNDERWAY. Be careful what you wish for; it might just come true.

  • BUG FIXES. It may not always be visible, but necessary to keep the app running smoothly.

NordPass 2.18

BUG FIXES. No bugs allowed here.

NordPass 2.17

We have good and bad news. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got in this release.

  • Good news: With this release, we updated forms that help you add and edit your items. They are now better looking and easier to navigate.

  • Bad news: NordPass V3.0 will no longer support iOS12. However, there’s still time to update your operating system and continue using NordPass.

NordPass 2.16

We can’t stress enough how important your Recovery Code is. It’s the one and only way for you to get into your account if you lose the Master Password. So from this release on, you can download your Recovery Code as a PDF. Print it and lock it in a safe, or encrypt it and keep it amongst your files. Just whatever you do, keep it safe! ;)

NordPass 2.15

It’s almost spring in the Northern hemisphere! The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, nature and NordPass are preparing for the new season. Here’s what to expect:

  • TOOLS AND MENU CHANGES. We made a complete rework of Tools and Menu bars to make them easier to navigate and prettier to look at.

  • CHANGES TO RECOVERY CODE IN SETTINGS. Now new users will be able to identify whether they have previously generated the Recovery code or not. Current users will still be able to generate a new code. Just remember that getting a new code will revoke your previous one, so make sure to keep it safe!

NordPass 2.14

Ready, set, new release! What can you expect to see in the new and shiny NordPass 2.14?

  • TOOLS AND MENU REWORK. Now you can enjoy a much cleaner Menu, Settings, and Tools tabs.

  • COPY CHANGES that make deleting items more clear.

  • BUSINESS APP IMPROVEMENTS. We haven’t forgotten you, business people.

NordPass 2.13

  • MORE COLORS. Items with no icons now have a dedicated color to make NordPass even more good-looking.

  • COPY UPDATES. Salvador Dali might have said not to fear perfection as we’ll never reach it, but we’ll still give it a good go.

  • ACTION SHEET UPDATE. Menus are now easier to understand and navigate.

  • MULTI SELECT AND SORTING ADDED. Because no one’s got time to manage one item at a time.

  • PASSWORD FORMATTING CHANGED. So there would be no confusion between 0 and O.

NordPass 2.12

We wish you a happy New Year! So here’s another release to spread a little cheer.

In this release, you will see:

  • COPY CHANGES to make your app easier to navigate.

  • BUG FIXES. Well, it cannot be called a release without bug fixes, right?

NordPass 2.11

  • MINOR DESIGN CHANGES because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good-looking app.

  • NO MORE LOGGED IN AND LOGGED OUT NOTIFICATIONS. Bye-bye, unnecessary pop-ups. We don’t need you.

  • NORD ACCOUNT DEEPLINK FIXES. No more accidental logouts when you use NordVPN and change your IP.

  • LOGINS TURN TO PASSWORDS. Now all across the app, you’ll see the term ‘Password’ instead of ‘Login’ because it’s just easier to understand.

NordPass 2.10

  • NORDPASS BUSINESS AVAILABLE ON IOS. Now NordPass Business users can access and manage their passwords on iOS devices.

  • ITEM DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS. We made a few small changes to the way your items look.

NordPass 2.9

Well, hello! We've missed you! The app update is coming to you and here's what we've got today:

PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS. The vault is now better at sorting your password and other items. No matter if they are uppercase or lowercase - we treat and sort them the same way.

DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS & BUG FIXES. Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no bug which won't be fixed. Each day we (and the app) are one step closer to perfection.

NordPass 2.7

Bang bang, we shot them down

Bang bang, they ran away

Bang bang, that awful sound

Bang bang, those nasty bugs escaped.

Seasons came and changed the time

When the app grew up, we improved design,

We would always laugh and say

“Remember when we used to play?”

Bang bang, we shot again

Bang bang, they hit the ground

Bang bang, that awful smell

Bang bang, those bugs were now shot down.

TL;DR. Yesterday we had a movie night at the office (guess what we watched ;) ), so today we were in the mood of some bug fixing and design improvements. Thus, here you go.

NordPass 2.6

What's new on the menu? Let's see:

  • Caught and fixed some unwanted bugs.

  • Added some new bugs to fix in the future.

NordPass 2.5

Hold yourself tight, cause this update will seriously take you to the next level:

  • The app is now compatible with iOS 14. Innovating is simply cool, right?

  • Passwords will be healthier. Passwords are more human-natured than you could possibly think. Sometimes they may feel unwell, so regular health check-ups are crucial. Luckily, we've found an easy way to maintain their well-being - set up a password health checker in the app. Take a chance to make your precious passwords happier (and accounts safer) without leaving the house.

  • NordVPN. Nobody likes snoopers - especially online ones. Luckily, VPN helps. Look for getting NordVPN in the Menu and surf the Internet privately, no matter where your path may lead you.

  • The vault loads faster. Waiting is frustrating. No one likes waiting - neither do we. That's why your vault will now load MUCH MUCH faster.

NordPass 2.4

A few things you should know about this update:

  1. There's no need to play 'hide & seek' while trying to see your password anymore - it ACTUALLY shows password when you tap 'show'.

  2. We added a shiny new animation when you tap on saved items.

  3. We've also hunted some unwelcomed bugs and improved app performance.

  4. Aaand, last but not least - we're sending you good vibes. Lots of them.

NordPass 2.3

Find and add new passwords to your vault faster - update the app and look for the NordPass icon in the activity view.

Time to level-up - again. Please welcome new updates to your vault:

  • ADD PASSWORDS to the vault FASTER. Hello, it's me. If you would like to meet me, tap “Share” and look for the NordPass icon in the activity view. I'll help to find and add new items faster. See you there!

  • UPDATED SHARED ITEM VIEW. Also, look for an easier way to find out who has access to shared items.

NordPass 2.2

Meet and greet (and keep) Personal Info! Save your name, email, phone number and address in the vault to quickly fill delivery info or other online forms.

TGIF! If you've suddenly got hungry and happen to live somewhere close to Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu, this one is for you. You won't have to type your address ever again when ordering pizza - copy and paste your personal info to online forms straight from the vault. Handy, right?

NordPass 2.1

NordPass season 2, episode 1. Let's see what we've got:

  • STRONGER MASTER PASSWORDS. It's time to put your Master Password to a great workout. Make it reliable, make it strong - for even better vault protection. For some help, we've added a little guidance for levelling-up your Master Password.

  • ADD ITEM TO FOLDERS. Instantly - when creating or editing an item. Just select a folder, and you're good to go.

  • VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? FYI, our designer's brush made some small visual improvements in the vault. Lookin' good!

  • BUG FIXES. We also did some tinkering under the hood to make your password-managing experience even smoother.

NordPass 2.0

Here you go. A piece of nicely, freshly baked Apple update - straight from the oven. Enjoy these deliciously sweet visual improvements and improved password-managing experience. Bon Appétit!

NordPass 1.9

Hi there - time to upgrade!

  • Meet new and simplified way to sign up and log in to NordPass - Nord Account

  • Also, a few sneaky bugs have been defeated to make your password managing experience even smoother.

NordPass 1.8

Hey you! Ready to update? Let's see what we've got on the menu today:

  • TEXT FORMATTING. You're _italic_, I'm in **bold**. Can be a “code” , or a “quote”. Jazz up your notes - make them FUN.

  • INTERFACE CHANGES. No more going 'home' to find the item you need. Browse vault categories to browse items.

  • VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS. Some minor visual tweaks for better your experience. Cause we all like lookin' good, right?

NordPass 1.7

The app was sometimes forgetful about your settings. We tried everything: less sugar, fish oil supplements, getting enough sleep, practicing meditation, mindfulness, even those silly memory games. At the point, we started to give up, we’ve noticed that positive user-feedback increases app motivation like nothing else before. So we came up with an idea of reading your comments to developers every morning to increase positive vibes. Guess what - things are now beyond compare - no more forgotten preferences for settings after logouts.

NordPass 1.6

Paraphrasing one of the greatest songs of all time - you will get all that satisfaction. With this update, of course. So, increase the volume and let’s roll to what’s new:

  • Folders. All that sorting, organizing, arranging, categorizing, and ordering. Just put those items where they belong. Soooo satisfying, right?

  • Bug fix. When entering Master Password to unlock the vault, the app was sometimes getting overexcited to the point of paralysis. Or infinite loop. We have chilled the app out, and this should no longer happen.

  • Copy changes. Clearer, nicer, neater - for easier navigation and smoother experience.

NordPass 1.5

Hello. It’s us. And here’s what we’ve got with the recent update:

  • Password generator. We’ve heard you, and now we proudly announce: password generator is ready at your command. Let’s begin the new ge-ne-ra-tion for stronger passwords.

  • Bug fixes. Got rid of some minor bugs in the app - so long, dear fellows!

NordPass 1.4

NordPass has leveled up! Let’s see what’s new:

You wanted it - you’ve got it. All flawless, shiny, and new interface for iPad fanboys and cheer girls. Enjoy scrolling your vault miles away on a bigger screen.

We’ve also got rid of some bugs, made some design improvements, improved app performance. Sky’s the limit, right?

NordPass 1.3

Typing and writing is sooo old-school. Scan is the new black. Texts, books, magazines, credit cards, road signs, billboards - scan whatever your heart desires. We promise - you’ll simply get addicted.

NordPass 1.2

It's now much easier to check if your passwords started working out to become stronger than ever. Muscle up - password strength checker is here!

Sharing is caring, and also a very cool feature of NordPass. From now on, share your items with family members and trusted buddies in seconds.

Some minor tinkering, grooming and bug-hunting behind the scenes.

NordPass 1.1.3

So we've hired Troll. He's indeed a chatty, funny man, always joking around the office. Everyone simply loved him.

One day Troll started trolling. He thought deleting some elements from the app code was funny. No, it's wasn't. It affected some users - they started struggling to remove their items from the vault.

We had to fire Troll and fix the code. You can now delete your items.

End of the story.

NordPass 1.1.2

The app was sometimes feeling lazy about logging in some users. That attitude has been fixed. You should now be able to log in to NordPass without any annoying errors.

NordPass 1.1.1

Since Cyber Monday is a wonderful excuse to splurge some money, behold - in-app purchases are coming back improved! Upgrade NordPass to Premium without getting off the couch. Stress-free.

NordPass 1.1

Since the Black Friday is a wonderful excuse to splurge some money, behold - in-app purchases are here! From now on upgrade NordPass to Premium without getting off the couch.

NordPass 1.0.2

NordPass iOS season 1, episode 2:

  • Houston, we don't have any problems with deleted items anymore. We've scared away all the nasty errors after moving item to the trash. Gave them a one-way ticket to the moon, so no coming-backs.

  • They see you scrollin', they hatin', - because scrolling the Home screen has never felt so good. Just give it a go.

  • Ooh, and we've added some tiny copywrit-ish bits. Shakespeare would envy.

  • And handful more screen improvements. Ba-dum-tss!

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